What a New, Cheap iPhone Reveals About Apple's Grand Strategy.

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January 9, 2013 - 8:16pm

By TheAtlanticThe rumors are in agreement: Apple is releasing a cheaper version of the iPhone. Maybe that news feels like a small retail announcement. If true, it's more like a keyhole into Apple's grand strategy since the death of its founder CEO.The biggest technology company in the world is in a position it rarely found itself in the last ten years under Steve Jobs -- playing catch-up in the race for market share. "Steve Jobs didn't care about market share," Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen said at a Quartz event in New York City last year. He wanted to invent amazing new products and sell them for a fat profit. In the 2000s, Apple didn't need to obsess over market share because it invented its own markets -- particularly with the iPod/iT

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