The Next Great Bubble about to Collapse | Swing Trading

January 19, 2013 - 3:42pm

By SwingTradeDailySenator Orrin Hatch warns that the bubble has the power to “destroy the retirement savings of millions of Americans.”Famed economist Leonard E. Burman of Syracuse University is warning the U.S. Senate of “disastrous consequences for ourselves and the rest of the world.”Goldman Sachs … Bank of America … Morgan Stanley … Royal Bank of Scotland … JPMorgan … and Oppenheimer Funds are all warning that it could bankrupt millions of investors.Congressman Ron Paul says, simply, “this country will be ruined.”These and many other authorities are talking about the greatest financial bubble in human history:A bubble that is now more than EIGHT times larger than all the stock exchanges in the United States combined.A bubble so massive, it is four time

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