Cars and second order consequences

Mar 30 1:37am Latest posts - Benedict Evans
There are two foundational technology changes rolling through the car industry at the moment; electric and autonomy. Electric is happening right now, largely as a consequence of falling battery prices, while autonomy, or at least full autonomy, is a bit further off - perhaps 5-10 years, depending on how fast some pretty hard computer science problems get solved. Both of these will cycle into essentially the entire global stock of (today) around 1.1bn cars over a period of decades, subject to all sorts of variables, and both of them completely remake the car industry and its suppliers, as well as parts of the tech industry. Both electric and autonomy, pretty obviously, have some profound consequences beyond the car industry itself. Half of global oil production today goes to gasoline, and removing that demand will have geopolitical as well as industrial consequences. Over a million people are killed in car accidents every year around the world, mostly due to human error, and in a fully autonomous world all of those (and many more injuries) will also go away. However, it's also useful, and perhaps more challenging, to think about the second and third order consequences of these two technology changes. Moving to electric means much more than replacing the gas tank with a battery, and moving to autonomy means much more than ending accidents. Quite what those consequences would be is much harder to predict: as the saying goes, it was easy to predict mass car ownership but hard to predict Wal-mart, and the broader consequences of the move to electric and autonomy will come in some very widely-spread industries, in complex interlocked ways. Still, we can at least point to where some of the changes might come. I can't tell you what will happen to car repairs, commercial real-estate or buses - I'm not an expert on any of those, and neither can anyone who is - but I can suggest that something will happen, and probably something big. Hence, this post is not a description of what will happen, but of where it might, and why, with some links to further reading. ElectricMoving to electric reduces the number of moving parts in a car by something like an order of magnitude. It's less about replacing the fuel tank with a battery than ripping out the spine. That remakes the car industry and its supplier base (as well as related industries such as...
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Silicon Paddock is on a mission to empower regional communities to change their own economic landscape

Mar 29 11:59pm Startup Daily
There are over 1.3 million businesses across regional Australia. However, while 95 percent of their owners have access to the internet, only 48 percent of them have an online presence. Related posts: Introducing Paddock Chat, a new podcast focusing on regional startups and business owners ANNOUNCEMENT: Silicon Paddock – a Startup Daily Initiative Paddock Chat with Di Somerville, founder of Regional Pitchfest...
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FiftySix Creations founder Taj Pabari on his startup journey and promoting young entrepreneurship

Mar 29 11:27pm Startup Daily
Taj Pabari's FiftySix Creations is focused on educating and encouraging young innovators through workshops and built-it-yourself tablet kit. Related posts: Amazon launches monthly subscription box for kids aimed at promoting STEM education Perth startup KodaChat allows parents to ease young children into social media by monitoring their chat activity Thankyou Co-Founder named Victorian Young Australian of the Year...
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Wondergirl from Odisha comes up with the idea of a fuel free bike

Mar 29 11:15pm
To combat problem of increasing air pollution, this fourteen year old girl from Odisha, came up with the brilliant idea of an “air bike”.
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The New Virtual Accelerator

Mar 29 11:04pm Vermont View on Startups | Ty Danco
The early stage venture environment has changed enormously in the last 10 years. It has never been easier to start a venture and access seed capital; nor, arguably, has it been harder to separate ahead of the pack in the overcrowded startup world, which may have reached Peak MicroVC and Peak Accelerator. Seed only funds barely existed ten years ago, but now number around 300. Likewise with accelerators, which have gone from single digits to over 1000 in the last … Read More...
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Story: Great special from CNN for start-ups and entrepreneurs please watch!

Mar 29 10:19pm Startups Anonymous
Hello all of you brave, extraordinary entrepreneurs! I’m an I/O psychologist with a heart for people like you.  My number one concern for all of you – your mental and physical well-being.  In that vein, I’m sharing this special from CNN that addresses mental health issues in the start-up world that no one talks about. ... The post Great special from CNN for start-ups and entrepreneurs – please watch! appeared first on Startups Anonymous.
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Question: Released app before the build out was complete

Mar 29 10:11pm Startups Anonymous
We launched a beta version of our SaaS app before the build-out was complete.  Now, we are scrambling to complete the build, while struggling to take on new responsibilities in tech support and sales.  Plus, we now have marketing and advertising fees to pay and will likely run out of money in less than a... The post Released app before the build out was complete appeared first on Startups Anonymous.
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Question: When is it time to leave a startup?

Mar 29 10:09pm Startups Anonymous
Lots of disputes between technical team and CEO.  CEO freaks out whenever the company hits a bump in the road and takes it out on the technical team.  Probably two years out from being financially stable/viable.  Long term financial situation of the company is unclear. The post When is it time to leave a startup? appeared first on Startups Anonymous.
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7 Employment Changes to Be Aware Of in 2017

Mar 29 10:08pm The Startup Magazine
The run up to April is a notoriously busy time for businesses, and especially those within the business that are The post 7 Employment Changes to Be Aware Of in 2017 appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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How women didnt let start-ups become the monopoly of men

Mar 29 9:48pm
The way women have carved a niche for themselves is exemplary as well as worth praising.
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Brisbane renewable energy startup Redback Technologies signs MoU to expand into Dubai

Mar 29 9:41pm Startup Daily
Brisbane renewable energy company Redback Technologies has launched its international expansion, signing a deal with Duserve Facilities Management in Dubai. Related posts: Brisbane startup Redback Technologies signs MOU with the University of Queensland to commercialise its tech Brisbane’s Redback Technologies raises $9.3 million from strategic investor Energy Australia Redback Technologies partners with AllGrid Energy to help remote communities become self-sufficient...
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New-age business ideas which you need to know of

Mar 29 8:37pm
Gone are the times when conventional business ideas fared well; however, it is a new age for entrepreneurs to come up with fresh ideas which solve a problem.
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Regional innovation could add $44 billion to economy each year, report finds

Mar 29 8:17pm Startup Daily
Regional businesses across Australia are more likely than their metropolitan counterparts to be innovating and “making things happen”, a report has found. Related posts: Refugee entrepreneurs can provide significant economic benefits to Australia, report finds StartupAUS report outlines how to develop Australian agriculture, supported by agtech into a $100 billion industry by 2030 Australia must encourage girls into STEM at school to develop its future workforce, report finds...
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Running with the Pack: Acquiring Rival DogVacay

Mar 29 6:52pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
In a dog-eat-dog deal, Seattle-based dog-care services marketplace is acquiring its largest competitor, DogVacay, the companies announced Wednesday. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The combined company will be headquartered in Seattle and maintain the Rover brand. Aaron Easterly, CEO of Rover, will continue in that role while DogVacay CEO Aaron Hirschhorn will […]...
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Uncertainty Wednesday: Sensitivity and Specificity

Mar 29 5:17pm Continuations
Today’s Uncertainty Wednesday is a further continuation of the PSA Test example, but I got tired of the boring title and wanted to give the post as more, well, specific one. Last Wednesday I wrote that sensitivity and specificity are “widely used to assess the quality of medical tests.”Here are their definitions taken from WikipediaSensitivity = probability of a positive test given that the patient has the diseaseSpecificity = probability of a negative test given that the patient is wellUsing our notation we can rewrite this asSensitivity = P(H | B), i.e. probability of a high PSA level signal (H) conditional on the patient having cancer (B)Specificity = P(L | A), i.e. probability of a low PSA level signal (L) conditional on the patient being healthy (A)We see that sensitivity is in a way the inverse of the question we were asking originally, which is P(B | H), i.e the probability of having cancer (B) conditional on a receiving a high PSA level signal (H).So the question is what is the relationship between P(H | B) and P(B | H)?To figure this out, let’s first see if we can derive P(H | B) from the elementary probabilities given originally, which I am repeating hereP({AL}) = P(healthy *and* low PSA) = 0.907179P({AH}) = P(healthy *and* high PSA) = 0.089721P({BL}) = P(cancer *and* low PSA) = 0.001519P({BH}) = P(cancer *and* high PSA) = 0.001581So let’t start by recalling out how likely it is that someone has cancer (B) which we also derived previously P(B) = P(cancer) = P({BH, BL}) = P({BH}) + P({BL}) = 0.001519 + 0.001581 = 0.0031So based on this it becomes quite easy to answer our new conditional question:P(H | B) = P({BH}) / P(B) = 0.001519 / 0.0031 = 0.49So the sensitivity of the test is 0.49 or 49\%, which means that the test correctly detects about half of the people who have cancer.Now let’s look back at P(B | H) and what do we see thereP(B | H) = P({BH}) / P(H) = 0.001581 / 0.091302 = 0.017316The numerators are the same, which let’s us come up with a simple formula by forming the ratio between the two conditionals:P(B | H) / P(H | B) = P({BH}) / P(H) * P(B) / P({BH}) = P(B) / P(H)we can rewrite that asP(B | H) = P(B)/P(H) * P(H | B)So we now see that the answer to the crucial question – how likely is it that the patient has cancer conditional on a positive test – doesn’t depend just on the sensi...
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A3: Automation is a Tool for Job Growth, But Better Training Needed

Mar 29 3:06pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Southeast Michigan’s Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is one of the hosts of the biennial Automate conference happening next week in Chicago, and organizers say this year’s edition is expected to be the biggest yet, drawing more than 20,000 attendees. In anticipation of the event, A3, a trade group promoting automation, has produced a white […]...
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Funding All Projects on DonorsChoose in Alaska

Mar 29 1:49pm Feld Thoughts
Amy and I just funded all of the unfunded DonorsChoose projects in Alaska as part of the annual DonorsChoose #BestSchoolDay event. As part of the #BestSchoolDay program, your donation is matched. In all of the Alaska projects, Aspect Ventures matched our donation. Huge thanks to Jennifer Fonstad, Theresia Gouw, and team! Amy grew up in Alaska and we have... Read more The post Funding All Projects on DonorsChoose in Alaska appeared first on Feld Thoughts.
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Raise the Bar Sales Prospecting Strategies, Unorthodox Ways to Find Marketers

Mar 29 1:46pm Blog – Mattermark
The Startup Tapes: Why Objective Signals for Company Growth Matter In this video, Danielle Morrill discusses company growth with Tim Anglade of Scale Venture Partners for their interview series The … Read More The post Raise the Bar – Sales Prospecting Strategies, Unorthodox Ways to Find Marketers appeared first on Mattermark.
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Meet Our Curator of the Week: Kelly Kampen

Mar 29 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
Name: Kelly Kampen Digest: Thailand Curator Since: November 2011 Title: Founder / Entrepreneur at Twitter: @kellykampen Internet Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media / Gamification Guru and a bit of a color freak. Founder Dojo Social Fan Page Apps, Dojo Threads & Watches and MimiAmour women’s fashion watches. To receive the Thailand Startup Digest, please subscribe here. The post Meet Our Curator of the Week: Kelly Kampen appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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America's big nuclear bankruptcy

Mar 29 11:43am danprimack
Westinghouse Electric, the U.S. nuclear power subsidiary of Japan's Toshiba Corp., today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What happened: As Axios previously reported , Westinghouse experienced massive cost overruns on reactors in Georgia and South Carolina, which effectively cost the Japanese parent company more than it originally paid to buy Westingthouse in 2006. Why it matters: This bankruptcy filing raises the prospect that those new reactors won't get finished, and that U.S. taxpayers could be on the hook thanks to a $8.3 billion guaranteed credit facility from the U.S. government. Moreover, Westinghouse is the only company to receive U.S. building permits for new nuclear power plants since the Three Mile Island incident nearly four decades ago. Context: President Trump has been a vocal supporter of nuclear power, and his recent rollbacks of environmental regulations could make nuclear more price competitive.
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The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence

Mar 29 11:42am Stratechery by Ben Thompson
What is artificial intelligence? Is it really any different than technology? In my estimation machine learning is truly something new, and the effects on society will be significant.
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Mary Lou Jepsen, Moonshots, and the Human Impact of Innovation

Mar 29 11:19am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
As expressions go, “moonshot” has recently been gaining a lot of popularity in the media vernacular. Many folks assume that it arose with NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon. But it’s a matter of debate. The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, for example, credits commentator Vin Scully for inventing the term to describe the soaring home […]...
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SaaStr Podcast #107: Daniel Ruch, Founder & CEO @ Rocketrip On How Hiring is Just Like Being a VC

Mar 29 11:19am SaaStr
Welcome to Episode 107! Daniel Ruch is the Founder and CEO of Rocketrip, the startup that reduces travel spend by rewarding employees to save. They have backing from some incredible investors including the likes of Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan Partners and Y Combinator. Prior to Rocketrip, Dan was a VP in Europe for Tremor Video and before that he held several director...
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Rentberry Lets Potential Tenants Get Their Dream Homes With Custom Offers

Mar 29 10:50am AllTopStartups
Renting an apartment is a pain for both landlords and tenants. Finding a property to rent in any major city can be pretty hard. There is always a rise in demand for accommodation in popular and major cities around the world. While the long-term rental market has experienced rapid growth and change, landlords have been […]...
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Equity Crowdfunding Regulations: Title III

Mar 29 10:26am MicroVenture Marketplace Blog
In our fourth and final post on equity crowdfunding regulations, we’re discussing Title III of the JOBS Act, which went into effect on May 16, 2016. With the popularity of crowdfunding, especially its use to raise funds for a variety … Continue reading → The post Equity Crowdfunding Regulations: Title III appeared first on MicroVentures Blog.
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Des Moiness Raising Capital Seminar targets Midwest startups

Mar 29 10:21am Silicon Prairie News
A startup might have a great pitch, business plan and product, but if they run out of money, things will come to a screeching halt. The Greater Des Moines Partnership is hosting a Raising Capital Seminar to help Midwest companies navigate the ins and outs of attracting investors. The seminar features presentations by Charise Flynn... Read More The post Des Moines’s Raising Capital Seminar targets Midwest startups appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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Dont Get Tied up in Business Legal Loopholes

Mar 29 10:17am AllTopStartups
You’re probably not thinking about the law and legality too much when you’re setting up your business. It’s possible that it just hasn’t crossed your mind. After all, as long as you don’t intend to break the law, you’ll always be on the right side of it…right? Wrong, because it is easy for business owners […]...
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Behind the fall of Quixey

Mar 29 10:06am danprimack
Earlier this month came reports that mobile search startup Quixey was in the process of shutting down, after blowing through over $130 million in VC funding from investors like Alibaba and Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors. What wasn't reported, however, was the key role that Alibaba played in Silicon Valley-based company's ultimate demise. For those unfamiliar with Quixey, it was focused on the deep linking of apps , an effort to make it as easy to link within apps as it is today among different Web sites. Neither the Quixey nor its backers are publicly discussing what went wrong, but Axios has put together a timeline after speaking with multiple sources: October 2013: Quixey raises $50 million in Series C funding at around a $130 million pre-money valuation, led by Alibaba. Existing investors like Atlantic Bridge Capital and U.S. Venture Partners also participated. Several months later, Quixey signed a separate $100 million commercial contract with Alibaba (which could have grown larger depending on implementation with Alibaba partners). September 2014: Alibaba goes public, in the largest tech IPO of all time. Changes to the corporate structure mean that Quixey is now working with different people (Alibaba's Joe Tsai, for example, is no longer directly involved), and quarterly road-maps are soon supplemented by weekly deliverables (sometimes sent directly to Quixey engineers from Alibaba engineers, as the latter company's various fiefdoms become more pronounced). Quixey finds the changes disruptive and doesn't believe Alibaba is holding up its end of the monetization bargain. March 2015: Quixey raises $60 million in Series C-1 funding at a reported pre-money valuation of $540 million. Alibaba again is the lead investor, bringing its total investment in the company to around $80 million. Other new shareholders include Goldman Sachs and SoftBank. April 2016: Quixey founder Tomer Kagen is replaced as CEO by serial chief executive Mark Lazar (LoopNet, etc), but remains on the board of directors. It appears that Quixey's displeasure with Alibaba is now mutual, particularly as the burn rate continues to soar and the tech is behind schedule. Summer 2016: Quixey believes it is owed around $37 million from Aliba...
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Inject Some Fun Into Your Businesss Promotion Strategy

Mar 29 10:03am AllTopStartups
Too many business owners forget that running a company and promoting it to the public doesn’t have to be 100\% serious. In fact, it can and should be a lot of fun. When you are a little more playful and willing to offering something different in terms of your promotion strategy, customers will respond positively. […]...
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5 Must Try Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Mar 29 9:42am OpenView Labs
By now, nearly everyone in B2B marketing has heard about account-based marketing. Heck, ABM has practically become synonymous with B2B. You probably know how it works, and how it can positively impact your business — but understanding the underlying principles of ABM is only half of the battle. To facilitate this process, Terminus developed the… The post 5 Must Try Account-Based Marketing Campaigns appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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Conseris Simplifying Your Data Through Clean, Intelligent Curation

Mar 29 9:30am KillerStartups
The Conseris app enables you to handle your data as an expert would, with minimal effort. The post Conseris – Simplifying Your Data Through Clean, Intelligent Curation appeared first on KillerStartups.
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This NYC Startup Just Raised $1.3M To Bring A Distributed Workforce to Journalism

Mar 29 9:27am Startups – AlleyWatch
With digital media consumption tripling in the last 10 years, it is no surprise that competition between media outlets has been at an all time high with every publisher vying for the same eyeballs. Young companies are sprouting out of thin air to cover the news at scale empowered with smartphones that allow you to cover anything on the go.  Story Hunter connects these creators with some of the top news organizations in the world including CNN, Al Jazeera, and National Geographic.  The open platform has freelancers in 180 countries serving as story hunters that provide original video content in a seamless, efficient fashion and fast for...
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Meet MeetJune, an online travel community for unforgettable local experiences

Mar 29 9:15am Silicon Canals
MeetJune, a new online travel community, launched last week. The community opens its doors for people around the world to host, discover, and book unique travel experiences via meals, homestays, and activities. Whether it’s waking up on a houseboat in Amsterdam or a market stroll through Barcelona’s La Boqueria, Dutch startup MeetJune wants you to […] The post Meet MeetJune, an online travel community for unforgettable local experiences appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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Should You Call An Acquisition an Exit?

Mar 29 9:10am Points and Figures
The prediction is that acquisitions are going to increase in frequency and volume.  Big corporates are hungry for new innovation and they are going to buy it.  Their balance sheets are healthy.  If the tax overhaul that is being promised …...
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Bringing Transparency to Startup Data: Our Data Repository Project

Mar 29 9:00am Blog – Version One
Two months ago, I first introduced my vision to create a startup data repository. Since then, I’ve chatted with many of you who share the desire to democratize access to information on startups and bring transparency to what’s been a traditionally private ecosystem. I’ve been blown away by the response and...Read more The post Bringing Transparency to Startup Data: Our Data Repository Project appeared first on Version One.
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ViaCyte Working with Gore to Improve its Synthetic Pancreas Device

Mar 29 9:00am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
San Diego-based ViaCyte said today it is collaborating with W.L. Gore & Associates, the privately held company that makes Gore-Tex fabrics, medical devices, and other products, in a bid to improve its stem cell-derived treatment for diabetes. Under their collaborative research agreement, ViaCyte said it will work with Gore to develop a next-generation version of […]...
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Ottobock Buys Boston-Based Active Prosthetic Maker BionX

Mar 29 8:59am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
BionX Medical Technologies, a Boston-area company that makes a prosthetic foot and ankle product that uses robotics technology, has been acquired by Ottobock, a German prosthetics company with North American headquarters in Austin, TX. The deal was announced earlier this month. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, so it’s hard to tell how good an outcome it […]...
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5 Key Tips to Use Animation in elearning

Mar 29 7:59am AllTopStartups
Animation has certainly come a long way. Today we have the best artwork in animated movies, anime, video games, even covers for books, movies and music albums. However, an animation is not only used as a selling point or marketing trick for products, it also has an application in the education industry. Animation can be […]...
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The Ecosystem of Expertise

Mar 29 7:58am Gotham Gal
Over the last decade, we have seen start-ups change industries, take out middle-people and in many ways create efficiencies through technology.  It is the next generation of thinkers re-tooling verticals that are ripe for change.  What has become more and more apparent as these start-ups begin to mature and shift market share is that many […]...
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[Freightos in Reuters] Online freight firm Freightos raises $25 million in funding led by GE

Mar 29 7:31am OurCrowd
Freightos, an online marketplace for international shipping, said on Wednesday it raised $25 million in funding led by GE Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to date to $50 million. “This capital raise will help to continue Freightos’ rapid expansion,” said Zvi Schreiber, founder and chief executive of Freightos, which has headquarters in Jerusalem and […] The post [Freightos in Reuters] Online freight firm Freightos raises $25 million in funding led by GE appeared first on OurCrowd.
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A New Startup Era in Education! The Booming Industry of Distant Language Learning

Mar 29 7:29am AllTopStartups
The world is shrinking. Time and space has been compressed by technology to the point where planet Earth seems like a village rather than a vast world. You can fly anywhere within 24 hours and speak to anyone in the world instantly. And yet, there are barriers between the people of the world that technology […]...
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[Freightos in The Wall Street Journal] Shipping technology startup Freightos raises $25 million

Mar 29 7:04am OurCrowd
Shipping technology startup Freightos raised $25 million in a funding round led by General Electric Co.’s GE Ventures, the freight company said Wednesday. Read more on The Wall Street Journal here. The post [Freightos in The Wall Street Journal] Shipping technology startup Freightos raises $25 million appeared first on OurCrowd.
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[Influitive in Impact Centre] The Narwhal List

Mar 29 6:59am OurCrowd
In 2014, Brent Holliday of the Vancouver-based Garibaldi Capital Advisors began referring to Canadian technology companies that had reached a valuation of $1 billion or above as Narwhals, a playful reference to US Unicorns. He published data sets showing the most valuable Canadian tech firms in his Narwhal Club and also identified emerging Narwhals. Since […] The post [Influitive in Impact Centre] The Narwhal List appeared first on OurCrowd.
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[Wave in Impact Centre] The Narwhal List

Mar 29 6:45am OurCrowd
In 2014, Brent Holliday of the Vancouver-based Garibaldi Capital Advisors began referring to Canadian technology companies that had reached a valuation of $1 billion or above as Narwhals, a playful reference to US Unicorns. He published data sets showing the most valuable Canadian tech firms in his Narwhal Club and also identified emerging Narwhals. Since […] The post [Wave in Impact Centre] The Narwhal List appeared first on OurCrowd.
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How to Ensure Your Startups Foundation is Rock Solid

Mar 29 6:39am AllTopStartups
It is a general rule that 96\% of all businesses fail within their first 10 years, which is startling statistic that has the potential to deter entrepreneurs from entering a specific marketplace. It also has to be placed into context, however, as there remains an overwhelming number of factors to consider when launching a new […]...
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Does Your Middle Or Large-Sized Business Need To Optimize Efficiency?

Mar 29 6:06am AllTopStartups
Today’s medium and large-sized companies have significantly different requirements than in the past, and it is essential for large and growing businesses to have the tools and resources they need to remain cohesive. To achieve a friendly and collaborative work environment, your corporate intranet must be intuitive, flexible, user-friendly, quick, and meet the needs of […]...
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The interview process Ive used on 10,000 people: 6 steps to hire right the first time

Mar 29 3:00am Blog –
Hiring is the most important part of growing your company. As Steve Jobs once said: “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” But it’s not easy to find and attract the best talent to your company. We’ve ALL hired someone who...
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Does having a board of advisors increase your chances of getting funding?

Mar 29 1:24am SaaStr
No. Or maybe — only barely, a tiny bit. If you get Larry Page or Marc Benioff to be an active advisor — well, then, you have our attention. But otherwise, a bunch of headshots of folks with experience in your industry does nothing. It’s tablestakes. You’re expected to attract some great advisors. What is...
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Jason Lemkin: How important was the exposure on Quora to starting and being so successful with SaaStr?

Mar 29 1:18am SaaStr
It’s actually sort of impossible to know. On the one hand, we clearly get more “views” on Quora than on our blog, our podcast, etc. Quora also has been amazing for generating a specific type of content (“How should I \_\_\_\_\_”) that has performed amazingly (shockingly?) well for me / us. On the other hand,...
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If I need to raise a small amount of money ($10k) before my seed round, what are appropriate terms?

Mar 29 1:14am SaaStr
Half the price of the round. Many will disagree, but I’ve thought about this a lot. Your existing investors have good reasons to invest today at the next round price, or for say, a small discount (15–20\%) to the next round price. “Bridge” rounds from existing investors are often with 10–25\% discounts. But new investors...
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What was the worst argument or fight youve had with a cofounder?

Mar 29 1:12am SaaStr
That it was OK to fail. The biggest difference between the various start-ups I’ve co-founded and worked at is when it was OK to fail: I do not believe it is OK to fail unless there was truly no other option. I do not believe you can quit until there isn’t an ounce of gas...
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What are some vital questions to ask a co-founder during your first meeting or conversation?

Mar 29 1:10am SaaStr
Are you willing to do this for the next 7–10 years? And are you willing to go for 24 months until we have any real traction at all? Sorry, I know that’s two questions. But these are the two, that if you don’t get a Yes and Yes. I’d move on. View original question on...
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How should I present in the competition slide of my pitch deck if I have too many competitors?

Mar 29 1:08am SaaStr
Just pick the Top 10 competitors, that’s enough. Not just by revenue, but also, by significance. View original question on quora...
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How do you increase LTV of a SAAS product at a client where its IT team wants to attempt to rebuild your entire offering internally?

Mar 29 1:06am SaaStr
Be “Cool”. What I mean is, we all go through this, at least, a lot of us. When you first build a start-up, it’s often feature-poor, with little-to-no brand. Internal IT teams often think they can built it themselves. And perhaps they can — today. But then they’d have to maintain it. And iterate on...
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What is the reputation of Workday in Silicon Valley in comparison to innovative companies like Facebook/Google and old giants like Oracle and SAP?

Mar 29 1:04am SaaStr
Workday is the #2 most successful SaaS company of all time, founded by two of the most successful enterprise software entrepreneurs of all time, and rocketed to a record IPO and non-stop success since then. Workday is regularly closing seven and eight figure deals, is doing $1.25b+ ARR, and was growing 90\% at $250m ARR...
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Im the CTO at a 4M startup. How much should I be getting paid?

Mar 29 1:01am SaaStr
The Low End of Normal. Once a start-up raises > $3m or so USD$, there’s no need for the founders to work for Ramen Money anymore. In fact, it’s bad for the company. Working for free in the early days is necessary, working for almost nothing makes sense when you are very capital poor. But...
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What was Casetexts valuation after its $12 million Series B funding round?

Mar 29 1:00am SaaStr
I don’t know, but I think we can assume about $50m post-money valuation. Why? The round was $12m: Casetext raises $12 million for legal research assistant CARA Canvas Ventures (the lead) likely wanted to own 20\% of the company. Some investors are OK owning less, but usually, once you get to the $10m+ Series B...
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5 Tips for Turning Inward for Motivation @peterpolydor @eurekaOC

Mar 29 12:22am The Startup Magazine
When Peter Polydor; a young and successful serial entrepreneur turned venture capital investor, first began his journey with startups, no The post 5 Tips for Turning Inward for Motivation @peterpolydor @eurekaOC appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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5 Tips for Turning Inward for Motivation

Mar 29 12:22am The Startup Magazine
When Peter Polydor; a young and successful serial entrepreneur turned venture capital investor, first began his journey with startups, no The post 5 Tips for Turning Inward for Motivation appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Macquarie Bank joins Cicada Innovations as a partner in its Industry Engagement Program

Mar 29 12:06am Startup Daily
Cicada Innovations has announced Macquarie Bank as a partner in its 2017 Industry Engagement Program, which looks to facilitate collaboration. Related posts: Sydney tech incubator ATP Innovations rebrands as Cicada Innovations Cicada Innovations opens applications to medtech startups for commercialisation program University of Newcastle appoints Dr Sarah Pearson as Pro Vice-Chancellor of Industry Engagement and Innovation...
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