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Trump Budget and Math Reality

From Nathan's Economic Edge
March 16, 2017 - 7:17pm
While I supported Trump over all the alternatives, the impossible math is the only way to glimpse economic reality.  No source that I’ve seen understands where the math is headed.  And with the first cut of Trump’s budget priorities comes a focus on the way in which the impossible math is distributed, with no discussion of how impossible the math is or why.In a nutshell the debt is growing and accumulating at twice the rate predicted my both mainstream and non-mainstream sources alike, this article will show you how to glimpse the reality of the math.  While the national debt almost doubled under eight years of Obama administration going from $10.02 trillion to $19.95 trillion (it was far worse than this in reality, we’ll cover that later).  This 99\% growth in just eight years means that the national debt effectively doubled in just eight years.   That’s terrible, but most people are projecting the same $1.25 trillion growth per year for the next eight years, or a total growth that will equal another $10 trillion.  That is NOT math reality.  The reality is that regardless of who is president, the math must double again in the next eight years in order to achieve the same rate of growth!  $20 trillion, not just another paltry $10!  In other words, at the end of eight more years, the end of 2024, the national debt will likely stand at $40 trillion, not the projected $30 trillion. If that RATE of growth is not maintained, then what do you suppose will happen to the economy, knowing that all our money is DEBT?But why is it that nobody can do a projection that matches reality?Reality does not exist in ANY mainstream media.  The mainstream media is 90\% fake, every bit of that is designed to fill our heads with a story-line that manipulates and enslaves us, robbing us of our productivity and holding back the advancement of humanity.  The 10\% that is real is obscured by the majority 90\% spin.  If you incorporate their narrative, you will consume unfit foods, unfit water and drinks, drugs, medicines, and vaccines that will make it impossible for you to think clearly enough to distinguish what is real and what is not.  You will likely work in jobs that perpetuate and are dependent upon enforcing the mainstream narrative (most people do not realize the part they play).The internet is the ONLY

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