WATCH: Australian Man Finds 11-Pound Gold Nugget With Metal Detector

From The Daily Bail
January 18, 2013 - 12:54pm

'Mate, I found a good one.' The massive nug was found about 2 feet below the surface of the ground.  Australian news report.  An anonymous amateur prospector in southern Australia has unearthed a huge piece of gold, reportedly worth more than $300,000.  The man found the 55kg nugget near Ballarat, Victoria. The prospector passed the gold on to a mining exchange in Ballarat, reportedly saying, 'Mate, I found a good one.' If sold at market value it would be worth just shy of $300,000, but its extreme rarity would mean it be worth far more, according to Mr Kent.  "If you are silly enough to melt it down, it would be worth just under $300,000 on market value but as a nugget at this size and shape, it's worth significantly more than that," he said. The man was using a state-of-the-art metal detector, which meant he was able to find the gold relatively deep underground in ...

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