There's A Storm Coming Mr. Wayne: My Short Watch-List

From SharePlanner
January 25, 2013 - 3:09pm

There's a storm coming, and you should have your short watch-list ready.  Yes, I know, the market is at 5 year highs, and we should all be excited about it, but this is a market that you can never trust, and with us up over eight straight days and at historic overbought levels, while little-to-no one fears this market, it is appropriate to say that we should be guarding our loins.  I didn't expect us to finish higher today like it is looking like at this point, but nothing surprises me about this market anymore. What I do know is that this market is as elastic as a rubber-band, so that when you pull too hard in one direction, the result is an equal response in the other and for this market that will be the pullback that is becoming far too necessary at this point.  Read more...

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