Save Time And Money: The Complete DIY Guide to Business Growth

Mar 17 12:07pm AllTopStartups
These days, there’s a lot of talk about outsourcing. If you outsource, you can cut costs and save time in your company, so they say. But does it really work that way? Many business owners find that in fact outsourcing costs just as much as hiring a team of staff, specifically for specialized roles. There’s […]...
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MuleSoft CEO talks IPO, immigration and more.

Mar 17 12:06pm danprimack
MuleSoft, a San Francisco-based SaaS integration company, last night priced the year's first big enterprise software IPO, raising $221 million. Shares are up sharply in their first day of trading on Friday, giving it a value well north of $3 billion. Axios spoke by phone with MuleSoft CEO Greg Schott, who touched on IPO timing, acquisitions, immigration policy and his message to company employees about following the stock price. On why the 11 year-old company is going public now: For a growing company like this, investors are most focused on what you're able to do with your free cash flow. We'd managed to take negative cash flow down to negative 4\%, on the verge of break-even, while continuing to grow the business at 70\% per year, which helped us feel that we were good and ready.... The biggest driver of going public, in general, is that we sell mission-critical software to large-scale organizations and we felt that being a public company would give them more confidence to buy from us. On its professional services segment having negative margins: We run professional services as a way to get our companies successful on our products, but we're not waking up each morning looking at how we maximize margins on services. Instead, we use services as a core driver for the software subscription business. On possible acquisitions: Schott says that the company is particularly interested in small fold-in purchases of security and analytics companies, since MuleSoft has visibility into the flow of information in every part of an organization that it could build on top of. It also is interested in acqui-hires of strong engineering talent. On immigration policy, given that a large number of MuleSoft employees work outside the U.S.: The free flow of talent across borders is important to business, to capitalism and is a big driver of the American tech market. Anything that impedes that flow is not positive. We and others are going to find ways to work through it, but it obviously is not helpful. Message to employees about the IPO: We've been telling the team that our mission is to go build a great company for the long-term. The stock is going to move around from day-to-day and month-to-month, and we've...
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Manufacturing Software Deep Dive Manufacturing Software Interview With Jon Sobel

Mar 17 12:00pm Bowery Capital
We at Bowery Capital released the 2016 edition of Opportunities In Vertical Software in November, which laid out our point of view on ten specific verticals and the potential for various software solutions to dominate each of these ten verticals in the coming years. For ten weeks, we have... The post Manufacturing Software Deep Dive – Manufacturing Software Interview With Jon Sobel appeared first on Bowery Capital.
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Waste Not, Want Not: Entrepreneurs Who Are Turning Waste Into Cash

Mar 17 11:47am AllTopStartups
Mother Earth: she cares for us and provides us with everything that we have. Nobody could own a business without the natural bounty all around them. But after many years on the take, some entrepreneurs are looking for ways to give back to nature, building viable businesses in the process. How? – you might ask. […]...
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This Week At The CSS: March 17, 2017

Mar 17 11:19am SaaStr
Ever wanted to know what’s going on here at our CoSelling Space? Then don’t  miss this new weekly series of upcoming events, CSS Member features, and a recap from the week. What Happened This Week: We hosted Engagio for their amazing Women in Revenue Event. They assembled heavy hitters to share their best take-aways and...
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SaaStr Podcast #104: Michael Pryor, Co-Founder & CEO @ Trello Shares The 3 Key Elements That Make a Great CEO

Mar 17 11:18am SaaStr
  Welcome Episode 104! Michael Pryor is Co-Founder & CEO of Trello, now Head of Product with Trello at Atlassian following their recent acquisition. For those that do not know, Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Prior to the acquisition they raised from some of the best in the business including the likes of Spark Capital, Index Ventures and Box Group....
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Entrepreneurs Need Funding: Winning Grants, Competitions, Proposals

Mar 17 11:14am The Startup Blog – Market Brief
There are lots of ways to get funding for your startup idea or product. Don't miss out. The post Entrepreneurs Need Funding: Winning Grants, Competitions, Proposals appeared first on Market Brief.
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Why Microsoft waited on adding Reid Hoffman to board

Mar 17 10:45am danprimack
Microsoft earlier this week said that Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and a partner with VC firm Greylock, would be joining its board of directors. This move had been widely expected ever since Microsoft originally agreed to buy LinkedIn for $26 billion, but it wasn't actually part of the deal negotiations. Here is Hoffman's explanation to Axios, via email: Simple legal issues around good governance, due process, etc. Easiest simply to consider after the deal closed, and to have real discussions and deliberations. ...
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Alex Adams: A week with Paul Singh and the Results Junkies

Mar 17 10:10am Silicon Prairie News
Alex Adams is the founder and CEO of Rodeo Analytics, which provides riders in rodeo and equestrian sports with video analysis software to improve their performance, and a graduate of the University of Nebraska. He is guest posting for SPN. By Alex Adams Paul Singh and Dana Duncan at Results Junkies put together a weeklong set... Read More The post Alex Adams: A week with Paul Singh and the Results Junkies appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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Introducing The Drift Brand Book: A Guide to Building Your Brand Guidelines

Mar 17 9:45am OpenView Labs
Editor’s Note: The following is a look at the brand guidelines for startup Drift. While their Brand Book is specific to their company, you can use this template to create your own guidelines.  I hear businesses talk about branding all the time. What’s the #1 common thread that I hear? “We need brand standards!” As… The post Introducing The Drift Brand Book: A Guide to Building Your Brand Guidelines appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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the importance of supporting the art and other institutions

Mar 17 9:30am Gotham Gal
The first glance of Trump’s budget is pure destruction on the multitude of humane organizations we support as taxpayers.  The organizations from Planned Parenthood to Meals on Wheels to the National Endowment of the Arts and there are more.  Its is not only disturbing but telling of the man who we call our President. Keep in […]...
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Keeping Your Customer Data Safe

Mar 17 9:09am AllTopStartups
The cybersecurity industry has been pretty sizable for some time, and it’s only forecast to grow in the future. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of high-profile victims of hacking and breaches, which have compromised a lot of customer data and tarnished the brand names involved. No entrepreneur wants their company to […]...
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Business startup calculator Find out how much you can borrow to startup today!

Mar 17 8:14am Blogs – Startup Direct
Every day hundreds of people come up with clever business ideas, but they are often held back by the lack of cash to fund their business. Often inspired entrepreneurs don’t have sufficient funds and they feel they lack of the required business acumen to launch a new business venture. The Startup Loans Scheme and Startup […]...
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The Blockchain Road Will Go Through Chicago

Mar 17 8:14am Points and Figures
Been sitting on this news for a bit.   One of the hardest things to sell in startup land is what Chicago is about.  I have had people look at me and wonder why they should have any money on …...
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Five Top Tips For Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Mar 17 8:12am The Startup Magazine
Over the course of the past half-decade, influencer marketing has become increasing popular. Use Google Trends to check the search The post Five Top Tips For Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Is Insurance Necessary for Every Business?

Mar 17 8:12am AllTopStartups
If you’re a business owner, depending on the type of business and industry you’re in, you’ll need several types of business insurance. You may feel like it may be too expensive to purchase, but business insurance for self-employed and professional businesses is a must. So many situations that are out of your control can befall […]...
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Decisions Every Startup Physicians Group Needs to Make

Mar 17 7:58am AllTopStartups
When starting a physicians group, there are a number of decisions which need to be made. In the beginning it may be a couple of doctors who have worked together in another office or a couple of physicians who studied at the same med school and did their degree in same or similar fields of […]...
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5 Online Tools to Improve Your New Business Website

Mar 17 7:44am AllTopStartups
It doesn’t matter what industry you are in when it comes to a new online business, if you don’t make the necessary investment to get things off the ground it’s unlikely your business will be a success. There are plenty of other things to consider besides the financial requirements. You will also need to be […]...
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[OurCrowd in Crowdfund Insider] Intel bought Mobileye for $15.3 Billion. OurCrowd believes three of their CarTech companies may be next for big success

Mar 17 3:26am OurCrowd
OurCrowd, a leading global equity crowdfunding platform also sees the future in autonomous driving technology and they highlight three of their portfolio companies: Engie, Argus, and VocalZoom. Engie is Waze founder Uri Levine’s company project, a car diagnostics app and mechanic marketplace, which is launching in the UK. Argus Cyber Security is an independent automotive […] The post [OurCrowd in Crowdfund Insider] Intel bought Mobileye for $15.3 Billion. OurCrowd believes three of their CarTech companies may be next for big success appeared first on OurCrowd.
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[OurCrowd in ABC News] Israeli tech firms revving up engines for self-driving cars

Mar 17 3:23am OurCrowd
“The deal confirms Israel’s global leadership position in autonomous driving technologies,” said Jon Medved, chief executive of OurCrowd, a venture firm with investments in the sector. “The deal will also increase attention and funding for the already burgeoning Israeli cohort of next generation autonomous driving technology startups.” Read more on ABC News here. The post [OurCrowd in ABC News] Israeli tech firms revving up engines for self-driving cars appeared first on OurCrowd.
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Applications open for $4 million grants program to grow creative-tech maker spaces across Australia

Mar 17 1:06am StartupSmart
Applications for a $4 million federal government grants program to instil creative, tech and entrepreneurial skills in young students around Australia have opened. The four-year Maker Projects grants scheme opened applications on Thursday to help schools and community groups establish dedicated maker spaces for students to gain practical skills in design, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. The post Applications open for $4 million grants program to grow creative-tech maker spaces across Australia appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Confession: I finally gave up on my startup after three years. It was the only thing I've ever wanted to do and I don't even have that anymore I just don't want to feel so worthless for the rest of my life

Mar 17 1:06am Startups Anonymous
The post I finally gave up on my startup after three years. It was the only thing I've ever wanted to do and I don't even have that anymore… I just don't want to feel so worthless for the rest of my life appeared first on Startups Anonymous.
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How do billionaire investors differ from ordinary investors?

Mar 17 12:54am SaaStr
As crazy as this sounds, in my very limited personal knowledge of billionaire investors and almost billionaires — there are two types: One type actually is quite conservative. They often keep 50\% or more in cash or very conservative investments. They sell their stock in their own companies regularly to diversify and minimize risk (quite...
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Myer creates Catwalk to Cart live shopping platform for parade attendees at Melbourne Fashion Festival

Mar 17 12:42am Startup Daily
RMyer has announced ‘Catwalk to Cart’, a new online platform offering a Tinder-like approach for guests attending the Myer runways to buy clothes. Related posts: Myer and eBay partner to launch virtual reality department store Fashion crowdfunding platform StageLabel introduces ‘Concepts’, bringing democracy to fashion StageLabel: Unique crowdfunding platform for fashion...
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GoPro chief Nick Woodman reveals where the company failed, as its share price drops to $US8.50

Mar 17 12:31am StartupSmart
As shares in US tech company GoPro continue to fall in value, the company’s chief executive has shared insights into why the brand’s time on the stock market has not been smooth sailing. In an interview with CNBC, GoPro chief executive Nick Woodman says the company failed to keep up with market trends. “Where we The post GoPro chief Nick Woodman reveals where the company “failed”, as its share price drops to $US8.50 appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Sydney startup Inamo draws global attention after helping Visa make pay-wave sunglasses

Mar 17 12:03am StartupSmart
A Sydney startup that is developing wearable payment technology has found itself at the centre of global attention after Visa asked it to collaborate in the development of pay-wave sunglasses. Inamo, a founding startup at Stone & Chalk, had just raised $1 million to launch a pay-and-go watch when Visa knocked on its door in The post Sydney startup Inamo draws global attention after helping Visa make pay-wave sunglasses appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Doing Defense the Silicon Valley Way Pays for Daylight Solutions

Mar 17 12:01am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Startups that develop advanced military technologies often never come to light. But San Diego’s Daylight Solutions has managed to openly thrive in two very different markets. The company has advanced its specialized solid-state laser technology for customers in both the defense industry and commercial sector. Paul Larson, who co-founded Daylight Solutions with CEO Tim Day […]...
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Perth app Nesters helps sellers actively work with real estate agents to market their property

Mar 16 11:28pm Startup Daily
Through Nesters, sellers take care of things like arranging viewings and answering buyer questions through the app, while agents chase leads and negotiate prices. Related posts: Sydney startup Followit helps real estate agents deliver real-time information to property watchers Real estate app iCommercial is a complete property package helping agents do business on the go ReValu8 is a member-only ‘Uber of real estate’ connecting property buyers and sellers transparently...
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Uncertainty Wednesday: PSA Test Example (Part 3)

Mar 16 9:56pm Continuations
OK, so technically it is Thursday but as it turns out I had kind of an epic day yesterday and so Uncertainty Wednesday is a day late (thus introducing some uncertainty about when you will get your next dose of Uncertainty Wednesday). Today I will continue with the PSA Test Example. Last time I had shown the probability of having cancer conditional on a positive test, which was P(B | H) = 0.017316.  We also saw that the reason this probability, while significantly higher than the unconditional probability P(B) = 0.0031, is so surprisingly low is the high rate of false positives. A false positive results when a person who does not have cancer has an elevated level of PSA.Now there are many other questions we can ask about the relationship between our signal (the PSA level which is high H or low L) and the state of the world (healthy A or cancer B). The most immediate one is to go the other direction. Suppose your test comes back negative, meaning the signal is L. What is the probability that you nonetheless have cancer (B)? So what we are looking for now is P(B | L), the probability of B conditional on L.Before doing the math, let’s try to develop some intuition. We know that the unconditional probability P(B) = 0.0031. We know that P(B | H) > P(B). What do we expect for P(B | L)?Well if our signal is useful, then we should expect P(B | L) < P(B). Let’s see if that’s indeed the case.Here is the math, plugging in the numbers from the original post and using the formula that expresses the likelihood of cancer *and* a low PSA P({BL}) as a percentage of all cases of low PSA P(L) (which in turn is the sum of all the elementary events in which the signal is L)P(B | L) = P({BL}) / P(L) = P({BL}) / [P({BL}) + P({AL})] = 0.001519 / (0.001519 + 0.907179) = 0.001519 / 0.908698 = 0.001672So what does this mean? Well, as expected P(B | L) is lower than the unconditional probability which was P(B) = 0.0031, but it isn’t massively lower. P(B | L) is roughly half of P(B). Again, doing the test provided us with additional information, meaning the signal is in fact useful, but it is far from certain. There is the potential for false negatives: the test is negative (low PSA, signal L) but the person does have cancer (state B).Next week we will work through all of this in a different way: we will use absolute numbers instead of probabilities. The math is e...
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Can businesses accept an employees resignation if it is given in the heat of the moment?

Mar 16 9:43pm StartupSmart
By Shane Koelmeyer We know people can say or do things they don’t mean when they’re under pressure, feeling stress or are angry. In rare incidences (often in the context of disciplinary meetings), an employee may indicate that they wish to resign, only to later try to withdraw their resignation or claim that they did not The post Can businesses accept an employee’s resignation if it is given in the heat of the moment? appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Highlights from Leadership Dinner w/ Mitchell Hashimoto

Mar 16 9:43pm Going Long
Last night, my colleagues Crystal Huang, Jen Holmstrom and I hosted Mitchell Hashimoto, founder of GGV portfolio company HashiCorp, for a leadership dinner along with several other founders and senior product executives in the software infrastructure space.  It was aRead More… The post Highlights from Leadership Dinner w/ Mitchell Hashimoto appeared first on Going Long.
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Fair Work Ombudsman releases app for employees to automatically track time spent at work

Mar 16 9:36pm StartupSmart
SME owners are being reminded about their obligations to keep complete and accurate records of the hours their staff work, after the Fair Work Ombudsman today released an app for employees to do their own record-keeping. The “Record My Hours” app allows employees to automatically track and record the amount of time they spend at The post Fair Work Ombudsman releases app for employees to automatically track time spent at work appeared first on StartupSmart.
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A word of advice from one of Australias busiest chief innovation officers: Deal with it

Mar 16 9:29pm StartupSmart
Form a plan, identify and manage the risks it involves, but don’t lie awake at night thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong. That’s the advice of Randall Brugeaud, who has a rather complex and high-pressure job as chief information officer of one of the Commonwealth’s most technology-reliant organisations, the Department of Immigration and The post A word of advice from one of Australia’s busiest chief innovation officers: “Deal with it” appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Angela Priestley: How I learnt to build an app in one day

Mar 16 9:19pm StartupSmart
There are few greater satisfactions in the world of tech than building an app. I know this because I did this last month when I joined a one day Decoded course on learning to code. The resulting app is proudly displayed on my iPhone. It still requires some work and I am, so far, the The post Angela Priestley: “How I learnt to build an app in one day” appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Psychology turns to online crowdsourcing to study the mind, but its not without its pitfalls

Mar 16 9:14pm StartupSmart
You may not know this, but a great deal of our data about the human mind is based on a relatively small but intensively studied population: first-year undergraduate university students. There has long been concern about the over-reliance on students as a source of data, particularly around lack of demographic diversity and limited sample sizes. The post Psychology turns to online crowdsourcing to study the mind, but it’s not without its pitfalls appeared first on StartupSmart.
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MuleSoft prices IPO above range

Mar 16 8:06pm danprimack
SaaS integration company MuleSoft tonight raised $221 million in its IPO, pricing shares at $17 a piece. That's a tick above the top of its proposed $14-$16 range, which itself was an increase from the company's original plans to price at between $12-$14 per share. Valuation: The IPO would give MuleSoft an initial market cap of around $2.14 billion, and a fully-diluted market value of nearly $2.9 billion. The San Francisco-based company was last valued by venture capitalists at around $1.5 billion, which means this is a unicorn that is easily keeping its horn. Why this matters: MuleSoft is the year's first major enterprise software IPO, and a strong performance could help encourage others to take the leap. There is no shortage of potential issuers, just of confidence.
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Government launches Maker Projects program to fund school and community maker spaces

Mar 16 7:34pm Startup Daily
Four million dollars will be put towards another government initiative to help push science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) learning in schools. Related posts: Amazon launches monthly subscription box for kids aimed at promoting STEM education Federal Government announces $8 million in funding for pre-school STEM programs Federal Government announces $22 million fund to support WA telecommunications projects...
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Were going home: StartupSmart to return to SmartCompany

Mar 16 6:23pm StartupSmart
StartupSmart first surfaced six years ago when its sister publication SmartCompany, the established authority on the Australian small business sector, identified a blooming niche for brand new businesses starting out. It very quickly emerged that interest and activity was growing around Australia’s tech startup scene, and since then StartupSmart has grown to become Australia’s most read The post We’re going home: StartupSmart to return to SmartCompany appeared first on StartupSmart.
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10 Tips For Securing A Small Business Loan

Mar 16 3:36pm New Startups
Getting finance when you are a small business or startup can be tough. Often it pays to engage a business finance broker, or mortgage broker, to help you through the process. Business brokers not only understand what it takes to get loans improved, but can also take the hassle and pain out of what can be […] The post 10 Tips For Securing A Small Business Loan appeared first on New Startups.
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Machine Learning 201: Exploring the Market for New Business

Mar 16 2:55pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
2016 will be remembered for many things, not least as the year that AI and machine learning stepped into the technological and cultural spotlight. Advances in applied machine learning fueled our enthusiasm for smarter, more talkative devices. It impacted how we learned about and processed the news—and fake news—of the national elections. Automation grew in […]...
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For $140M, PTC Gets Duchenne Drug and a Pricing Controversy from Marathon

Mar 16 2:39pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
PTC Therapeutics has acquired a controversial Marathon Pharmaceuticals drug for the rare disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy for approximately $140 million, potentially placing the South Plainfield, NJ, company squarely in the crosshairs of the national drug pricing debate. PTC (NASDAQ: PTCT), whose own Duchenne drug is conditionally approved in the Europe but not in the U.S., […]...
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Sigstr Aims to Unlock the Marketing Potential of E-mail Signatures

Mar 16 2:10pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Bryan Wade, the new CEO of Indianapolis-based startup Sigstr, says e-mail is the next great marketing frontier. This insight comes after having spent more than a decade as a digital marketer, including a stint serving as the chief product officer for Salesforce Marketing Cloud just before taking the reins at Sigstr. The average business, he […]...
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Big Omaha announces speaker Daniel Burka

Mar 16 2:00pm Silicon Prairie News
Big Omaha features speakers from across the globe who bring a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to the Silicon Prairie. As Big Omaha announces their speakers, we’ll be featuring them on SPN so you can get to know them and find out how they’re helping to shape the startup ecosystem prior to the conference... Read More The post Big Omaha announces speaker Daniel Burka appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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How 3D Printing Advances Help Small Businesses

Mar 16 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
The following is a guest post by Roy Rasmussen, co-author of “Publishing for Publicity.” Rasmussen is a freelance copywriter who helps small businesses get more customers and make more sales. In December, San Francisco 3D printing firm Apis Cor used a mobile printer to construct the world’s first on-site 3D-printed home in Stupino, Russia. In cooperation… The post How 3D Printing Advances Help Small Businesses appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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Dont Let Meetings Become Time Wasters (Infographic)

Mar 16 12:54pm AllTopStartups
Did you know that 63 percent of workplace meetings have no planned agenda? As this infographic illustrates, out-of-control meetings are a common time waster for most working professionals. Creating a clear agenda is one way to combat the leakage. However, you need to institute other practices to ensure they don’t waste yours and your coworkers’ […]...
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Essential Factors to Consider For Your Marketing Strategy

Mar 16 12:39pm AllTopStartups
With modern technology opening up all kinds of big opportunities for marketers, it can be easy to think that all you have to do to get a brand off the ground is pay for a certain service and then sit back. However, there are still various basic tenets of good marketing strategy that need to […]...
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How to Use The Law of Attraction to Create a Successful Company

Mar 16 12:30pm AllTopStartups
Winning and keeping customers is much like a courtship ritual. You have to get the best dress on, make the best impressions, then convince them you’re worth staying with. Just as with people, it’s not all the same thing, either. With people, you need to dress right, say the right thing and keep showing your […]...
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S&P 500 performance by Fed chair

Mar 16 12:18pm danprimack
The S&P 500 has now risen by 36.7\% while Janet Yellen has been chair of the Federal Reserve, besting the 36.1\% performance under predecessor Ben Bernanke. But both are well short of either Paul Volcker or Alan Greenspan. None of these folks has responsibility for public equities performance, but they do lead American monetary policy that impacts the global economy. Source: S&P Global Intelligence/Yahoo Finance/Axios...
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Startup raises $38 million to transplant pig organs into people

Mar 16 11:53am danprimack
eGenesis, a Cambridge, Mass.-based xenotransplantation startup, today announced that it has raised $38 million in Series A funding. Biomatics Capital and ARCH Venture Partners co-led the round, and were joined by Khosla Ventures, Alta Partners, Alexandria Venture Investments, Heritage Provider Network, Berggruen Holdings North America, Uprising and Fan Ventures. Why it's a big deal: Because xenotransplantation is a process by which you take the organs of one species (i.e. pigs) and putting them in another species (i.e. humans). Obviously this isn't just a cut-and-paste job, which is why eGenesis is using CRISPR gene editing tools to modify the pig organs. It's also worth noting that eGenesis isn't the only company working in this space. Bottom line: This pig may save your bacon. -- slogan on eGenesis t-shirts...
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Scott Gottlieb's biz partner discusses new FDA nominee

Mar 16 11:44am danprimack
President Trump recently nominated Scott Gottlieb, a venture partner with New Enterprise Associates, to lead the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This isn't terribly surprising, as we had previously noted that Gottlieb was the front-runner in a process that also included a pair of other folks with venture capital credentials (Jim O'Neill of Peter Thiel's Mithril and former Andreessen Horowitz partner Balaji Srinivasan). Axios spoke with with David Mott, the former MedImmune CEO who now leads NEA's healthcare investing practice, for some thoughts on Gottlieb: Selling point: Mott argues that Gottlieb was the best person for the job because he has a 360 degree view of the healthcare system, given that he is a practicing physcian, has worked with healthcare entrepreneurs and investors via NEA, has been a paid consultant to big pharma, has worked in a medical academic institution, has past FDA (and CMS) experience and is a cancer survivor. In short, he understands the pressures each group is under. On conflicts: Yes, he's been paid by drug companies and been on startup boards in the past, but he won't be going forward... He will help set direction, but he's not going to be the person overseeing a review, say, of an NEA portfolio company's product. Mott adds that Gottlieb does not have carried interest in NEA funds, and that there already have been discussions of how to manage/sever any other economic ties to NEA (although he declined to provide details). In general: Mott agrees with many other healthcare VCs that the FDA approval process for both medical devices and pharma has improved substantially over the past several years, and he expects Gottlieb to keep moving such improvements forward. He also is pleased that the GOP healthcare plan (which he has not yet studied in detail) eliminates the so-called medical device tax, which he believes had a destructive impact on people's confidence in dedicating time, capital and resources to medical devices. ...
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Product Packaging for Start-ups: The Traps of Being Original

Mar 16 10:40am The Startup Magazine
In the sea of different brands selling similar products, the need for originality is stronger than ever. Product packaging has The post Product Packaging for Start-ups: The Traps of Being Original appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Immortagen seeks personalized treatment for cancer patients

Mar 16 10:01am Silicon Prairie News
These days it’s tough to get both sides of the political aisle to agree on anything, but last year, then Vice President Joe Biden seemed to pull it off with a “Cancer Moonshot Bill” that garnered bipartisan support. Among other things, the $6.3 billion research bill speeds up the approval of drugs and medical devices... Read More The post Immortagen seeks personalized treatment for cancer patients appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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ROI on Entertainment Spending

Mar 16 9:49am Points and Figures
When things get tough inside companies, one of the first budgets to get hacked is entertainment. It’s an easy hack. One of the reasons it’s an easy thing to cut is there is virtually no data-driven metrics around it. “Hey …...
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Setting Up a System for SDR Success

Mar 16 9:45am OpenView Labs
The mere addition of an SDR team can increase a startup’s lead conversion by 35\% while also freeing up account executives to focus on closing deals. While the benefits clearly show the vital role played by SDRs, far too few companies are investing in building out teams that are truly set up for success. So,… The post Setting Up a System for SDR Success appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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The Big Myth: Payroll Is Confidential. And How To Avoid It Damaging Your Company

Mar 16 9:30am KillerStartups
How information is handled has a profound impact on your company. The post The Big Myth: Payroll Is Confidential. And How To Avoid It Damaging Your Company appeared first on KillerStartups.
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It all starts at the top

Mar 16 9:29am Gotham Gal
There was an article in the Sunday Review of the NYTimes around education reform.  The gist of the article is that in order to fix schools, start with the Principal.  Something so obvious has been ignored for years but this type of thinking is starting to change among educators and local Government around the public […]...
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Insurify Gets $4.6M, Adds Insurance Search Bot on Facebook Messenger

Mar 16 8:00am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Facebook Messenger is no longer just an app for messaging friends. The latest capability? It’s now a personal assistant for car insurance shopping. Thanks to a new product launched today by Insurify, a Cambridge, MA-based software startup, consumers can quickly compare car insurance quotes from dozens of carriers within the Messenger app. Users can upload […]...
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The Hunt For Novel Treatments Against Deadly Bacteria: Spero Therapeutics And Its Potentiators

Mar 16 6:59am LifeSciVC
This guest blog was written by Troy Lister, Head of Chemistry, and Cristina Larkin, Chief Commercial Officer, of Spero Therapeutics, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC. A national security threat equivalent to terrorism?  This is how The post The Hunt For Novel Treatments Against Deadly Bacteria:  Spero Therapeutics And Its Potentiators appeared first on LifeSciVC.        Related StoriesFrom Poisons To Pills: PeptidesRebooting The ConversationRe-Balancing Immunity via Regulatory T Cell Potentiation: Introducing Delinia ...
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Sydney twins Courtney Dober and Jarrad Dober miss out on $3 million in Boston MassChallenge but its not over yet for CleverDux

Mar 16 1:34am StartupSmart
After competing in a Boston startup competition for $3 million in funding and a spot in a major accelerator program, a pair of Sydney twin founders have returned home to conquer the Australian market. Courtney Dober, a television presenter and former contestant on The Bachelorette, has spent the past four years growing CleverDux with his The post Sydney twins Courtney Dober and Jarrad Dober miss out on $3 million in Boston MassChallenge but it’s not over yet for CleverDux appeared first on StartupSmart.
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Detroits HAAS Alert Links Motorists to 911 Responders, Smart Cities

Mar 16 1:20am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
HAAS Alert, the Techstars Mobility alum with offices in Detroit and Chicago, is one of three startups spending the first six months of 2017 at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator in Portland, OR. HAAS Alert has been working on a mobile platform for connected cars and smart cities that allows first responders and other […]...
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