Weekend News Roundup - 12/16/2012

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December 17, 2012 - 9:21am

by: Jeremy DuffNEWS - 12/14/2012 QQ: what was the most-played game this year? I can haz vudyeogaem nao? Arma 3 postponed to 2013 due to "unexpected circumstances" Red Orchestra 2 celebrates new content with free weekend on Steam Earth Defense Force 2025: Entomophobics need not apply Meet (some of) the guns of Dust 514 SimBim announces a mega bundle for purchase on Steam Alpha screenshots and video released for A Valley Without Wind 2 Fuel Overdose blasting its way to PSN in January Capcom’s next crossover: Street Fighter X Sanrio?!?!?!? Nintendo Download for December 13, 2012: Day-late Edition DmC slashes its way to PC’s as well

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