To avoid auto-renewal of contract, customer needs to cancel 60 days prior, but customer cancels only 30 days prior. How do I handle this situation?

Mar 25 12:37am SaaStr
Let it go and Move On. At a practical level, it is incredibly difficult to enforce the contract, even with a collections firm. Collection firms don’t try very hard, and the threats they make on these type of contracts don’t scare too many companies. At a business level, you screwed up. You lost the customer....
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What is it like to attend YC Demo Day as an investor?

Mar 25 12:36am SaaStr
It’s pretty fun, and it’s also exhausting. What is fun: All the founders are super smart and passionate. The diversity of ideas and backgrounds in founders. It’s really the most amazing event to learn about new things. Schmoozing with other investors. It’s like a college reunion. Maybe high school. It’s a lot of companies and...
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Failing early on the journey can be a great teacher for entrepreneurs

Mar 24 11:26pm
Failure is the stepping stone to success which is why all entrepreneurs need to fail at least once to learn the crucial aspects of the business.
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Y Combinator Demo Day Winter 2017

Mar 24 8:24pm A Silicon Valley Insider
(B) This week at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Y Combinator has its Winter 2017 Demo Day. As always, TechCrunch has a good coverage of the event: The 51 startups that launched at Y Combinator Winter ’16 Demo Day 2 The 52 startups that at Y Combinator Winter 2016 Demo Day 1Note: The picture above is from Y Combinator.Copyright © 2005-2017 by Serge-Paul Carrasco. All rights reserved.Contact Us: asvinsider at gmail dot com.
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Blockchain and Food Safety

Mar 24 6:34pm Matthew Roszak
Did you know that blockchain technology is being used in food safety measures across the globe?  A platform was developed after a horse meat scandal and its goal is to transmit information to food suppliers quicker and more accurately to boost consumer confidence in products.  Learn more about this in the article from Bitcoin Magazine […]...
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Arrowhead, Research Cuts, JCI, & More: This Weeks WI Watchlist

Mar 24 5:01pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Catch up on news from Wisconsin’s innovation community with these recent headlines: —Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Pasadena, CA, but houses its research and development operations in Madison, entered into a stockholder rights agreement. This type of agreement, known colloquially as a “poison pill,” is typically aimed at protecting a company’s shareholders in the […]...
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4 reasons healthcare reform failure threatens tax reform

Mar 24 4:14pm danprimack
Stocks rebounded in late trading on Friday, after news that President Trump's healthcare bill wouldn't even get a House vote. Traders apparently believe this will accelerate tax reform, since D.C. won't be bogged down by a Senate fight over healthcare that would send it back to the House, rinse and repeat. But here are five reasons why the healthcare failure could spell trouble for tax reform: We now know that Congressional Republicans are willing to buck Trump and leadership on big-ticket legislative items. Republicans will need to keep working on healthcare reform, even though Trump says that he's done with it. They've campaigned for years on killing Obamacare, and can't head into the mid-terms without giving it another go. Particularly when they keep insisting that the current scheme is collapsing? CBO said that the Republican healthcare bill would shrink long-term budget deficits by hundreds of billions of dollars. Without it, filling the tax revenue hole becomes harder. Sean Spicer today said repeatedly that Trump had talked to everyone and listened to all ideas, which reflects zero consideration of Congressional Democrats. If such sentiment persists ― it just raises the degree of difficulty for tax reform, particularly if the White House doesn't change its position on keeping corporate tax reform tied to personal tax reform.
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Ex-military leaders launch venture capital firm

Mar 24 2:23pm danprimack
Plowshares Ventures has launched as an Israel-based, but globally-focused, VC firm focused on the intersection of the defense and commercial sectors, according to confidential documents obtained by Axios. The firm's three managing partners are: Benny Gantz, former chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces Moshe Mor, formerly with Greylock Partners Moti Shniberg, founder of (acquired by Facebook) The group also has several senior advisors, including former U.S. Marine Corps General John Allen and Lord David Richards (former chief of staff of British Armed Forces).
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Placester Gets $50M from NEA to Expand Real Estate Software Tools

Mar 24 2:00pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Investors are doubling down on Placester. On Friday, the fast-growing real estate software company announced a $50 million equity funding round from previous investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA). The Series D round brings Boston-based Placester’s total venture capital haul to $100 million. That makes the company one of the biggest venture-backed technology bets in New […]...
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Infotec 2017: Featured startup community leaders

Mar 24 1:58pm Silicon Prairie News
Infotec, the Silicon Prairie’s annual business tech community gathering, is right around the corner on Tuesday, March 28. Infotec merges the best of big tech conferences with the feel of small networking events and creates an exciting experience centered around technology, business and innovation. Infotec’s breakout sessions, keynotes, workshops and networking opportunities provide both seasoned... Read More The post Infotec 2017: Featured startup community leaders appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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Why I Invest

Mar 24 1:54pm Schlaf's Notes
Last Friday night after a long week, I decided to go for a long run and listen to a Buddhist lecture on the true nature of existence and the self. About ten minutes into the run, I started to contemplate why I have chosen various paths in life such as becoming a venture investor. Since I have decided to make this my life’s work, I began to examine what really drove this long-term decision and whether I was being honest with myself. As soon as I returned home and showered, I opened up my computer and published the following tweet:Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt was the first to reply and suggested that I expand this tweet into a blog post and provide commentary and context on each one. I hadn’t considered writing a post, but ultimately decided it would be enlightening and cathartic to dive into each reason and expose myself.Below is an expanded view into all the reasons that I have chosen VC as a career. I’ve also tried to be honest about what drives me. While this list captures how I feel today, I’m sure it will evolve over time as I learn more about myself and my worldview changes.Challenging: I’ve learned that it’s really damn hard to be a great venture investor. One needs to be conversant in many disciplines and have a variety of skills: networking, negotiating, spotting trends, reading founders, understanding psychology, maintaining conviction in the face of opposition, providing advice, analyzing markets, supporting my founders and partners, etc. Additionally, venture is incredibly dynamic because the world is always changing. There are many variables are outside of my control that need to swing in my favor in order to be successful. The only thing I really have control over is my investment decisions. If I’m honest with myself, the difficult nature of this business fuels my engine because I’m afraid of failure.Competitive: Somewhat related to my first point, venture is insanely competitive. In fact, one could make an argument that our business is more competitive today than ever before. Billions of dollars have flowed into the asset class over the last five years. There are now hundreds of early-stage firms and accelerators all over the country looking to invest in the next great company. Dozens of firms are building insanely talented teams, value-creating platforms and deep networks that span geographies and sectors. I was taught at a youn...
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Seattle Week in Review: Mech Bezos, Bay Area Capital, Family Leave

Mar 24 1:53pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Spring will get here eventually, and it will be more glorious for the wait. In the meantime, we’re looking back on a relatively quiet week in local tech, including: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in the pilot seat of a giant robot; PitchBook data on investments in Seattle by Bay Area-based venture capitalists; a new Seattle proposal […]...
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Understanding Network Effect Strength

Mar 24 1:50pm A Crowded Space
Thanks to Harry Stebbings for guilting me into writing more blog posts. I spent Monday at YC’s demo day.  I saw tons of rapid fire pitches.  In the majority of them, a founder claimed strong “Network Effects.”Everyone likes to talk about network effects because they sound so enticing.  If a founder can convince investors of network effects, then investors may think they’re buying into a strong company with strong defensibility.  The presentation looks something like this: The reality is that network effects do exist in many startups, but the strength of those network effects varies greatly depending on the business. I started thinking about a mental model on how to gauge the relative strength of network effects. Network effects can be gained by:* Increased users on demand side* Increased users on supply side* Increased data* Increased connections between usersThe increase in users or data or connections plays out by adding value to the user experience in either: * Reduced cost * Increased liquidity * Decreased turnaround time * Increased quality My suggestion is to draw a chart.  How does the network effect play out in reality?   You don’t even need a ton of data on this, it’s mostly just common sense. Let’s look at an example.  Let’s imagine a marketplace for virtual assistants and just think about how quality might be affected by market penetration.  As the business grows from no users to a healthy number, the quality would very likely increase as ratings, feedback, reviews, and breadth of network allow buyers to easily find high quality assistants.  However, do you really think quality would keep scaling indefinitely if you went from 100,000 assistants to 200,000 assistants?  I’d guess it’s much more likely to level off (and in some cases even go down).  It looks something like this:  The network effect strength is measured by how long the quality, cost, and liquidity keep improving with market penetration.  If the cost levels off after just 2\% market penetration, there’s just not a strong network effect.  If it keeps increasing all the way to 100\% – then it’s extremely strong.  Similarly, in our virtual assistant example – the cost will not keep dropping as network size increases because there is a minimum wage.  However, if the marketplace can use data, network density, AI, or proprietary tools to...
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KCSourceLink releases fourth annual We Create KC report

Mar 24 1:05pm Silicon Prairie News
On Friday, KCSourceLink released their fourth annual We Create KC report on the state of Kansas City entrepreneurship. Since 2013, We Create KC has been a useful report in tracking Kansas City’s progress in the region’s mission to nurture entrepreneurship and economic growth. KCSourceLink is a network of over 240 business-building resources that in 2016... Read More The post KCSourceLink releases fourth annual We Create KC report appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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The Work Habits of Millennials

Mar 24 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
The following is a guest post by Market Inspector, a B2B digital marketplace that offers the opportunity to compare quotes and offers from quality suppliers. You can follow their blog here. The Work Habits of Millennials The millennial generation, which comprises of majority of the workforce today, is changing the workplace dynamics. They don’t believe in the… The post The Work Habits of Millennials appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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Enhance Your Ed-Tech Startup With a Vacation

Mar 24 12:50pm The Startup Blog – Market Brief
When entrepreneurs take a break, it can boost ed-tech innovation. The post Enhance Your Ed-Tech Startup With a Vacation appeared first on Market Brief.
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Michigan Might Hold Lessons for Improving Wisconsins VC Climate

Mar 24 12:42pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Wisconsin and Michigan share a border, but there’s a significant gap between the two states in the amount of money investors are putting into startups based there each year. Following the recent decision to reboot the Wisconsin Venture Capital Association, which happened in part because a Madison, WI-based VC firm has a satellite office in […]...
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This NYC Startup Raised $11.2M To Make Health Care Data Accessible

Mar 24 12:27pm Startups – AlleyWatch
If you are concerned about the future of healthcare in America you are not alone. There’s been a large push towards value-based healthcare, where costs are defined by outcomes. Aetion is the solution that’s at the forefront of this movement. The healthtech startup leverages research, data, and analytics to support a value-based health care system.  Founded by two Harvard Medical School faculty member, Aetion is looking to redefine the paradigm for the healthcare industry. AlleyWatch chatted with cofounder Jeremy Rassen about the startup, the state of healthcare and the company’s funding round. Who were your investors and how much did you raise? We had...
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Kindred Spirits Our Investment In Founder Collective

Mar 24 12:06pm Feld Thoughts
Foundry Group is best known for our investments in startups, but our vehicle currently investing in other venture funds, Foundry Group Next, is off to what we believe to be a great start and I wanted to share an update about it by talking about our new investment in a fund managed by Founder Collective.... Read more The post Kindred Spirits – Our Investment In Founder Collective appeared first on Feld Thoughts.
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5 Startup Tips To Avoid

Mar 24 12:02pm AllTopStartups
Let’s face it; whenever people think about starting a new business, the first thing they do is turn to the Internet for research and advice. Doing a quick Google search will usually return thousands of “how to” guides along with pages of tips for newbie entrepreneurs to follow. While the majority of those online tutorials […]...
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SaaStr expands to NYC, heres why.

Mar 24 11:19am SaaStr
I’m excited to announce I have joined the SaaStr Fund as a Venture Partner in NYC.  To introduce myself, I spent 5 years in operating roles in BD/Sales/Marketing at two different startups, including some time at Box in it’s very early days. Over the last few years, I have been an investor and advisor to...
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SaaStr Podcast #106: Alex Rosen, Managing Director @ IDG Ventures On Why Early Stage SaaS Metrics Dont Matter

Mar 24 11:18am SaaStr
Welcome to Episode 106! Alex Rosen is a Managing Director with IDG Ventures where he focuses on investments in cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications, ad tech, and consumer marketplaces. Alex currently serves as board director at Chubbies, Krux, MindMeld, Minted, Smartling, Tempered Networks, and Uplift. He also led IDG Ventures’ investments in multiple companies including Appboy, Datanyze, Indiegogo, Nuzzel, The League, and many more incredible companies....
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That First Marketing Run

Mar 24 10:23am AllTopStartups
So your startup is still a fledgling, and you want to make sure it stays afloat in the risky and all important first year of business, to do this, you have decided to do some marketing to ensure your products, or indeed services you offer are widely noticed and seen by other potential customers and […]...
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Fixing Government

Mar 24 10:12am Gotham Gal
We have had more than a few conversations about this at the dining room table over the past year.  The Trump budget is destructive to many of the fundamentals of our culture but how do we keep those programs that are so important and have a healthy balance sheet?  Non-profits can have healthy balance sheets […]...
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Are We Predicting Employee Job Performance in The Right Way?

Mar 24 9:57am AllTopStartups
Measuring and predicting employee job performance can be as scientific as you wish. There’s a plethora of tools and goal measurements that are available to make the job easier in terms of pure data and information, but that often doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, such applications might fail to take into account a […]...
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Takeaways from Steve Mnuchin's Axios interview

Mar 24 9:44am danprimack
Greetings from Washington, D.C., where my Axios colleague Mike Allen just finished up an on-stage interview with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Takeaways: Carry: Carried interest tax treatment will be changed in the White House tax plan, at least for hedge funds When it comes to other asset classes, including real estate, no promises were made. Mnuchin vs. Trump rhetoric: The Treasury Sec declined to commit to the 15\% corporate tax rate that Trump preached on the campaign trail. He also talked about 3\%-3.5\% GDP growth, versus Trump's talk of 4\%. Techmeme weeps: Mnuchin breezily dismissed the notion that AI and machine learning will soon replace wide swaths of workers, saying that it's not even on our radar screen because it's an issue that is 50 or 100 years away. Trade : So long as we can renegotiate deals that are good for us, we won't be protectionist. Otherwise we will. Taxes: Tax reform is a lot simpler than healthcare reform. He still plans to get it done by the August recess, and it will be comprehensive (i.e., not breaking it up into more passable pieces). As for going after healthcare, Mnuchin says the past two months of planning were necessary. We would not have been ready to go a month ago on tax reform and now we are. BAT: Mnuchin punted when asked to make the pro-BAT argument to a Wal-Mart shopper, but did say that he doesn't expect to introduce it as is. Silicon Valley: I don't understand these valuations. Movie producer hat: Hollywood could learn a lot more from D.C. than D.C. could learn from Hollywood. Worries: Mnuchin says that cybersecurity is his biggest in-house focus, and that his meetings with foreign leaders have dealt heavily with issues like money laundering and other illicit activities. Debt limit: We need to raise the debt limit and that's something we're going to do. Bottom line: I am a bull. Buy American. ...
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How Long Can a Startup Survive Without a CFO? (#longread)

Mar 24 9:40am Silicon Canals
The value of a CFO for a young company is a hotly contested topic. Many argue that they are unnecessary add-ons and that a small, savvy, well-trained financial team can satisfy the business’s needs. On the other hand, CFO’s bring a deeper and more strategic financial perspective that can help companies prepare for the future […] The post How Long Can a Startup Survive Without a CFO? (#longread) appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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4 Ways to Take Your Startup From The Basement to The Office

Mar 24 9:39am AllTopStartups
Almost all big businesses come from humble origins. Steve Jobs started Apple out of his garage; Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his dorm room; Nick Woodman built the first GoPro in his mom’s basement. The list goes on. However, as these startups evolved to legitimate businesses, they moved out of the basement and into the […]...
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HostingBNB Delivers The Goods For Airbnb Hosts Who Want To Provide The Best Experiences

Mar 24 9:30am KillerStartups
Hosting BNB sends Airbnb and short-term rental hosts monthly packs of toiletries and comfort items so they can provide their guests a great stay more easily. The post HostingBNB Delivers The Goods For Airbnb Hosts Who Want To Provide The Best Experiences appeared first on KillerStartups.
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Rebooted and Refocused, Startup Cool Planet Eyes the Soil Market

Mar 24 8:59am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
When Cool Planet found a lukewarm market for its renewable fuel, the startup needed to change course. Now focused on agriculture, Greenwood, CO-based Cool Planet is aiming for the market again—this time with a soils supplement backed by $19.3 million in new capital. The Series A round was led by Agustín Coppel, a member of […]...
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Kauffman honoree examines impact of accelerators on an ecosystem

Mar 24 8:49am Silicon Prairie News
To help foster connection and collaboration across the Silicon Prairie, SPN will be cross-syndicating news stories from other cities and startup communities. This article was originally published on Startland News. By: Meghan LeVota, reporter Over the years, Kansas City has found itself home to several business accelerator programs. From BetaBlox to the Sprint Accelerator, these... Read More The post Kauffman honoree examines impact of accelerators on an ecosystem appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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The Argument for Commission-less Sales: Reinventing Incentive Structures

Mar 24 8:46am OpenView Labs
Editor’s Note: You can learn more about Quorum’s approach in an exclusive interview with their co-founder here: When & Why it Makes Sense to Deliver a Minimum Sellable Product, Not a Minimum Viable Product Politics broadly, but certainly the legislative process, has been left behind by a lot of the technological innovation happening elsewhere in… The post The Argument for Commission-less Sales: Reinventing Incentive Structures appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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Voice Over Trading

Mar 24 8:37am Points and Figures
I learned how to trade in the open outcry era.  We used our voices.  The people that were the most aggressive won.  Sometimes it meant having a big body.  In certain pits, traders were pretty beefy.  I remember slamming my …...
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A Trump conservative agenda that make sense

Mar 24 8:29am Martin Varsavsky | English
I consider myself progressive and liberal. But if I try to put myself in the role of a Republican president here are a list of smart conservative agenda moves that I would consider. To me this list would do much better for Trump than depriving people from health care access, attacking free trade agreements, disrupting […]...
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Five Questions For Seremedi CEO, Ex-Microsoft Executive Kim Bond Evans

Mar 24 8:09am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Houston—When Kim Bond Evans was 15, her father was dying. One particular piece of advice that he gave her stood out: Focus on what can be done, he advised, not on the naysayers, who may stand in the way. “When the front door closes, go through the back door,” Evans says he told her. “If […]...
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Government Just Gave Your ISP Even More Power: You Can Take it Back!

Mar 24 7:43am Continuations
Yesterday the Republican-controlled Senate voted to allow ISPs to sell customer data including browsing history without prior customer consent. I tweeted that in response it is “Time to tunnel all home traffic through a proxy.” First let me explain for a less technical reader what that means. At the moment your ISP can see every web request you make. They can’t see inside encrypted requests and much of the web is encrypted these days (https versus http). But they can see whether you are going to Netflix or to Hulu. So being able to sell this information is valuable. Hulu might want to target their advertising at households that don’t already use Hulu. If you establish an encrypted tunnel to a proxy first, then all your connections goes through that proxy and your ISP no longer knows anything about which sites or services you are accessing.Many people have objected to ISPs being able to do this with a privacy argument. As readers of this blog or my book “World After Capital” know, I think privacy is a red herring that is leading us down a path towards controlled computation. So on what grounds then am I objecting to this? Quite simple: this is a further abuse of monopoly power by broadband ISPs. I live on 22nd Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan and I have zero choice in broadband providers. My only available option is Spectrum, formerly known as Time Warner Cable. That’s it. Verizon Fios is not available on my block. And even if it were, the two have stopped competing meaningfully with each other.I already pay a lot of money for relatively poor bandwidth. As someone from Chattanooga pointed out they have a homegrown municipal ISP that provides them with 10GB.  I just ran Speedtest and got a measly 6.6 MBps downstream (and before you comment, yes, I have a fast router and switch setup and this is far below the speeds my wifi supports). So instead of allowing my monopoly provider to make even more money, I am looking for the opposite: better service at a lower price.There are two routes toward that end goal. In the long run we can and will have more competition in the local access market. This will happen as wireless technology improves and as some competitive offerings enter the market. At USV we have funded Pilot Fiber and bought a stake in Tucows (both deals led by my partner Brad). This will likely take decades though to play itsel...
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Bio Roundup: Trumpcare Wavers, Amgen Courts Payers, Critics Circle PTC

Mar 24 7:25am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Who knew healthcare could be so complicated? This week, President Trump and the GOP saw first hand, as a feverish rally to get their healthcare bill through the House of Representatives on Thursday stalled before a vote. Elsewhere in Washington DC, drug pricing continued to be a political football. Two well known congressional drug pricing […]...
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a16z Podcast: Eyes in the Sky

Mar 24 7:00am Andreessen Horowitz
In this episode of the a16z Podcast recorded at our inaugural Summit, Jonathan Downey, CEO of Airware, Grant Jordan, CEO of Skysafe, and Kyle Russell, partner at a16z, discuss our future with “eyes in the sky.” How do you balance …...
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Marketing to an International Audience? Dont Forget These Key Steps

Mar 24 6:40am AllTopStartups
While the total advertising market in the UK grew by 7.5\% at the end of 2015, it remains clear that mobile and digital marketing techniques are the key drives of this increase. During the same period, for example, the amount spent on mobile marketing increased by 61\%, while print mediums such as national newspapers lost […]...
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VC Blumberg Betting On Automation in Data Security

Mar 24 6:00am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
David Blumberg helped pioneering firewall company Check Point Software Technologies during its early days as a business in the 1990’s, and he has been observing the development of the cybersecurity industry as an investor since that time. His take on data security today, after more than 25 years? “The state of security is abysmal,” Blumberg […]...
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Swiss VC invests in Brussels based fintech startup The Glue

Mar 24 4:30am Blog (RSS)
The Glue, the Brussels based fintech provider that was initiated by Jurgen Ingels, Wim De Waele and Stefan Dierckx, closed a capital increase of 5 million euro led by Swiss and Silicon Valley based Polytech Ecosystem Ventures.
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What should B2B SaaS companies do to ensure the success of their customers and reduce churn?

Mar 24 1:33am SaaStr
I know this sounds overly simple, but the answer is: Measure it. Set goals to improve it. Pay people to improve it. Too many start-ups don’t even know their CSAT and NPS. Too many start-ups don’t even visit their customers in person. Too many start-ups don’t know why their customers churned. Too many start-ups don’t...
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What attracted you to automile?

Mar 24 1:28am SaaStr
Every investor takes different types of risks. Risks I won’t take: CEO that isn’t great & going for it. CEO that isn’t better than me. CEO I wouldn’t work for. Great founder, but she isn’t the CEO. Product-market fit risk. I won’t invest unless you have at least 10 Unaffiliated Customers. A space where getting...
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If you were in your twenties again, what would you focus on given the evolving trends in SaaS?

Mar 24 1:18am SaaStr
I wish I had that crystal ball, but a few higher-level learnings: We are still very, very early in mobile enterprise. B2B is 3–5 years behind B2C. Maybe even more in mobile. Many business processes that are field / mobile are still done on paper or in very, very simple apps. Most of the big,...
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How far in the SaaS game can a 10 or 20 people team go?

Mar 24 1:16am SaaStr
If you are sales-driven, you’ll usually stall out at $1.5m-$2m in ARR or so if you don’t start growing the team to the next level, The First 50. There’s just physics here to get to $10m in ARR: After $1.5m or so at the very latest, you’ll need to start hiring dedicated customer success professionals....
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University of Queensland opens UQ Idea Hub to support student innovation

Mar 23 11:29pm Startup Daily
The University of Queensland has this week opened its Idea Hub, a coworking space designed to help entrepreneurial students grow their early-stage ideas. Related posts: Gold Coast’s Bond University opens coworking space The Hub for startups and student entrepreneurs Blue Sky founder Mark Sowerby appointed Advance Queensland’s first Chief Entrepreneur Queensland Government invests further $225 million in Advance Queensland innovation agenda...
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Brisbane startup Outfit is a brand automation and marketing production platform

Mar 23 11:04pm Startup Daily
The most time-consuming and frustrating tasks often revolve around branding guidelines, ensuring designs and documents are sized a certain way and use a particular logo. Related posts: Brisbane startup Winja is a social platform helping businesses receive and resolve consumer complaints Brisbane startup Pixmoto is set to crack the US market with its shoppable video platform The paradigm of marketing is changing and CompeteShark is the platform at the forefront...
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Scooter Tutor is an online platform connecting parents to qualified tutors

Mar 23 9:18pm Startup Daily
Tutor Scooter is an online platform allowing parents to find and book qualified tutors across a range of grades and subjects. Related posts: Skytutor cuts out the agency middlemen by connecting students with tutors directly Startup TutorBee breaks down barriers in education Yume is an ecommerce platform connecting surplus food to businesses and charities...
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Mattermark Daily Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Mar 23 8:47pm Blog – Mattermark
Insights From A YC Alum On How To Prepare For The Y Combinator Interview When Danielle Morrill applied to Y Combinator with Referly (YC S12), she prepped with a dozen … Read More The post Mattermark Daily – Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 appeared first on Mattermark.
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Refugee entrepreneurs can provide significant economic benefits to Australia, report finds

Mar 23 8:35pm Startup Daily
A report examining the existing and potential contribution of refugee entrepreneurs to the nation’s economy and society has found refugee entrepreneurs can provide significant economic benefits. Related posts: Sydney Techfugees hackathon responds with tech to current refugee crisis Australia must encourage girls into STEM at school to develop its future workforce, report finds International social startup competition the Hult Prize announces focus on refugee crisis...
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As Travel Ban Looms, Remitly Helps Immigrants Send Money, Share Stories

Mar 23 6:44pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
In the face of stepped-up immigration enforcement and ongoing legal battles over the Trump administration’s attempts to ban travelers from several majority Muslim nations, many businesses are taking stronger public positions in support of immigrants. The tech industry, with many immigrants in its ranks, has been among the most vocal, providing both rhetorical and legal […]...
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Insights From A YC Alum On How To Prepare For The Y Combinator Interview

Mar 23 4:46pm Blog – Mattermark
Companies currently interviewing for Y Combinator have taken the Internet’s advice to reach out to alumni to practice before they present, but unfortunately we don’t scale very well. When I … Read More The post Insights From A YC Alum On How To Prepare For The Y Combinator Interview appeared first on Mattermark.
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Cable operator WOW files for IPO

Mar 23 3:54pm danprimack
WideOpenWest, the country's sixth-largest cable operator, on Thursday filed for an IPO . The filing has a $100 million target raise, but that's most likely a placeholder figure. UBS and Credit Suisse are serving as underwriters. Financials: WOW reports $26.3 million of earnings for 2016, compared to net losses in both 2014 and 2015. Its 2016 revenue was around $1.24 billion, up slightly from $1.22 billion the year earlier. Backers: Crestview Partners acquired a significant stake in WOW back in 2015 from fellow private equity firm Avista Capital Partners, and both remain listed in the company cap table (no specific ownership stakes were listed).
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Trumpcare problems could hit tax reform and stocks

Mar 23 3:30pm danprimack
A big part of the Trump rally in stocks has been a consensus belief that corporate tax reform of some sort will occur in 2017. Now that belief is being severely tested. The problem: Trump and Congressional Republicans put healthcare ahead of taxes, because doing the latter without a baseline from the former is mathematically nonsensical. Healthcare, however, is proving far more difficult to get done than the GOP expected, judging by the postponement of Thursday's planned House vote. Every day (or week) that passes without healthcare getting done is another day (or week) that tax reform has to wait, and Congress isn't actually in session all that often. The calendar is tyrannical. The (bigger) problem: If Republicans can't agree on healthcare reform, it isn't entirely clear that taxes will be much easier. Even within the White House there is a major split over the proposed border adjustment tax, and that doesn't even address Trump's plans for a 15\% corporate tax rate that could give deficit hawks a minor aneurysm. The White House calls Trump the closer, but his struggles in the ninth on healthcare could raise new questions about his ability to deliver on tax promises. And tax reform is the air that a lot of current stock prices are floating upon.
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Big Omaha announces speaker Mitch Lowe

Mar 23 1:39pm Silicon Prairie News
Big Omaha features speakers from across the globe who bring a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to the Silicon Prairie. As Big Omaha announces their speakers, we’ll be featuring them on SPN so you can get to know them and find out how they’re helping to shape the startup ecosystem prior to the conference... Read More The post Big Omaha announces speaker Mitch Lowe appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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SEO Strategy Why Your Business Needs It

Mar 23 1:18pm The Startup Magazine
Technology has revolutionised every part of our lives, from the way we eat and shop, to how we socialise, date The post SEO Strategy – Why Your Business Needs It appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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How Does the Salesforce MBA Stack Up?

Mar 23 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
The following is a guest post by Gregg Johnson. Gregg is the CEO of Invoca, a call center intelligence service. He is a seasoned digital marketing and SaaS leader, with over fifteen years of extensive experience bringing products to market in emerging categories, leading large teams, and working with the world’s best enterprise brands. Most recently,… The post How Does the “Salesforce MBA” Stack Up? appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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The Six Steps To Startup Success

Mar 23 12:46pm AllTopStartups
It takes some entrepreneurial spirit and determination to build a startup from scratch, but success in business depends on far more than hard work and passion. There needs to be a strong brand and a strong service in order to pull in customers and finally achieve a breakthrough which puts you on the level of […]...
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