This Stanford startup says it can deliver a CURE for CANCER

January 16, 2013 - 9:25pm

By VenturebeatBig data’ is one of the most over-used buzzwords in the startup vernacular, and founders rarely have the goods to back it up. So you’ll understand that I was intrigued — but highly skeptical — when an email with the subject line “using data to cure cancer” popped into my inbox.But Ayasdi, a startup that closed $10 million in venture funding today, doesn’t just talk the talk. Stanford researchers have been baking the complex algorithms behind Ayasdi (its quirky name means “to seek,” in Cherokee) for over a decade, with the goal of unlocking the hidden value in human genetic data.In 2008, the founders, Gurjeet Singh, Dr. Gunnar Carlsson, and Harlan Sexton, decided to commercialize the technology.With the govern

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