Vet Student Wins World Vaulting Championships

From Equinews
May 15, 2013 - 11:45pm

The FEI World Vaulting Championships were held in Brno, Czech Republic last summer. Despite the fact that vaulting is a popular equestrian discipline in the Czech Republic, no citizen of the European country had ever won a medal at an international championship. That is, until 2008.   Petr Eim, a veterinary student, prevailed in the men's competition, besting two-time defending world champion and current European champion Kai Vorberg of Germany. Eim competed against athletes from 25 countries in his quest for the championship.   Eim's trip to the world championship was a rocky one. Prior to the competition, he fell from his horse, sustaining a broken jaw and other injuries, and requiring a two-month convalescence. Because of the prolonged recovery period, competing in the championships became a wait-and-see proposition. By the time the championships began in late July, however, Eim was back in top form.   Vaulters are not solitary performers, and they require both human and equine help to excel. Illona Homberg was at the end of the longe line for Eim during his performances in Brno. His mount for the competition was Apollo 306, a brown gelding with Hanoverian breeding.   The proud sponsor of Petr Eim at the world championships was Fitmin, a Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Team Member. Fitmin's dedication to international equestrian sport mirrors that of KER, which holds the distinction and honor of being the official equine nutritionist of the United States Equestrian Federation and the Australian Equestrian Team.

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