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August 3, 2013 - 12:00pm
That's so Gay-ven! After years of rumors, Raven-Symone of The Cosby Show and Disney fame more or less confirmed her sexual orientation via twitter yesterday.I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you— Raven-Symonè (@MissRavenSymone) August 2, 2013 Maybe He's a King County Cop: An Indianapolis 'Officer of the Year' was caught on camera attacking a man who asked for help. Only 16 seconds after arriving at the scene, Officer T. Michael Wilson shoved 60-year-old business man Brian Hudkins to the ground. Hudkins called the cops after he thought he heard burglars in his hotel room. The video shows Officer Wilson throwing Hudkins to the ground a second time for no apparent reason as they walked to the patrol car. How Will You Watch Big Bang Theory Now?? At the climax of a fee dispute between CBS, Showtime, and Time Warner Cable yesterday, Time Warner took the high road by blacking out CBS and Showtime in select markets. Nearly 3 million people were affected including subscribers in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Sicily's First Gay Governor Goes After Mafia: Openly gay Sicilian governor, Rosario Crocetta, has been busy in his nine months in office. He's strengthened anti-mafia laws, targeted corruption that leached from Sicily's treasury, and challenged Sicily's macho stereotypes. Member of national parliament Ivan Scalfarotto said, "Having Crocetta in Sicily is like having an openly gay man elected governor in Alabama." At Least Nine Dead in Jalalabad Bombing: A suicide bombing near the Indian consulate of Jalalabad, Afghanistan was followed by gunfire, leaving at least nine dead and 22 wounded. Most of the causalities were not from the consulate, but from the adjacent mosque. This comes right after the US issued a global warning of potential "terrorist attacks". Nurse Goes to Jail for Being Awful Person: After being accused of stealing pain medication from dying patients, 34-year-old Erin Linvog was sentenced to a year in prison. Linvog admitted to removing liquid morphine from her facility's bottles and replacing it with tap water. More Theft News: A California man awaits trial in Tacoma after being charged with stealing $28 million in computer equipment meant for schools. Prosecutors say Steven Bolden, the Californian in question, created 14 bogus educational charities to receive the computer equipment. They Get Enough Grass. While Seattle zones legal marijuana businesses, the Mariners sent a letter to the city stating the team doesn't want marijuana production happening near Safeco Field, "Where more kids come than almost any other single place in the city," read the letter. What our kids have access to around the baseball stadium is a serious issue that deserves consideration... over a beer at Pyramid Alehouse. Kid Mayor! Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota and local 4-year-old Bobby Tufts is seeking reelection. This is tricky to cover. I don't want to be that asshole that tells a perfectly nice town —with no formal government— that making ice cream the top of the food pyramid isn't a good platform for reelection, nor does it help America's ever growing obesity problem. I do want to say that while Bobby "Mr. Mayor" Tufts walks down Dorset's busy streets with his cane and trademark fedora, he looks fly as fuck. Kid has swagger for days. Cat? Cat. [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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