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From InsureBlog
February 9, 2013 - 1:30pm

A reader sends along this link to Avik Roy's take on the ObamaTax Medicaid expansion, and asks:"What was that again [about] how medical costs cause premium hikes?"Of course, we always welcome feedback, and appreciate the opportunity to reinforce our long-stated (and well-proven) positions.I replied:"Interesting article - Thanks!Still don't see how that contradicts our position: increasing medical costs cause higher insurance costs. And of course other things also cause increased insurance costs. But the reverse is not true: increasing insurance costs don't cause higher health care costs.Again, nothing in that article contradicts this very basic, very obvious observation."Mike had a slightly different take:"I think your correspondent is just being obtuse. Of course increasing enrollment increases overall insurance expense.  Doesn't it always?  Specifically, ACA will cause Med...

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