What A Difference A Year Makes

From Seeking Alpha ETFs & Portfolio Strategy stocks
December 25, 2013 - 5:10am

ByInzkeeper:Three years ago, I began my journey as a self-directed investor as a swing-trader, starting with the remains of our life savings, a measly four-figure portfolio. A year and a half ago, after being directed to Seeking Alpha, I began to embrace a dividend-growth strategy and this year plunged right in. What a difference one year makes.In my trading days, I typically held six stocks. I had a pretty disciplined, protective trading strategy. It was working, our portfolio was growing and I spent every spare moment researching, learning, thinking about, and hoping to rebuild the possibility of security in a pensionless retirement. I was keenly aware of how each trading decision affected our future and incessantly worried about the current market action. My family was supportive but unimpressed when my new hobby became an obsession as I began to exhibit a variety of stress symptoms. GOAL As my understandingComplete Story »

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