The Dissonance of Snow in Boulder in May

May 18 9:18am Feld Thoughts
Amazingly, I still haven’t conditioned myself to turn my phone horizontally when I take a video. I feel old. I’m sitting in my condo downtown, drinking coffee, listening to Soundgarden, and contemplating the dissonance of so many things. I just got off a Facetime saying good morning to Amy and talking to Brooks and Cooper.... Read more The post The Dissonance of Snow in Boulder in May appeared first on Feld Thoughts.
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Distils Are You a Human Acquisition Is Big Win for Tech Community

May 18 9:12am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Detroit’s nascent tech community got a significant validation today as Silicon Valley cybersecurity company Distil Networks announced it has acquired homegrown, Dan Gilbert-backed startup Are You a Human. The specific terms and the monetary value of the deal were not disclosed, but Distil says it plans to open a new office in Detroit as a […]...
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Midland University launches Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

May 18 9:00am Silicon Prairie News
Midland University: Omaha Campus is currently accepting applications for the first round of their new Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate Program launching in early June. The seven-month program consists of MBA courses focused on entrepreneurship for intrepreneurs and bringing startup-style thinking to established business careers. “[The certificate uses] some of our MBA coursework that we really think... Read More The post Midland University launches Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate Program appeared first on Silicon Prairie News.
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Boundless Co-Founders Unveil New Startup, Blissfully, in New York

May 18 9:00am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
The Boundless boys are at it again. Ariel Diaz and Aaron White, who previously co-founded Boston education startup Boundless, have moved to New York City to pursue a new tech venture. The new company is called Blissfully, and it recently raised a $1.5 million seed funding round led by Eric Paley at Founder Collective. Blissfully […]...
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YouTube TV added Seven of your favorite new channel to their list

May 18 8:44am Startup World
YouTube TV was launched in February this year, offers an over-the-top MVPD-style subscription service is new to the television streaming game but yet its really going on a fast pace of growing its network. The company just announced adding seven new networks — AMC, BBC America, Sundance TV, Telemundo, Universo, We TV and IFC—to their basic $35/month package. The channel is currently streaming in five cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco) and giving access to a total of 50 channels. Definitely its worth your money but there are certain limitations and surely YouTube TV will overcome them The post YouTube TV added Seven of your favorite new channel to their list appeared first on Startup World.
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Check Out The Agenda for Whats Hot in Cancer Immunotherapy 2017

May 18 8:23am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
We have posted the agenda for What’s Hot in Cancer Immunotherapy 2017, which is taking place on June 14 at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Xconomy is gathering some of the field’s experts to assess the past and future opportunities and challenges when using the immune system to fight cancer—folks like Hans […]...
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Mouse turns 20

May 18 8:08am Gotham Gal
MOUSE, an organization where I was the first board chair, turned 20 last week.  MOUSE, Making Opportunities in Upgrading Schools in Education, is still a fitting acronym. Founded by Sarah Holloway and Andrea Rasiej, in 1997, began by getting a group of people from the tech community, actually, 200 people showed up, to crawl through […]...
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Do Your Research: Expanding Your Business Into The US

May 18 7:20am AllTopStartups
For UK based businesses who are considering expanding internationally, there’s a great deal to think about. From familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulations that allow you to trade in another country, through to learning about the consumer market in the location you’ve chosen, there seems to be a never-ending list of things to research. […]...
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[Centaur in CB Insights] The Ag Tech market map: 100+ startups powering the future of farming and agribusiness

May 18 7:11am OurCrowd
We used CB Insights data to identify more than 100 private companies in agriculture tech and categorized them into nine main categories. We define ag tech as technology that increases the efficiency of farms, in the form of software, sensors, aerial-based data, internet-based distribution channels (marketplaces), and tools for technology-enabled farming. We only include companies […] The post [Centaur in CB Insights] The Ag Tech market map: 100+ startups powering the future of farming and agribusiness appeared first on OurCrowd.
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With Ransomware Concerns Fresh, Cybersecurity Firms Tap VC Funding

May 18 7:05am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
While a wave of cyber attacks like the coordinated “WannaCry” virus may be bad for business, it’s no secret that it means good business promotion for the cybersecurity industry. As cybersecurity stocks rose across the board Monday after a weekend full of hacks, a variety of startups rode the wave of interest in Web security […]...
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Forest One Application Interface For All Activities

May 18 6:49am Startup Buzz
Get all your tasks completed under one roof with forest!  Ever wondered as an admin you had a platform where you could perform all your tasks and activities at once. Aren’t you tired of hopping between various applications for different tasks? Well you no more have to wish about it, The post Forest – One Application Interface For All Activities appeared first on Startup Buzz.
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Our Investment in Megalytics

May 18 6:42am Points and Figures
West Loop Ventures has made its maiden investment.  We lead the post-seed round investment in Megalytics.  Megalytics enables timely, effective investment and management decisions through an automated platform that integrates large and disparate data sources and proprietary algorithms and scoring …...
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Figuring It Out: Addressing Practices That Impact Women in Technology

May 18 6:20am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
The Women’s March, New Tech Northwest’s annual “Women in Tech” event, and International Women’s Day are just a few of the recent events prompting important conversations around inequality in the tech industry. These discussions, while breakthroughs in many regards, are still just the beginning of real change. I’ve gathered a number of ideas for what […]...
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Dutch startup Wizenoze headed for UK with fresh round of funding

May 18 5:33am Silicon Canals
Busy days in terms of funding announcements around The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam. WizeNoze, a Dutch startup that curates age-appropriate and understandable content for children, has announced it has just closed a funding round of €1.3M to fuel its entry to the UK market. The Amsterdam-based startup aims to make online information accessible and meaningful for […] The post Dutch startup Wizenoze headed for UK with fresh round of funding appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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NBN investing more in regional connectivity than international counterparts, report finds

May 18 1:27am Startup Daily
The report found almost $7,000 is being invested per household on broadband in regional and rural Australia, or $4.5 billion in total. Related posts: Regional innovation could add $44 billion to economy each year, report finds Victorian budget delivers $45 million for digital connectivity across regional areas Australia must encourage girls into STEM at school to develop its future workforce, report finds...
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Medical Channel streams specially-tailored content to the waiting rooms of health practices

May 17 11:18pm Startup Daily
Medical Channel streams tailored content to health practices to both educate and entertain patients slumped in their waiting room chairs. Related posts: Sydney startup Medical Channel raises $25 million to acquire competitor Community Network Clinivid is a cloud platform looking to streamline communication between medical professionals Government launches $500 million Biomedical Translation Fund to commercialise medical discoveries...
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Perth trivia app QuizJam helps organisations gamify employee training and engagement

May 17 9:31pm Startup Daily
Perth startup QuizJam sought to go beyond the consumer market early, creating a QuizJam for Teams platform for organisations. Related posts: Perth healthtech startup Circadyn helps organisations monitor employee fatigue to prevent accidents Leaders must hold themselves accountable to ensure employee engagement Perth startup Prezentt is a training delivery platform helping instructors give engaging presentations...
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B of A Tracks Customs of P2P Users As Banks Ready To Take On Venmo

May 17 8:53pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
More than 70 percent of people surveyed recently think that children now under age 10 won’t be writing any checks to pay their debts when they grow up—even when the folks they owe are close friends or family members. It’s not that the majority in that poll believe we’re raising a generation of deadbeats or […]...
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Instagram copies another Snapchat feature, Selfie filters

May 17 3:16pm Startup World
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder posted a selfie video on Instagram where he sported one of their new camera features with new face selfie filters that look similar to the ones offered by their social media rival Snapchat. It adds to another Instagram story of copying in a more subtle way from their competitors. These ‘face filters’, as Instagram calls them are just like the Snapchat’s augmented reality selfie filters and give eight different face filtration options. It lets you add a virtual koala ears, a butterfly crown, wrinkle smooth makeup, a nerd glasses, etc. Additionally, the users will be able The post Instagram copies another Snapchat feature, Selfie filters appeared first on Startup World.
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Cybersecurity Firm Iboss Expands in Boston, Not Abandoning San Diego

May 17 3:15pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Iboss, a San Diego-based cybersecurity firm that opened a small satellite office in Boston last year, has expanded its presence in Massachusetts and decided to designate the local outpost as its corporate headquarters. Iboss held an event Wednesday to announce that it’s moving into a new 20,000-square-foot space in downtown Boston and naming it the […]...
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Raise the Bar The Bottom-up Approach To Sales, Calculating Booking Capacity, and More

May 17 3:11pm Blog – Mattermark
How a Bottom-up Approach Can Help You Sell to the Big Guys (read) Individual employees have encouraged their companies to use tools like Slack and Salesforce company-wide. Starting at the … Read More The post Raise the Bar – The Bottom-up Approach To Sales, Calculating Booking Capacity, and More appeared first on Mattermark.
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Cheddarstreams $19 million in new funding

May 17 2:49pm danprimack
Cheddar, a live-streamed financial and tech video news site aimed at millennials, announced that it has raised $19 million in new VC funding at an $85 million post-money valuation. Axios spoke with company founder and CEO Jon Steinberg, who previously was president of BuzzFeed. What we learned: Reach: Eight percent of all U.S. millennials have a piece of Cheddar content (90\% of them within the past month), according to data compiled for the company by research firm Market Strategies International (which also does audience analytics for Cheddar rival CNBC). The figure was even higher in the 18-24 piece of that 18-34 year-old demographic, leading Steinberg to believe that the content is particularly penetrating on college campuses. Take it as a compliment: Steinberg knows the criticism that financial news networks often are more ambient television than appointment viewing, but he doesn't see it as a negative. That's what I aspire to be... we want people to look up and glance. Distribution: Cheddar is available on all sorts of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and its own apps, but Steinberg is partial to Sling, where his content sits next to CNN and Bloomberg TV. We're positioned like a cable news network there... and those are our most engaged viewers. He also says that Cheddar ― which currently offers three of its eight daily hours for free ― either has signed contracts or is in discussions with every skinny bundle in the U.S., with expectations to launch in almost all of them by the end of Q1 2018. Revenue: The company expects to do $1 million in June revenue, at which point it also would hit profitability. The new fundraising is basically about stockpiling cash, although there will be some new capital expenditures (each new studio costs between $700k-$900k). It's not bad to have a bank balance. Investors: Raine Ventures led the round, and was joined by AT&T, Amazon, Altice USA, the New York Stock Exchange, Broadway Video Ventures and return backers Lightspeed Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures and Ribbit Capital.
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Cheers to Minibrew as investors pour 2.45M into the microbrewing startup

May 17 2:25pm Silicon Canals
I like beer, a lot. Maybe you do, too. Actually, a lot of people like beer. So, we drink tons of it. But not just any beer. Craft beer is quite the thing these days, so with DIY also being a megatrend, why not brew at home too? Dutch startup Minibrew,  that enables you to […] The post Cheers to Minibrew as investors pour €2.45M into the microbrewing startup appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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Confession: Somedays I look around at the success others are having and wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong. Am I not hustling hard enough or do I just suck at what I'm doing?

May 17 2:12pm Startups Anonymous
The post Somedays I look around at the success others are having and wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong. Am I not hustling hard enough or do I just suck at what I'm doing? appeared first on Startups Anonymous.
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Building the Foundation for Growth in SaaS Matt Straz, CEO of Namely + David Skok, GP at Matrix (Video)

May 17 2:04pm SaaS Startups – SaaStr
Earlier this month, we kicked off the SaaStr Speaker Series in NYC at Work-Bench’s beautiful office in Union Square with Matt Straz, CEO of Namely, and David Skok, General Partner at Matrix Partners. Both were highly rated speakers at the SaaStr Annual this year, so we were excited to have them join us for a more intimate...
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Meet Our Curator of the Week: Red Russak

May 17 1:00pm Startup Digest Blog
Name: Red Russak Digest: Seattle Curator Since: April 2012 Title: Business Development, Apptentive Twitter: @redrussak Hi, my name is Red. I love tech startups and community. I’m driven to help startups and startup communities around the world grow and learn from each other! To receive the Seattle Startup Digest, please subscribe here. The post Meet Our Curator of the Week: Red Russak appeared first on Startup Digest Blog.
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Stifling Immigration Is Retrograde: Highlights From Whats Hot

May 17 12:50pm Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Drug pricing. The opioid epidemic. Boardroom diversity. Immigration crackdowns. The state of cancer care now, and in the future. These things aren’t just topics of conversation in Boston biotech circles, but nationwide. Connecting those two with some lively, candid discussions was the idea behind Xconomy’s “What’s Hot in Boston Biotech” event last week. Today we’re […]...
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Content 101: How to Develop Must-Read Content for Your Ecommerce Site

May 17 12:01pm Work Awesome
One of the best ways to drive traffic to your organization’s website is publishing engaging content. However, actively engaging readers requires a lot of planning. In this article, we are going to lay out some key ways to develop must-read content for your eCommerce site to get clicks and drive traffic to your business. Outline […]...
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Ex-Sony CEO no longer keeps emails online

May 17 11:42am danprimack
Former Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton spoke yesterday about North Korea's infamous 2014 hack of his company's systems, during an interview at the Lerer Hippeau Ventures CEO Summit in New York City. Takeaways: Lesson learned: Lynton, now chairman of Snap, says that he no longer keeps emails online for more than 10 days, either deleting them or moving them to a non-networked hard drive. He believes that such strategies are important for companies to somehow mirror, even if it causes minor revolt among factions like sales. Key to a crisis: He says it is essential that a CEO not delegate decisions during a crisis, and also that he or she project confidence to employees that they will all get through the danger together. Privately, however, Lynton had serious fears that Sony Entertainment would not survive. Communication: One major challenge in the immediate aftermath was figuring out how to communicate with global employees, given that many of Sony's servers were down and it was unclear if corporate emails were still at risk. The make-shift solution was what Lynton called a text messaging tree. ...
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From Toronto to Paris, A Culinary Startup Journey

May 17 11:25am The Startup Magazine
For all the food lovers out there, who have their taste buds well acquainted with the best ingredients, there is The post From Toronto to Paris, A Culinary Startup Journey appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Why buying land in Koh Samui is a good investment opportunity?

May 17 11:19am The Startup Magazine
Koh Samui, off the coast of Thailand, is one of the fastest growing islands in the world, it has over The post Why buying land in Koh Samui is a good investment opportunity? appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Byron Deeter + Kristina Shen, Bessemer Venture Partners: The State of the Cloud: 2017 Edition (Video + Transcript)

May 17 11:19am SaaStr
In this talk with Byron Deeter and Kristina Shen of Bessemer Venture Partners, we get an illuminating glimpse into the state of the cloud for 2017-2018. They run through what 2016 was like – M&As were at a record high; IPOs were at a record low – and let companies know what they should know...
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Prison phone operator is switching hands

May 17 11:06am danprimack
Platinum Equity is in advanced talks to acquire Securus Technologies, a Dallas-based provider of phone services to U.S. prisoners, from private equity firm ABRY Partners for nearly $1.5 billion (including debt), according to Reuters. Macro: For all the debate over private vs. public prisons, the reality is that both employ a variety of for-profit vendors like Securus. Why it's a big deal: This is a heady return for ABRY, which reportedly paid just $640 million to buy Securus four years ago from Castle Harlan. And it's particularly impressive, given that ABRY's tenure included a massive hack in late 2015 that one person told the NY Post could be the nail in the coffin for Securus. Bottom line: The deal illustrates private equity firms' strong appetite for investments in prison phone service operators because of the strong cash flow they generate from facilitating phone calls, even as they attract criticism over the rates they charge. ― Greg Roumeliotis, Reuters...
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Mark Cuban's solution for AI-caused labor disruptions

May 17 10:33am danprimack
Some takeaways from my on-stage conversation yesterday with Mark Cuban, from yesterday's Lerer Hippeau CEO Summit in New York (yes, LH is an Axios investor). Cuban is a major believer in the earthquake power of artificial intelligence and machine learning , arguing that massive labor disruptions are coming sooner than later. His proposed solution isn't universal basic income, but rather twofold: A lot of low-skilled jobs can be replaced by what will be an increased demand for data tagging and labeling. Not intellectually fulfilling work, but the 21st century version of an assembly line. A broad expansion of programs like Americorps, believing that macro economic benefits from automation can be reallocated to places school classrooms and domestic infrastructure projects. Other takeaways: He does not like to be referred to as a venture capitalist, because he helps his companies. Yes, Cuban said this as a VC-hosted event. Yes, he bakes in a TV exposure premium when thinking about valuations on Shark Tank. Cuban does not agree with my CEO President Theory , which posits that American voters will view future CEO candidates through a Trump prism (if successful, then we'll get more; if failed, then that's it for a while): There's nobody like Donald Trump. He's just an idiot. If Cuban does run for president in a few years (something he won't rule out), he believes it's more likely to be against President Pence than President Trump. Cuban believes that Zaza Pachulia ― who once played for the Dallas Mavericks ― is clumsy, not dirty. ...
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Reaching Millennials with a New Take on Magazines

May 17 10:30am MicroVenture Marketplace Blog
Have we reached the end of print media? With more companies cutting back on traditional advertising and a growing number of content providers, the question has merit. But perhaps a more important question is: How is print media adjusting to … Continue reading → The post Reaching Millennials with a New Take on Magazines appeared first on MicroVentures Blog.
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Using the Foreign Exchange Market to Your Advantage to Grow Sustainable Wealth

May 17 9:41am The Startup Magazine
It is no secret that many individuals from all walks of life are on rather tenuous ground in reference to The post Using the Foreign Exchange Market to Your Advantage to Grow Sustainable Wealth appeared first on The Startup Magazine.
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Student Loans: Averting a Generational Crisis

May 17 9:31am Collaborative Fund
Student loans outstanding just passed $1.4 trillion. Starting next year one of the largest cohorts adding to that balance will have been born in the 2000s. Let that sink in. Collaborative Fund recently invested in NextGenVest, a company committed to helping Generation Z navigate the complexities of paying for college, particularly in areas where high schools lack adequate college advising and students are left confused and vulnerable. We invested for two reasons: The anchor student debt puts on young adults entering their careers could be a defining topic of the next several decades. NextGenVest, lead by Kelly Peeler, spreads the message to Gen Z both where they want to hear it and in language they can understand better than anyone we’ve come across. We recently asked Kelly Peeler a few questions about the student loan problem. Collaborative Fund: We expect 18 year olds with little to no financial education to sign their name on an amount of debt equal to a mortgage of someone in the middle of their career. It just seems crazy. Yes, it is so crazy that Gen Z is essentially “buying their first house” at the age of 18 with little guidance, that I believe it is actually the beginning of the next financial crisis. After majoring in the History of Financial Crises in college, a few trends emerge over the past 250 years of crises. A lack of consumer protection is one of the key leading indicators to a financial crisis. In the case of our users, who we meet in their junior or senior year of high school, all of the financial aid and student loan documentation is incredibly confusing, complex, and at times very misleading. We have students texting us at 10PM on a Sunday saying things like “wait, I thought this college gave me $20,000 in scholarships, you mean it’s actually a loan?” or “I don’t even know how much I owe or the interest rates because it wasn’t on the form I signed.” More jargon and complexity triggers two behavior patterns - procrastination and shame. Both aren’t helpful in making positive financial choices. You spend a lot of time with Gen Zs. What’s the biggest misconception about how they think about money? The first is that they don’t care about their financial lives. The second is that they’re not actually making financial decisions themselves. Many adults roll their eyes at an 18 year s...
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How a Bottom-up Approach Can Help You Sell to the Big Guys

May 17 9:30am Blog – Mattermark
Enterprise sales reps typically have taken a top-down approach, talking to C-level executives since they’re the gatekeepers of the budget. But in the last decade, we’ve seen a shift to … Read More The post How a Bottom-up Approach Can Help You Sell to the Big Guys appeared first on Mattermark.
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Sometimes The Secret Is To Just Show Up & Do Your Job

May 17 9:12am Hunter Walk
This is definitely the only blog post I’ve written from a Milan airport lounge, returning from my first trip abroad since we started Homebrew. So what got me out of my San Francisco routine? The chance to work with a group of global mayors to help push thinking forward on how cities and technology companies can work […]...
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Goodbye to the Old Boston Innovators Group, Hello to Something BIG and Different

May 17 9:00am Blog – GenuineVC
TL;DR: After a dozen years, Boston Innovators Group as we know it is sunsetting, but I will be regularly creating new, focused events to contribute to the ecosystem. The first event focused on voice computing will be held on June 27th. You can learn more and register here. When I moved back to Boston back […] The post Goodbye to the Old Boston Innovators Group, Hello to Something BIG and Different appeared first on GenuineVC.
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Are you targeting a billion dollar market? A Guide to Determining Your Market Size [Interactive]

May 17 8:52am OpenView Labs
Whether you’re searching for product-market fit, trying to prioritize the next market segment to target or looking to launch a new product, you first need to understand how large the market is. The problem: sizing up your market can be confusing and time consuming, especially if market sizing is not your full-time job. It’s a… The post Are you targeting a billion dollar market? A Guide to Determining Your Market Size [Interactive] appeared first on OpenView Labs.
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Uncertainty Wednesday: Intro to Measuring Uncertainty

May 17 8:15am Continuations
We have covered a lot of ground in Uncertainty Wednesday but we have yet to talk about measuring uncertainty. While most discussions introduce such concepts as mean and standard deviation early on, I have held off on them on purpose in order to develop a more comprehensive view of the sources of uncertainty and a hopefully better understanding of probability. Now is a good time to start thinking about how we might measure uncertainty.Take our super simple model again of a world with only two states and two signal values. Now let’s think about the factors that go into uncertainty.The first factor is the probability between the two states. If there are only two states and one state is extremely likely, then you face less uncertainty than if each state is equally likely. So that’s one aspect of uncertainty that we will want to make precise. It would also seem that if there are more than 2 possible states of the world that should increase uncertainty, e.g. a world with 100 states would seem to have more uncertainty in it than one with only 2. In upcoming posts we will spend a fair bit of time looking at different so-called probability distributions to study their characteristics and impacts on uncertainty. And as we have already seen when you receive a signal, you can use that to revise your estimate of probabilities in a way that reduces uncertainty. The second factor are the outcomes for you that result from the different states of the world. A classic example is where in one state you gain money and in the other you lose money. For instance, you drill a hole in the ground and either oil comes out or it doesn’t. Because monetary outcomes are often of interest we may sometimes refer to these outcomes as “payouts.” More generally outcomes are the concept of a random variable, meaning a variable (such as the money paid or received) that takes on different values with different probabilities.It is important to understand that these are two separate factors impacting uncertainty. Suppose you can either win $1 or lose $1. We can examine the impact on the uncertainty you face from changes in the probability between the two states of the world. Now conversely, let’s hold the probability fixed, say one state has 80\% probability and the other has 20\%. We can then examine the impact on the uncertainty you face from changes in the payouts between the two s...
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Hurry & Save 20 Percent on New York Biotech Seizes the Momentum

May 17 8:10am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
We’re only two weeks away from New York Biotech Seizes the Momentum, which will take place Wednesday, May 31, at Alexandria Center for Life Science. If you’re already planning on attending, there’s no need to wait any longer—our Super Saver special ends soon and seats are filling up fast, so act now and save 20 […]...
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[Hyperloop One in Inverse] Hyperloop One is coming to Europe with these 10 proposed routes

May 17 8:04am OurCrowd
Hyperloop One, the only company in the world with a full-size hyperloop test track, is coming to Europe. On Tuesday, the company announced that it will continue its global tour with a stop in Amsterdam on June 6, a chance to detail a number of routes for the continent. Elon Musk released his idea for […] The post [Hyperloop One in Inverse] Hyperloop One is coming to Europe with these 10 proposed routes appeared first on OurCrowd.
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Who Speaks for You?

May 17 7:53am Gotham Gal
These days it appears as if everyone is on the defensive when it comes to politics.  That includes all of the non-profit organizations that are being defunded to the 13 older white Senators who are overseeing their supposed new healthcare bill. I keep thinking that none of these people speak for me.  13 white men […]...
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Riding Recent Biotech IPO Wave, G1 Snags $105M to Fund Cancer Work

May 17 7:36am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
Cancer drugmaker G1 Therapeutics raised $105 million in an IPO last night, the latest development in a recent uptick of biotech offerings. G1, of Research Triangle Park, N.C., sold 7 million shares at $15 apiece. G1 had to sell more shares that it had intended (6.25 million) to hit its goal, but still priced within […]...
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Markets Dont Lie

May 17 6:56am Points and Figures
Yesterday I had a conversation with someone that really understands the markets.  When you find a person that viscerally understands markets, it’s fun.  That was one thing about where I worked, we had more than a few people that could …...
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This legal insurance company challenges students to stay awake for 24 hours and solve big problems, too

May 17 5:36am Silicon Canals
If you’re a student, you probably had quite some experience in pulling all-nighters. Now, DAS, a company who specializes in legal expenses insurance, is asking students to do just that. During a 24 hour hackathon at their head office, student teams are challenged to solve big challenges together. The prize: a month’s rent for your […] The post This legal insurance company challenges students to stay awake for 24 hours and solve big problems, too appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed

May 17 5:00am Collaborative Fund
To realize how outdated the five-day, 40-hour workweek is, you have to know where it came from. Before 1900 the average American worker worked more than 60 hours a week. A standard schedule was ten-hour days, six days a week. The only structural limits to working were lighting and religion. You stopped working when it was too dark to see or to go to church. It was exhausting. It was often fatal. Unions helped turn this around. In 1916, railroad unions demanded an eight-hour work day, largely because work after that point correlated with a rise in accidents and death. The railroads declined. So workers went on strike. America’s rail system nearly came to a halt. This was during World War I, when transporting military equipment by rail was vital to national security. President Woodrow Wilson, desperate to get the trains moving, asked congress to write an eight-hour railroad work day into law. He told a joint session in 1916: I have come to you to seek your assistance in dealing with a very grave situation which has arisen out of the demand of the employees of the railroads engaged in freight train service that they be granted an eight-hour working day … I turn to you, deeming it clearly our duty as public servants to leave nothing undone that we can do to safeguard the interests of the nation. It worked. Congress passed the Adamson Act, and overtime pay after an eight-hour day became railroad workers’ right. Twenty years later, the New Deal pushed for broader workers’ rights. It used the Adamson Act as a template, as no one wanted to favor one field over another. The eight-hour, five-day workday was standardized for all industries. Eighty years later this work schedule – originally designed for the endurance constraints of railroad depot workers – has become so ingrained that we rarely question it, regardless of profession. Which is crazy. The biggest employment change of the last century is the number of careers that shifted from physically exhausting to mentally exhausting. From doing stuff with your arms to doing stuff with your head. Since the constraints of physically exhausting jobs are visible, we took decisive action when things weren’t working, like the Adamson Act. But the limits of mentally exhausting jobs are nuanced and less visible, so we get trapped in a spot where most of us work a schedule that doesn’t maximize ou...
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GrantyCard is the startup the second hand marketing is waiting for

May 17 3:31am Silicon Canals
Dutch startup GrantyCard claims to be the first company in the Netherlands to provide buyers of exclusive products with a fixed residual value. If a customer buys a product with a GrantyCard and turns it in within one year, he or she will receive a predefined price and the product gets a second life through to […] The post GrantyCard is the startup the second hand marketing is waiting for appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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Tech5 winner Tiqets banks $17M Series B from HPE Growth Capital

May 17 3:31am Silicon Canals
Do you hate standing inline as much as I do? Tiqets, one of the Netherlands prolific scale-ups, solves just that. Today, conveniently one day before The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, they’ve announced their Series B. It’s a US$ 17 million investment from a consortium of investors headed by HPE Growth Capital. The investment will […] The post Tech5 winner Tiqets banks $17M Series B from HPE Growth Capital appeared first on Silicon Canals.
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Self-Driving Cars for Everyone - Tim Kentley-Klay, Jesse Levinson, Tina Seelig (Zoox)

May 17 3:00am Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Tim Kentley-Klay and Jesse Levinson, co-founders of autonomous-vehicle startup Zoox, detail a not-too-distant future when we’ll get into their cars and do nothing other than say where we need to go. In conversation with Stanford Professor of the Practice Tina Seelig, the two entrepreneurs explain how self-driving cars work and how their fleet of electric vehicles could make owning a ride obsolete.
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Pam is a sign management platform enabling large spaces to perfect a visitors navigation

May 17 1:05am Startup Daily
Pam is at heart a sign management application accessed through the cloud, specialised for design companies creating sign layouts for clients. Related posts: is using location technology to track employee movement and generate management data MySail is a crew finding and management platform for yacht racing Skwibl it out: Startup enabling interactive collaboration on images and videos...
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Sinorbis raises $2.3 million to launch platform helping businesses market to China

May 17 12:50am Startup Daily
Sinorbis has announced it has raised $2.3 million to accelerate the launch of its cloud platform, which helps Western businesses market to China. Related posts: Sinorbis helps Aussie businesses develop an online presence and strategy for the Chinese market Property crowdfunding platform CrowdfundUP raises $2.1 million to expand into China Sydney edutech Smart Sparrow raises $5.3 million Series C round to expand platform for US market...
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What are things to consider when starting a Professional Services team in a SaaS company?

May 17 12:44am SaaStr
I think the #1 question to ask — and it’s a simple one — is: Are You Already Doing Professional Services For Free? For most of us, in larger deals, even $20k ACV deals, the answer is often Yes. You’re already doing it. To make the customers happy and successful. If so — then charge...
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We are a debt fund that provides growth capital to SaaS companies. How do we identify bootstrapped companies that do not want to give up equity?

May 17 12:39am SaaStr
Sponsor the SaaStr Annual. Thousands will be there. SaaStr Annual 2018 | The Biggest SaaS Event of the Year View original question on quora...
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4 Ways MIT Advanced Campus Entrepreneurship This School Year

May 17 12:01am Xconomy VC, Deals, & Startups
[Editor’s note: This is part of a series of stories examining entrepreneurship on MIT’s campus and beyond.] MIT has been a prolific generator of entrepreneurs for decades. But in recent years, the Institute has ramped up campus resources for would-be company builders, thanks in part to a more supportive attitude from administrators. Xconomy chronicled those efforts and […]...
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George the Farmer educates kids about food production and agricultural innovation

May 16 11:02pm Startup Daily
George the Farmer educates children about farming practices, and how food and fibre is produced, through picture books, music, and other mediums. Related posts: Australia’s first national agtech innovation hub SproutX launches to transform agricultural industry South Australian government launches Food Innovation Centre to boost state’s food and beverage businesses Blue River Group to develop educational commercial farm and agricultural innovation hub in Wagga Wagga...
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