8 Things You Should Always Pack in Your Carry-On

From Wise Bread
May 19, 2017 - 4:30am
Every traveler wants their trip to go off without a hitch, but human error can foil those plans. Maybe you forgot to pack your medication, or perhaps the airline sent your bags to the wrong destination. Life happens. Which is why you should keep your vacay on track by keeping your necessities within reach at all times. Here's what you should always pack in your carry-on, no matter what. 1. Second form of ID Most of us keep our driver's license in our wallets, but it's also a good idea to pack your passport, too — even for domestic trips. Any number of things can happen to your ID while traveling, like accidentally misplacing it in the airport, or neglecting to put it in your wallet before leaving your house. I like to travel with a passport just in case I want to check out a nearby country on my vacation, like when I hopped over to Canada on a recent trip to Detroit, or my jaunt to Cuba from Miami. If you're traveling internationally, you'll obviously need a passport as your main form of ID. This requires extra precautions, like making a copy of your passport photo page in case your passport is lost or stolen during your travels. You'll have an easier time expediting a new passport from the local embassy if you can show proof of ID in a photocopy. This five-second trick can save you hours and hours of unnecessary stress, especially if there's a language barrier. (See also: What to Do If You Don't Have Your ID at the Airport) 2. Empty water bottle I recently traveled to Columbus, Ohio and while waiting in line for security, I saw a familiar sight: travelers chugging whatever drink they brought with them to the airport because they forgot that you can't take liquids with you through security. Those same people often then end up buying $3 bottles of water at expensive airport shops once they're on the other side. To avoid the bloat and expense of that experience, I travel with my empty Nalgene bottle that I fill up with water once I've crossed over to the gates. There are water fountains throughout the airport. That water is free, and it's just as tasty as the pricey bottled stuff. (See also: 6 Things That Will Make Your Flight More Comfortable) 3. Medication To step foot on an airplane, I need at least two glasses of wine with a Xanax chaser. If the captain says there will be turbulence, I up my d

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