The Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch 10 Triple Grain American Oak Blended Scotch Whisky

From The Malt Impostor
May 15, 2017 - 10:46pm
Tasting notes: The Johnnie Walker Blender‘s Batch 10 Year Old smells nice, like being in your grandmother’s shop where she turns elm-wood vases for the tulips she sells at her farmstand. The shop is framed in copperwood, which is neither copper, nor wood, nor real. But evocative, I hope. There’s a hint of butter, like the desire to sauté green peppers and ramps (Alium ursinum) in a cast iron pan—your grandmother’s, naturally—while provocatively, yet firmly, whispering “butter” over them, rather than adding butter or oil. A sprig of rosemary and a dab of rabbit, too, and the scent of butterscotch suckers that young kids think they’re successfully hiding in their sweaty, clenched fists. Stephen got mango rubbing oil for use on Louis Quatorze furniture, because of course he did. On the mouth, it’s peppery and hotter than one might imagine. It’s also smooth and rich—we all wondered if a goodly dollop of Clynelish was mixed in. (If so, we’ll accept accolades. If not, we’ll continue to maintain that we’re Impostors, thankyouverymuch.) It’s dialed down, like 70s soft rock with high production values. We got also the leather (buckskin) cushion used as the north wall on a child’s living room fort. [...]

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