Exclusive: Google launches AI investment platform

May 26 2:40pm danprimack
Google has launched a new venture capital program focused on artificial intelligence, Axios has learned from multiple sources. Why it matters: Google has never before had an investment effort aimed at a specific type of technology. Plus, this will be led by engineers, rather than by professional venture capitalists. Details: The effort is being led by Anna Patterson, a longtime Google VP of engineering who specializes in AI. Also involved is Ankit Jain, who returned to Google's engineering department last month after having served as VP of product at SimilarWeb (which had acquired his startup, Quettra). Other Google AI engineers also are expected to rotate through the program, which is designed to provide startups with hands-on mentorship and, in some cases, incubation space and services. Patterson will report up through Google, rather than through Alphabet (unlike leadership of Google Ventures and growth equity group CapitalG). Deal plans: Word is that the group is seeking to make relatively small investments, having spoken to entrepreneurs and outside VCs about check sizes of between $1 million and $10 million. If the opportunity is right, the new program may co-invest with Google Ventures. A Google spokeswoman declined comment.
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Not even wrong - ways to dismiss technology

May 26 2:32pm Latest posts - Benedict Evans
How do we get beyond 'that's a toy!' and 'but everything looked like a toy!', and try actually to understand whether a new technology might matter? What are valid lines of reasoning, and what statements are 'not even wrong'?...
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The Future of Sales, 29 SaaS Marketing Lessons, and More Raise The Bar

May 26 1:37pm Blog – Mattermark
Why The Future of Sales Looks A Lot Less Salesy (read) Even with something as formal as enterprise B2B sales, businesses don’t buy things, people do. So what does this… Read Full Article The post The Future of Sales, 29 SaaS Marketing Lessons, and More – Raise The Bar appeared first on Mattermark.
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5 Familiar Fears All Startups Face

May 26 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
The following is a guest post by Tiffany Rowe. Tiffany is a Marketing Administrator at Seek Visibility, where she assists clients in contributing resourceful content throughout the web. Business is risky. In the blink of an eye, a promising startup can crash and burn – taking a sizeable chunk of its owner’s personal assets with it.… The post 5 Familiar Fears All Startups Face appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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Phil Weiser For Colorado Attorney General

May 26 12:26pm Feld Thoughts
Over the past fifteen years, Phil Weiser and I have worked together to make Colorado a stronger, more collaborative, and more innovative entrepreneurial community. Together, we co-chaired Governor Bill Ritter’s Innovation Council, worked to launch the Startup America Partnership (when Phil worked for Obama in the White House), started Startup Colorado, brought the Blackstone Entrepreneurs... Read more The post Phil Weiser For Colorado Attorney General appeared first on Feld Thoughts.
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Small Business Levers for Continuous Improvement

May 26 12:05pm The Startup Magazine
Regardless of the field or industry it is in, if you have a small business, growth and expansion needs to The post Small Business Levers for Continuous Improvement appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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BC Startup Sales Podcast Optimizing New Product Launches with Brian Kelly (Kissmetrics)

May 26 11:59am Bowery Capital
This week, the Bowery Capital team hosted Brian Kelly, CEO at Kissmetrics, to discuss “Optimizing New Product Launches.” Kissmetrics is a behavioral analytics and engagement platform that was built to help marketers and product teams increase conversions, drive engagement and grow retention. Over 900 companies, like... The post BC Startup Sales Podcast – Optimizing New Product Launches with Brian Kelly (Kissmetrics) appeared first on Bowery Capital.
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The Top 4 Benefits Of Thermal Energy Storage for your Business

May 26 11:44am The Startup Magazine
Energy storage may be a trending issue over the last several months, but thermal energy storage is not new; it The post The Top 4 Benefits Of Thermal Energy Storage for your Business appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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CRV readies its first-ever growth equity fund

May 26 11:43am danprimack
Venture capital firm CRV is speaking with investors about raising its first growth equity fund, Axios has learned. Talks are still in the early stages, and follow CRV's recent hiring of Brett Rochkind away from General Atlantic. Word is that the bi-coastal firm plans to raise the growth equity vehicle simultaneous to raising its next early-stage fund (CRV XVII), with each to target around $400 million. CRV declined comment. Big question: Will investors be willing to make 1:1 commitments for a new product led by someone new to the firm?...
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How Your Startup Can Learn from Online Education Markets Like Zeqr

May 26 11:39am The Startup Magazine
The number of startups in the entrepreneurship ecosystem is immeasurable – not even the internet holds updated information. This comes The post How Your Startup Can Learn from Online Education Markets Like Zeqr appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Payless investigates its own buyout backers

May 26 11:16am danprimack
Bankrupt footwear retailer Payless said in a court filing that it is investigating possible claims against private equity firms Golden Gate Capital and Blum Capital Partners, which acquired the Kansas-based company back in 2012. At issue is more than $350 million worth of fees and dividends that the two firms reportedly received from Payless, which may have contributed to the company's unsustainable debt-load. Why it matters: If Payless were to prove some sort of sponsor liability related to dividend recaps, it would send a chill through a private equity industry that uses such techniques to juice returns (often without enough regard for the possible consequences).
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Analyzing 5 Common Workforce Problems

May 26 11:01am Work Awesome
When revenue isn’t exceeding operating costs, there needs to be a thorough analysis of the issues that are contributing to the problem. Usually, they fall into one of three categories: workforce issues, problems with a process or bad market conditions. During periods where the market conditions are working in your favor, the issue clearly lies […]...
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Five Questions For Houston Angel Network Chief Juliana Garaizar

May 26 10:02am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Houston—Juliana Garaizar, managing director of the Houston Angel Network, is used to dealing with big egos and strong personalities in both the investing and tech worlds. “If it’s up to me, I try to work as little as possible with them and be very careful with them,” she says. “If it’s not up to me, […]...
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NARI and OpsCompass Announce Strategic Relationship

May 26 9:44am Silicon Prairie News
The Nebraska Applied Research Institute (NARI) and Nebraska-based cloud management company OpsCompass, LLC announced a strategic relationship to develop technology solutions for enhancing cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems support for the growing cloud industry. The joint effort will include applied research, design, and commercial development agreements between the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) affiliate and... Read More The post NARI and OpsCompass Announce Strategic Relationship appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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Deliberative Practice and Grit

May 26 9:42am Points and Figures
While on vacation, I read a couple of books.  One of them was Grit (which I still have to finish).  It’s a great book. I was intrigued because her initial research on grit was with West Point cadets. Since I …...
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Luvr Arms Cupid with Video to Shoot Romance Back into Mobile Dating

May 26 9:30am KillerStartups
Similar features to popular social apps and smart use of video set mobile dating app Luvr apart from the lovelorn crowd. The post Luvr Arms Cupid with Video to Shoot Romance Back into Mobile Dating appeared first on KillerStartups.
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Peek inside HubSpots Multi-million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy

May 26 8:47am OpenView Labs
Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Medium here. If you’re in SaaS, you can’t help but hear about HubSpot’s massive growth. They have a traffic rank of #5 in the world… in the online marketing tech space. This doesn’t include websites they’ve built to build their community and fill the top of their sales funnel. They… The post Peek inside HubSpot’s Multi-million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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Accelerators and Incubators..how to become self-sustaining

May 26 8:43am Gotham Gal
Over the past decade, there has been a rise of accelerators and incubators around the start-up community.  Start-ups from fin-tech to fashion to software to cannabis. Accelerators are usually places that founders apply to and if accepted they spend an extended amount of time in the program.  Many of the programs really help the founders […]...
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Report: Staples rejected takeover offer

May 26 8:33am danprimack
Only two private equity firms want to take over Staples Inc. — Cerberus and Sycamore — but now that's down to just one, per Bloomberg . Staples rejected a buyout from Cerberus Capital Management because they considered the offer too low. Now, only Sycamore Partners is left on the list of companies likely to buy the office supplies giant. Quick take: That the only two offers came from Cerberus and Sycamore is not good news for Staples, since both firms are known more for taking on troubled companies than strong ones. Reality check: Things might have been much different if Staples hadn't been blocked from buying Office Depot last year, after the regulatory and legal system determined that such a combination would unfairly reduce competition for big business customers.
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Some Lessons I Learned from the Dotcom Bubble for the Coming Crypto Bubble

May 26 8:05am Continuations
I spent a bunch of time at Consensus and Token Summit this week. If it wasn’t clear before, we are headed into a crypto currency bubble. Now a bubble isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. In fact almost every wave of technology has brought with it a financial bubble phase (eg care for Railway Mania in Britain). During this phase a lot of financial capital flows into a sector which finances real innovation and accelerates the buildout of physical infrastructure. The same will be true for the crypto currency bubble and the buildout of the decentralized Internet (see my recent quote in the Economist).Now what was eye opening to me is how young most of the players in the crypto currency space are. Many of them were not around as either entrepreneurs or investors in the Dotcom Bubble. So as someone who was, I thought I would share some lessons learned.1. Retain your critical faculties. After the Dotcom Bubble was over, looking back much of it seemed like a fever dream. You get swept up in it, are surrounded by others who are as well, and a powerful internal logic takes hold, where everything is evaluated only in relation to other parts of the bubble and not the world at large. So: figure out how to clear your head. Take a vacation if necessary.2. Beware vanity metrics. Because of the focus on internal logic that I was describing above it is especially important to look beyond vanity metrics (eg in the Dotcom Bubble it was pageviews or worse yet cumulative registered users). Instead to get a sense of where we are, look for metrics of actual adoption by endusers.3. Make yourself antifragile. This is maybe the single most important lesson. Do not, under any circumstance, borrow to invest in a bubble. You will be in an extremely fragile position if you do because of violent prices movements. Realize that you can be borrowing implicitly if you use (smart) contracts that short the market or have leverage built into them. Instead, make sure you have plenty of dry powder / segregated funds available for the time after the bubble. The best way for doing so is to intentionally take some money off the table on the way up (incidentally, the more people do that, the less of an extreme run up there will be).4. Watch out for outright scams. One of the great things about a bubble – see my intro paragraph – is that it finances many experiments. And as society we nee...
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Who Owns What When it Comes to a Business Intellectual Property?

May 26 7:58am AllTopStartups
Most businesses will deal in intellectual property of some form or another; whether you’re a communications and retail businesses or a manufacturing and technology company. According to the World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO), Intellectual property refers to products and processes, written or recorded work, slogans, logos and designs, and other original creations and ideas. Means […]...
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Andy Rubins Essential smartphone with 360 degree camera debuting May 30th

May 26 7:25am Startup World
Essential, a startup founded by Andy Rubin, co-founder of android is preparing to formally unveil their first Essential smartphone that his new company was working on. Recently the company tweeted “something big is coming” on May 30th with Rubin himself adding that he and his team are ” almost ready to share with you what we have been up to.” Not much detail beyond this tweet has been provided apart from a hint that the announcement will be big one and its speculated that it will be about their new android smartphone. Its also expected that the their new smartphone The post Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone with 360 degree camera debuting May 30th appeared first on Startup World.
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Bio Roundup: Skinny Cuts, Genomic Approvals, Unfrozen FDA & More

May 26 6:55am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Team Trump unveiled its 2018 federal spending proposal—the so-called “skinny budget”—with health and science in the crosshairs. The NIH is looking at a 22 percent cut and the FDA 31 percent, although the administration wants to backfill the FDA loss with a huge boost in user fees, which drug and device companies pay to have […]...
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This NYC SportsTech Startup Was Just Acquired

May 26 6:35am Startups – AlleyWatch
BREAKING NEWS: Krossover, the sports video analysis and statistics company was just acquired by Dallas-based Blue Star Sports, a sports management firm. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Founded in 2008 by Vasu Kulkarni who we interviewed last week for our Inside the Mind of NYC VC series (Kulkarni also runs sportstech-focused VC firm Courtside Ventures), Krossover has raised a total of $24.86M in funding over 8 rounds with the last round – Series B in May of 2016. Investors in the company include Stephen Ross, NBA great David Robinson, Dan Gilbert, Active Angels, Baltimore Sngels, Jarcap, Ken...
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The Essential Details That Entrepreneurs Often Miss

May 26 6:01am AllTopStartups
Getting started in a business is an exciting time. There are lots of things going on, and when those first customers start to roll in, it can get hectic quickly. In the earliest days, the business is structured in a way that the untrained eye can understand. With most functions handled by the entrepreneur or […]...
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How To Cut Costs Effectively In Business

May 26 5:43am AllTopStartups
For better, or for worse – business is always going to be about one thing. Money – the bottom line. No matter what we focus on, that is going to be the driving force behind everything. When we think of a business, that means one thing. Whatever goals a business has, or whatever it aspires […]...
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Penny Pritzker talks post-government life, AI and Airbnb

May 26 5:30am danprimack
Penny Pritzker is back in Chicago making investments after three years as U.S. Commerce Secretary under Barack Obama. The Hyatt Hotels heir speaks to Axios about her business plans, her thoughts on Airbnb and the highs and lows of government service. Top takeaways: Pritzker has returned to private investment firm PSP Capital Partners, but with a greater interest in new technologies like AI and big data than she had before becoming Commerce Secretary. Her biggest regret from Commerce is the failure of TPP, which she believes would have also been a de facto renegotiation of NAFTA. She doesn't want to talk about her successor's job performance. Pritzker is fully supporting her brother J.B.'s run for Illinois governor, after decades of family strife. Return to private sector I define myself as an entrepreneur and a business builder. Obviously when I went into government I had to resign from everything and be completely divorced from any activities and do whatever the Office of Government Ethics requires. So at PSP we have a team of about 65 people, and we're investors and business builders active in a number of different sectors: Business and technology services, advanced manufacturing and distribution, real estate, food and ag and consumer products. We pride ourselves in being disciplined but also flexible. Our fundamental focus is partnering with management teams and other partners to build businesses for the long haul. Takeovers? Venture Capital? We do all of the above, which is what I mean by flexible. We've done some minority interests in growth companies where we understand the industry and can be value-added, we've done control investments where someone just wants to sell their company. We've done partnerships with other entities where a group of us have taken over a business because each of us brings something to the table. And we do that both in the corporate world and in the real estate world. Government lessons When I was at Commerce I got a lot more international experience and I got a lot more exposure to artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, clean energy – sectors of the economy that I'd been less involved in before. So that gives me more of a network and more confidence for our organizatio...
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Amazon open its first real bookstore in New York city

May 26 5:19am Startup World
Amazon, the biggest online retailer opened its first brick and mortar bookstore in New York city, selling a limited range of their highest rated books. Till now Amazon has opened this kind of book store in six other cities It started with their first book store in their hometown Seattle opened up in 2015. In fact amazon started its operation in 1995 as an online bookseller and started selling every product. “You don’t run a marathon before you run a 5K,” said Jennifer Cast, vice president of Amazon Books. “We wanted some time to learn and we also really wanted The post Amazon open its first real bookstore in New York city appeared first on Startup World.
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Becoming an Uber or Lyft Driver What You Need to Know

May 26 5:09am AllTopStartups
If you are yet to pass your driving test, and like the idea of making some extra cash by driving, you want to get your license as soon as possible, so you are able to do so. Make sure you practice as much as possible, then take a look at websites such as Driving Office, […]...
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EIT Digital and Startup Estonia join forces to boost Estonian startup ecosystem

May 26 4:00am Startups.be Blog (RSS)
EIT Digital and Startup Estonia signed a Memorandum of Collaboration to help the Estonian innovation ecosystem develop further during Estonia’s EU presidency and also play an increasingly important role in the international digital landscape.
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Instagram direct messages now support web links and different photo orientations

May 26 3:17am Startup World
Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram has announced that it is now coming with the new feature to its direct message service. The users can now send messages with web links and different photo orientations. The Instagram Direct feature just got generally more useful as a messaging option with support added for external web links as well as the ability to send photos and videos in their original portrait. With this feature, when you send a photo or video to your friends directly from your camera roll, you don’t need to crop it. Support for external web links is really more The post Instagram direct messages now support web links and different photo orientations appeared first on Startup World.
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Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner can easily be tricked by photo, contact lens

May 26 2:54am Startup World
Few months ago Samsung has released its flagship device Samsung Galaxy S8 which comes with an iris scanner and face recognition feature. But Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC) had claimed to figure out the relatively straightforward way to trick this iris recognition system on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone. CCC is the same group that first tricked Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensors, just after some weeks of the first iPhone 5s hit the market. Iris scanner is now very common, but Samsung’s high-end handset GalaxyS8 is trying to bring iris scanner to the masses. It is a blunder mistake as The post Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner can easily be tricked by photo, contact lens appeared first on Startup World.
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Digital Paper Tablet DPTRP1- New Version Introduced by Sony

May 26 2:29am Startup World
Sony introduced a revolutionary new way to work with the launch of its new model of Digital Paper Tablet DPTRP1 with some significant improvements than its predecessor DPT S1. This Digital Paper Tablet introduced by Sony, in conjunction with a cloud service, will give you the power to explain, share and save your documents- all from a handy device that is light enough to carry anywhere. The new model DPTRP1 has come with certain improved changes that will surely make their users appreciate it at all. The DPTRP1 has a similar 13.3 Inch display similar to its previous model DPTS1. The post Digital Paper Tablet DPTRP1- New Version Introduced by Sony appeared first on Startup World.
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Facebook has signed Buzzfeed, Vox, and others for original video shows

May 26 2:26am Startup World
The world’s largest social media company Facebook has signed Buzzfeed, Vox, and others to make shows for its upcoming video service. It will feature short and long-form video shows with ad breaks. The aim of this deal with major millennial-focussed news and entertainment outlets is to create the original video shows to tap new audiences and also bring in ad revenue. Facebook is planning two tiers of video entertainment that includes scripted shows and shorter scripted/unscripted shows. The original scripted video shows will come in the form of episodes which are lasting for 20 to 30 minutes. The shorter video The post Facebook has signed Buzzfeed, Vox, and others for original video shows appeared first on Startup World.
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Why are (most) startups burning through so much cash?

May 26 12:48am SaaStr
Competition. For most software / internet companies, the gross margins approach 80\%. That means for every $10 you bring in, you get to keep at least $8 for payroll, etc. after paying off expenses. In the early days, that’s not a lot of money. You may need to work for a $0 salary, sacrifice, skimp,...
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RateSetter launching green marketplace with $20 million from Clean Energy Finance Corporation

May 26 12:33am Startup Daily
Peer-to-peer lending platform RateSetter has announced a $20 million investment from the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to fund the launch of a green loan marketplace. Related posts: Peer-to-peer lender RateSetter awarded ASIC licence to expand into business lending Government launches $20 million Clean Energy Seed Fund to combat climate change Going Green when you Clean!...
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Boston Tech Watch: Acquia, ShoeBuy, Lola, MassChallenge & More

May 26 12:01am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
We’ve got lots of Boston-area tech news to catch up on this week. Here are some of the latest developments: New funds —Scansorial has raised $2.2 million from investors, according to an SEC filing. The Lexington, MA-based company makes Root, a robot intended to help teach software coding in an interactive way. The startup’s technology […]...
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EpiSoft helps doctors manage patients with chronic illnesses and gather research data

May 25 11:36pm Startup Daily
EpiSoft is a Sydney-based startup working to develop cloud-based solutions for health professionals to manage patients with chronic diseases. Related posts: Tele-monitoring startup NetHealth helps people suffering from chronic health problems manage their conditions Online platform Personify Care aims to simplify how nurses manage discharged patients Sydney healthtech startup CancerAid aims to improve cancer care by helping patients track their treatment...
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7 Lessons From 100+ Failed Startups, Funding Timeline Trends, and More Mattermark Daily

May 25 11:13pm Blog – Mattermark
Optimize Sales Ops by Integrating Data-Driven Tools (read) Time and time again, sales teams say sales software becomes even more effective when the systems talk to each other and work… Read Full Article The post 7 Lessons From 100+ Failed Startups, Funding Timeline Trends, and More – Mattermark Daily appeared first on Mattermark.
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New Zealand Budget delivers NZ$373 million increase in science and innovation funding

May 25 9:10pm Startup Daily
The New Zealand Government announced an increase of NZ$373 million in funding for science and innovation in its 2017 Budget yesterday. Related posts: Western Australian government announces $20 million innovation package in state budget Victorian budget delivers $45 million for digital connectivity across regional areas Innovation and Science Australia releases performance review of Australia’s innovation system...
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Understanding The Power Of The Telephone

May 25 2:53pm Work Awesome
It really is a powerful tool of communication, even if many of us do not put much thought into it. By grasping a better understanding of just how impactful the phone can be in our lives, both personal and professional, you should be able to make better use of it – especially when it comes […]...
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14 Tips to Turn Your Internship Into a Job

May 25 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
The following is a guest post by Valli Vishnubhotla, an SEO professional working at AWM Network. Valli writes for Market Inspector and Greenmatch, B2B digital marketplaces in Europe. Most students agree that an internship is a popular gateway to securing a job. The real challenge begins after you’ve managed to get into an internship. Converting this opportunity into a job… The post 14 Tips to Turn Your Internship Into a Job appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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DataRobot Buys Nutonian in Union of Accomplice-Backed A.I. Startups

May 25 12:28pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Here is some noteworthy consolidation in the Boston data science and artificial intelligence sectors: DataRobot has snapped up Nutonian for an undisclosed price. The deal shows that five-year-old DataRobot is getting more aggressive in its efforts to become a leader in these increasingly competitive and much-hyped areas of the software industry. The startup has spent […]...
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Spheros Ultimate Lightning McQueen

May 25 10:33am Feld Thoughts
If you’ve been in our office recently, you’ve seen me fiddling around with one of my newest toys – Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero. It’s now available for the world. Based on what I know about robotic toys, I believe it’s the most advanced robotic toy ever made. Owen Wilson is even included in it (well... Read more The post Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen appeared first on Feld Thoughts.
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Start planning your 2018 leadership off-site now, and make it the most productive ever!

May 25 10:05am SaaStr
In 2017, most companies attending the SaaStr Annual sent 2 or more employees, and teams are already buying up the 2018 team packs in droves! More than 1,100 teams have already signed up for 2018, with the average company bringing 3.1 employees! If the learnings from past speakers like Josh James, Jyoti Bansal, Aaron Levie, April Underwood, Dharmesh...
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Bad Experiences

May 25 9:53am Collaborative Fund
To understand how we process risk, you have to know the story of Austria’s 40-year-old nuclear power plant that has never produced a single watt of energy. Austria, like most developed countries, began pursuing the peaceful use of nuclear energy after World War II. It’s hard to overemphasize how big a deal this was. Nuclear power stood to solve one of the biggest problems of human history: Securing abundant energy untied to your country’s natural resources. In 1972 Austria began constructing its first nuclear power plant, called Zwentendorf. It took five years to build and cost the equivalent of $2 billion. Both major political parties supported nuclear power. But just before Zwentendorf was turned on in 1977, Austria’s energy regulator launched a public information campaign to quell a small but vocal group of anti-nuclear protestors. They wanted to highlight what they were doing to mitigate nuclear energy’s risk. And it utterly backfired, perhaps the worst communication effort in history. Rather than quelling people’s fears, the information campaign scared the hell out of them. What started as small protests turned into a national uproar. Newspaper editorials published by energy regulators were the first time many Austrians wrapped their heads around what nuclear energy was, and framing the stories as “mitigating risk” called attention to how much risk there was. Town halls designed to answer people’s questions gave protesters a microphone to influence their neighbors, many of whom previously had no concerns about the power plant. The anti-nuclear protests grew so large that in 1978 Austria held a referendum. It stated simply: We’ve built a nuclear power plant. Do you want to turn it on? The people voted “no.” That’s held through today. Zwentendorf has never produced a single watt of energy. It’s used as a training facility for German engineers. What’s fascinating is that as the referendum was taking place, France, the U.K., the U.S., Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain were building and using nuclear power plants. Japan – which understood the risk of nuclear energy better than any other country – was building and using nuclear power plants. Austria was building the same power plants as everyone else. The had the same engineers, the same risk data, and the same safety mechanisms. But while the rest of...
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MetKnow gamifies getting to know people in large social and professional circles

May 25 9:52am Silicon Prairie News
There are dozens of social networks in use that connect friends, classmates, coworkers and associates. But those networks assume that one crucial step has already taken place––that users know the names of the people they’re connecting with. But what happens when someone joins a new offline network of 200 or 300 people? How does someone... Read More The post MetKnow gamifies getting to know people in large social and professional circles appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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How Bush alum Ruben King-Shaw got booted from his investment fund

May 25 9:47am danprimack
Ruben King-Shaw, a former Bush administration official and veteran healthcare executive, was kicked out of his private equity fund late last year. Why it matters: The story has not been told until now, in large part because King-Shaw, has maintained misleading information about his current role on both his investment firm's website and in a federal regulatory filing. He's still on the boards of companies such as Steward Health and Cotiviti Holdings and two weeks ago he was named CEO of healthcare fraud prevention company MedicFP. King-Shaw says this is mostly a misunderstanding. Who: King-Shaw previously was a member of Medicare's Program Advisory and Oversight Commission under Obama and served as senior advisor to the the Secretary of the Treasury for healthcare tax policies under George W. Bush (plus served as his deputy administrator for CMS). In 2011, King-Shaw founded Mansa Capital, a healthcare-focused private equity firm with offices in Boston and Florida. Along with partner Jason Torres, Mansa would raise $46 million for its debut fund, including from state pensions in New York and Connecticut. The fund included a typical GP commit of around 2\%, to be supplied by King-Shaw and Torres. What happened: Shortly after Mansa held a first close on its fund, some of the individual limited partners (LPs) told King-Shaw that they would not be able to meet their obligations (totaling around $5 million). Rather than cutting the fund size or asking other LPs to cover the shortfall, King-Shaw assumed the obligations himself ― via a personal holding company called Mansa Equity (yes, the name similarities become key). This transfer was disclosed to LPs via footnotes in annual reports, according to King-Shaw. As the fund progressed, King-Shaw found takers for around half of the extra obligation. But that still left him on the hook for around $2.5 million plus the GP commit. And, by his own admission, he and Torres were often late with their portion of capital calls. By Q3 of last year, a Chicago fund-of-funds managing New York and Connecticut's money became concerned that there was a shortfall. King-Shaw, who had planned to raise a second Mansa Capital fund, scrambled to find investors to fill the remaining $2.5 million. He ultimat...
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5 Signs Youre Ready For An Indirect Channel Strategy

May 25 9:30am OpenView Labs
One of the most popular questions I am asked is, “How do I know when my business is ready for the channel?” No doubt, adopting an indirect channel strategy is a big step for any company. There are many things to think about and consider before you move in that direction. How do you know… The post 5 Signs You’re Ready For An Indirect Channel Strategy appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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This NYC Startup Just Raised $150K to Do This With Breast Milk

May 25 9:27am Startups – AlleyWatch
Any new mother knows how important it is for their child to have breast milk. While the health benefits of breast milk are very clear, modern motherhood doesn’t always allow the time to provide it. If you feel this struggle then BBy is for you. BBy’s marketplace connects nursing mothers with new parents to buy and sell breast milk that is safe and healthy. The company serves mothers that have a difficult time producing milk, mothers who need the convenience as well as the LGBTQ community. With the approval of doctors and flat rate pricing, this is a viable modern option...
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Optimize Sales Ops by Integrating Data-Driven Tools

May 25 9:00am Blog – Mattermark
Sales reps used to spend endless hours inputting information into CRM systems to arm their team with insights to reach out to prospects and current customers — and some still… Read Full Article The post Optimize Sales Ops by Integrating Data-Driven Tools appeared first on Mattermark.
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Last Chance to Save on New York Biotech Seizes the Momentum

May 25 8:16am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Join Xconomy next Wednesday, May 31, at “New York Biotech Seizes the Momentum” for an afternoon of unique, candid, and interactive chats to discuss the steps being taken by a variety of key figures to change the state’s biotech identity. Don’t wait to register—our Procrastinator’s Special ends next week and it’s your last chance to […]...
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Top 5 Ways You Can Make Your Small Business More Efficient Right Now

May 25 8:06am AllTopStartups
As a small business owner, one of your primary goals must be to make your business more productive. But if you’re currently at a loss for ways on how you can boost efficiency in your business, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top five ways you can make your small business more […]...
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Changing landscape of entrepreneurs

May 25 8:04am Gotham Gal
College graduates today will be more entrepreneurial than ones of the past.  The opportunities are broader than ever before, the ability to start your own company is easier, the variety of jobs where you can make enough cash while figuring out what you are really interested in on a daily basis is available and people […]...
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What Companies Need to Know About GDPR in the EU

May 25 7:38am AllTopStartups
Companies that work across international boundaries have to educate themselves about local customs, business practices, and legal climates. For U.S. businesses working in the European Union, that includes understanding the EU’s much more stringent privacy regulations. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know. What Is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation, or […]...
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Who Gets What When

May 25 6:59am Points and Figures
I read this book and reviewed it a couple of summers ago. It’s a great book and a must read for anyone. I thought I would post this video of Professor Roth talking about his ideas while I was on …...
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Getting Struck Twice: Acquisitions & Spinouts In Biotech

May 25 6:56am LifeSciVC
Lightning can definitely strike the same place twice, or so it seems in biotech. The latest example is True North Therapeutics’ recent acquisition by Bioverativ for its program addressing cold agglutinin disease, a type of rare autoimmune hemolytic anemia: it The post Getting Struck Twice: Acquisitions & Spinouts In Biotech appeared first on LifeSciVC.        Related StoriesDelinia Delivers An Exciting Autoimmune Therapy To CelgenePotential Breakthrough Option For Parkinson’s: LTI Partners With AllerganHitting The Milestones: Update On Earning “Biobucks” ...
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[Zebra in Business Insider] The 25 coolest tech companies in Israel

May 25 6:43am OurCrowd
Founded in 2014 and backed by the likes of Salesforce billionaire Marc Benioff with $20 million (£16 million), this Tel Aviv-based company says it has taught an algorithm to identify early signs of breast cancer with the help of thousands of previous mammograms. That constantly improving algorithm — trained using a technique known as machine […] The post [Zebra in Business Insider] The 25 coolest tech companies in Israel appeared first on OurCrowd.
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