Core Product Value and Entrepreneurial Success

Mar 24 10:12pm 25iq
  I have previously written about Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Product/Market Fit (PMF). These are important processes based on the scientific method that can be used to test a value hypothesis. That hypothesis does not just appear via spontaneous … Continue reading →...
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Market salivates as Trump, GOP turn to policy with most juice for stocks

Mar 24 6:37pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
The stock market has moved passed Washington's failed efforts on health care and now wants to see corporate tax reform.
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Weekend Reads: Track Your Shirts Origin Through DNA

Mar 24 6:08pm RCM Alternatives
It’s a trust mark that is meant to educate the American consumer about the source of the material.
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Be Careful What You Wish For, Police Body-Cam Edition

Mar 24 5:37pm
After the recent deluge of videos showing police abusing and sometimes flat-out murdering more-or-less innocent citizens, the willingness of a growing number of cities to equip officers with video cameras has been hailed as a victory by civil libertarians. But what if those cameras also extend the surveillance network exponentially? In the future, if a […] The post Be Careful What You Wish For, Police Body-Cam Edition appeared first on
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Op-Ed: Trump and the GOP should face it: There's only one option left to fix health care

Mar 24 4:24pm Commentary
Ryan will never convince conservatives to play ball on health care. Here's his only option, says Robert Laszewski.
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Boom! Keystone pipeline would suddenly make US and Canada bigger competitors with OPEC

Mar 24 4:17pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
The Trump administration's approval of the controversial TransCanada Corp pipeline means more North American crude and fuel could ultimately flow out to the world market.
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What does a $9,000 whisky tasteand soundlike?

Mar 24 3:05pm Commentary
Glenmorangie is betting that music will help enhance your experience with this $9,000 rare whisky. Spirits expert Heather Greene explains.
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Micron Leading The Semiconductor Sector Higher

Mar 24 2:41pm RTT - Mkt/Sector Trends
Semiconductor stocks are seeing notable strength in afternoon trading on Friday, with the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index climbing by 1 percent.
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Finish Line shares plunge to lowest in over 6 years after earnings miss

Mar 24 1:41pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
Shares of Finish Line dropped Friday after the company reported earnings that missed expectations.
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Wall Street sees even more gains ahead: CNBC Market Strategist Survey

Mar 24 12:12pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
Top strategists have gotten more optimistic on stocks, just as the S&P 500 has pulled back slightly from records, according to CNBC's latest Market Strategist Survey.
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Shares of Skechers jump after Cowen upgrade

Mar 24 11:54am Market Insider with Patti Domm
Cowen upgraded the stock to outperform from market perform.
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Op-Ed: How Paul Ryan played Donald Trump

Mar 24 11:49am Commentary
Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp" in Washington. But as Matt Drudge pointed out, sometimes the swamp drains you.
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Friday links: anchoring or discipline

Mar 24 11:41am Abnormal Returns
Review: The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds by Michael Lewis is “an engrossing biographical perspective on this brilliant academic...
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Bill George: The battle for the soul of capitalism explained in one hostile takeover bid

Mar 24 11:12am Commentary
The issue at stake is not just the fate of a single company, but the fate of capitalism itself, says Bill George.
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An Example of the Analyst Course

Mar 24 11:09am csinvesting
It is 2006, and you want to know the true sustainable free cash flow of Mohawk because you love sleepy, mundane industries that are slowly growing. Why? Because people love to buy lottery tickets and glamour so you “go where … Continue reading →...
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A Day In The Life Of An InsurTech CEO Who Just Raised $5 Million

Mar 24 10:37am Exclusives
To get you prepared for the 2017 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards, Benzinga will profile the daily schedules of select fintech leaders whose companies have applied. For this installment, we spoke with Insurify CEO Snejina Zacharia. Insurify Snejina Zacharia is CEO and founder of Insurify, an InsurTech startup that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to make it easier to buy car insurance online. The company recently announced a $4.6 million fundraising round and a product expansion allowing customers to shop for auto insurance via Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Messenger. What's a day in your life like as the CEO of Insurify? Snejina Zacharia: 6:30 a.m. — I wake up and check my email first. Every morning I take a few minutes to plan my day and reflect on the important business growth drivers we need to work on. I also try to exercise two-three times a week in the mornings at home. 7:30 — I have breakfast with the kids, ages 7 and 9, and my husband. 8 —My husband and I drive together to work, and on the way in, we drop off the kids at school. We take advantage of the commuting time to discuss the family and some opportunities or challenges we’re facing at work. When I drive on my own, I listen to Bloomberg or BBC, or sometimes I’ll call my mom and dad, who live in Bulgaria, to see how they’re doing. 9 — I try to have my mornings clear of external meetings or calls. I start the day by reviewing the overall performance of the business: revenue, spend, ROI, performance of key partners, and product performance. I touch based with the team to check if there are any issues or outstanding projects. 10 — I move on to working on my key priorities which may include board presentations and ...Full story available on
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Reorganizing my portfolio: sold Fujimak, PVCS & Awilco

Mar 24 10:12am Alpha Vulture
I will admit it: I’m a lazy investor. Especially for my smaller positions I often forget about the stock after having done the initial valuation work. Sure, I follow the price/news/filings to see if anything significant is happening, but often it’s just business as usual. That doesn’t mean that fundamentals can’t deteriorate gradually, or that the price […]...
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Podcast links: robot ethics

Mar 24 10:09am Abnormal Returns
Fridays are all about podcast links here at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at why...
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Using Intrinsic Value To Measure Portfolio Performance

Mar 24 10:00am Investiv Daily
The market is irrational and can’t be used as the only measure of investment performance. Imagine if all the businesses you own suddenly delisted, you’d look at their value in a different way. Intrinsic value is based on the business owner perspective which is essential for reaching healthy long term returns. Introduction This past Tuesday […]...
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How Patience Could Help You Win In Trading

Mar 24 10:00am Trading Setups Review
Patience is one of the most overlooked attributes of a successful trader. But it is one of the most important for generating profits. Trading well means entering the market at the right time. To wait for the right timing, you need to be patient. Patience is not about doing nothing. It’s about doing the right […] The post How Patience Could Help You Win In Trading appeared first on Trading Setups Review.
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Op-Ed: Three ways college grads can master the threat of automation

Mar 24 9:36am Commentary
How college grads can make automation in the workplace work for them, says Futurist Dom Price.
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Public Markets and Hedge-Fund Closings

Mar 24 9:29am
Also a penny-stock informant, activist poison pills, gravitas and a Blood Unicorn.
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Chart of the Day: Failed bull flag in the Dollar - Adam H Grimes

Mar 24 8:56am Adam Grimes
The post Chart of the Day: Failed bull flag in the Dollar appeared first on Adam H Grimes. No related posts.
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Traders Focus On Washington Ahead Of Key Vote

Mar 24 8:52am RTT - Market Analysis
The major U.S. index futures are pointing to a higher opening on Friday, although traders may be reluctant to make significant moves as the House prepares to hold a vote on a Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.
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Hot Links: The Rules

Mar 24 8:49am The Reformed Broker
What I'm reading this morning ...
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Jobless claims up somewhat to 258,000 in week to 18 March 2017

Mar 24 7:59am Credit Writedowns Pro
Overall, the figures tell us the US employment picture is the best it has been since the Great Recession.
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Early movers: FINL, MU, GME, TWTR, HSY, APD, UA, M & more

Mar 24 7:54am Market Insider with Patti Domm
Names on the move ahead of the open.
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Thanks for the invaluable content you put out there

Mar 24 7:00am Blog – Trend Following Trading Systems from Michael Covel
Feedback in: Hi Michael, First off, thanks for the invaluable content you put out there. I got your email from your podcast. I’m not sure if you read these emails or have an automated response for all the people that email you. So in case you do, here it goes; I’m in my mid 20’s […] The post “Thanks for the invaluable content you put out there…” appeared first on Trend Following Trading Systems from Michael Covel.
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Book Review: Financial Crisis, Contagion, and Containment

Mar 24 12:01am CFA Institute Enterprising Investor
In a sweeping survey of the financial crises that shook East Asia and other developing countries, the author explores the compatibility of emerging market economies with inherently volatile global financial markets. Read more...
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Ep. 539: Susan Peirce Thompson Interview with Michael Covel

Mar 23 10:00pm Blog – Trend Following Trading Systems from Michael Covel
Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Susan Peirce Thompson is author of “Bright Line Eating.” This is a podcast all about “aha” moments. Most have no understanding of how their bodies take in, and absorb food. Susan’s BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to make sure that all those who want to put forth […] The post Ep. 539: Susan Peirce Thompson Interview with Michael Covel appeared first on Trend Following Trading Systems from Michael Covel.
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Company Notes Digest 3.24.17

Mar 23 8:51pm Avondale Asset Management
Each week we read dozens of transcripts from earnings calls and presentations as part of our investment process. Below is a weekly post which contains some of the most important quotes about the economy and industry trends from those transcripts. Click … Continued...
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Marketlife Ep 37 How to Get Confidence and Other Readers Questions - Adam H Grimes

Mar 23 6:33pm Adam Grimes
In this podcast, I answer a few reader questions: From Tom: I’m definitely not a beginner. I consider myself intermediate, but always suffered from “I know nothing. Other market participants know more or know better” inferior-type thinking. How does one gain the appropriate confidence and conviction in their knowledge to execute trades? in other words, […] The post Marketlife Ep 37 – How to Get Confidence and Other Readers’ Questions appeared first on Adam H Grimes. No related posts.
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After-hours buzz: MU, GME KBH and more

Mar 23 5:50pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.
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Shares of discount retailer Five Below rise after earnings beat

Mar 23 4:08pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
Shares of discount retailer Five Below rose Thursday after the company reported earnings that topped expectations.
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Washington is now officially holding the stock market hostage

Mar 23 4:07pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
Markets could become more volatile now that they are hostage to a Congress that has shown it may not easily fall in line behind President Trump's policies.
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Gold Stocks Under Pressure Amid Modest Drop In Price Of Metal

Mar 23 3:40pm RTT - Mkt/Sector Trends
Many of the major sectors are showing only modest moves during trading on Thursday, although considerable weakness is visible among gold stocks.
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Market Lab Report - Postponement on vote of healthcare legislation

Mar 23 3:34pm Virtue of Selfish Investing Market Lab Reports and Newsletters
The vote on healthcare legislation will be postponed at least 24 hours, so we probably won't hear the outcome until after Friday's close. A nervous market awaits. Keep your stops tight and remain in focus.
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Six Presentation Tips for Finance Professionals

Mar 23 3:07pm CFA Institute Enterprising Investor
Presenting is an essential responsibility for many finance professionals. To gauge just how essential, we asked CFA Institute Financial NewsBrief readers how often they have to give them. We also offer some critical advice from presentation expert Dave Underhill. Read more...
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With advertising going digital, what now for traditional media?

Few industries have been as radically transformed by the internet as advertising and, in turn, traditional media (newspapers, TV and magazines). A couple of decades ago, print media was critical to reaching an audience; now it’s relevance has significantly declined. And this switch in advertising spending from traditional media to digital media shows no sign… Continue reading →...
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Topical Rankings Real Research Right Now

Mar 23 2:59pm The SSRN Blog
If you’ve seen the SSRN homepage in the last decade you probably noticed our mantra – Tomorrow’s Research Today (and if you haven’t seen the new version check it out; we think it’s a bit better than it was a decade ago ;). While we’re continually working to improve the way researchers share and interact with each …...
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Op-Ed: It's stand and deliver time for Trump and Congress on deregulation

Mar 23 2:42pm Commentary
Trump was ushered into office amid an overwhelming desire for change. Now, it's time to deliver, says Danielle DiMartino Booth.
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Commercial Real Estate Stocks Showing Strong Move To The Upside

Mar 23 2:31pm RTT - Mkt/Sector Trends
Commercial real estate stocks are seeing significant strength in afternoon trading on Thursday, with the Morgan Stanley REIT Index climbing by 1.2 percent.
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High stakes: The fate of tax reform may depend on the Obamacare vote

Mar 23 2:25pm Trader Talk with Bob Pisani
If the House vote fails, that's a clear negative for the markets and would lower the chances for tax reform.
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Circle Of Life: iPad Going The Way Of The iPod?

Mar 23 2:14pm Exclusives
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is known for dramatic reveals. Exclusive, invite-only media events generally herald new product lines, but for the second time in known history, the company broke from tradition to announce its latest iPad model. The updated product merited a quiet press release — the same, humble vehicle that preceded a 2014 price drop in Apple’s fourth-generation iPad. “The way Apple announced the new iPad is evidence that they don't see this as an important part of their business going forward,” Gene Munster, managing partner of Loup Ventures, told Benzinga. “They ...Full story available on
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Op-Ed: How iTunes built, and then broke, my meticulous music-listening system

Mar 23 2:11pm Commentary
Each year, syncing music iTunes playlists on a smartphone seems to get more complicated, writes Verge's Casey Newton.
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Thursday links: a draw from a new urn

Mar 23 12:46pm Abnormal Returns
Q&A: An excerpt from a discussion with Cal Newport author of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.  (Thrive...
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Op-Ed: Here's the surprising way rising interest rates could affect the housing market

Mar 23 12:44pm Commentary
There are three significant ways the Fed rate hike could affect the real estate market, says Rick Sharga.
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Two office furniture stocks rise after upgrade

Mar 23 12:26pm Market Insider with Patti Domm
Share prices for two office furniture companies rose after Raymond James analysts upgraded the stocks following their earnings reports.
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Jack Bogles 4% Annual Return Forecast For Stocks Could Prove To Be Heroically Optimistic

Mar 23 12:23pm The Felder Report
I’m a big fan of Jack Bogle. Like Warren Buffett, I believe he been nothing less than a “hero” to individual investors. That said, CNBC reported this week that “Jack Bogle...
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Rebalance Your Portfolio? You are a Market Timer and Heres What to Consider

Mar 23 11:42am Alpha Architect
In this piece I examine various way in which an investor can think about their active market timing decisions, often […] The post Rebalance Your Portfolio? You are a Market Timer and Here’s What to Consider appeared first on Alpha Architect.
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Op-Ed: These are the biggest opportunities in the market right now, whichever way it moves

Mar 23 11:16am Commentary
These six sectors are the ones investors should be watching now, says trader Naeem Aslam.
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Startup links: seeding meetings

Mar 23 11:10am Abnormal Returns
Thursdays at Abnormal Returns are all about startup and venture capital links. You can check out last week’s links including a look...
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Op-Ed: The health-care bill could be Donald Trumps Iraq War

Mar 23 11:06am Commentary
The American Health Care Act was sold on lies, poorly planned, deadly to thousands, and a catastrophe for its authors, writes Vox's Ezra Klein.
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Analyst Course

Mar 23 10:49am csinvesting
Prior mentions of an analyst course with readers’ suggestions were posted: There are plenty of other investing courses ranging from free to $20,000. Here you can learn technical analysis and trading techniques for $5,000 to $20,000.  I won’t … Continue reading →...
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Not to be missed!

Mar 23 10:26am The Reformed Broker
Crazy schedule today – taking my kid to a doctor and then back to back to back calls. But I wanted to call your attention to a few things that are not to be missed… First, Ben Carlson, my firm’s director of institutional asset management, interviewed the founder of one of the non-profits we invest for. It’s......
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Op-Ed: Here are the warning signals the market is flashing right now

Mar 23 10:08am Commentary
The market is flashing these three warning signs right now, says Economist Jack Bouroudjian.
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Do You Have A Static Or Dynamic View Of The Markets?

Mar 23 10:00am Investiv Daily
A static view tells us stocks are cheap. A dynamic view tells us hell is about to break loose. Vehicle loans have increased 57\% since 2010. If interest rates increase, car sales and other credit related sales will falter and lead the economy into a recession. However, as always, there are ways to make money […]...
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Bond Quotes and Performance Art

Mar 23 9:28am
Also T+2 settlement, corporate formation, stock indexes under communism and office complaints.
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Exclusive: FireEye CEO Talks Limits Of Cybersecurity, Company's 'Moat'

Mar 23 9:26am Exclusives
The frequency of high-profile cyber attacks have thrust security companies into the spotlight. But the reality, according to FireEye Inc (NASDAQ: FEYE) CEO Kevin Mandia, is that these intrusions are and will continue to be commonplace.  “The problem is it is very hard to get over 98 percent efficacy no matter what you do, whether it’s antivirus, which is nowhere near 98 percent effective, whether it’s a firewall — it’s just really hard to get higher than that,” Mandia told Benzinga. Security gaps will always exist, and breaches are inevitable. “You cannot solely rely on preventative measures,” Mandia said. “[With] security in mature organizations, people who care about cyber security recognize we’re going to build the wall, but people still always get through. We have to have a ‘detect and respond’ component.” Managing Public Relations Misunderstanding of intruder capacities and defense priorities has long translated into underwhelming stock performance for FireEye. “What the market has always favored is the prevention component, not the ‘detect and respond’ component,” Mandia said. “We own the ‘detect and respond’ component, but we are now getting into prevention as well. We have no choice. It does ...Full story available on
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Stocks May Lack Direction Amid Focus On Capitol Hill

Mar 23 8:52am RTT - Market Analysis
The major U.S. index futures are pointing to a slightly higher opening on Thursday, although trading activity may be subdued amid a focus on Capitol Hill ahead of an anticipated vote on the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.
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