Where To Eat In Bed-Stuy

From The Infatuation Feed
March 17, 2017 - 12:37pm
Bed-Stuy is huge, so obviously there’s a lot of food. Hatian, Trinidadian, Mexican, French - take your pick. There’s everything here, and it’s all spread out across the neighborhood. So rather than walk a mile in search of dinner, use this guide to figure out exactly where you need to be. Here’s where you should eat tonight:The spots Swell Dive Bedford-Stuyvesant 1013 Bedford Ave Rating Coming Soon MAP Swell Dive is a Filipino/Tex-Mex place where you can get a taco at 1am. They do a few different kinds, but our late-night order is the one with chicken-fried spam. It is a highly enjoyable drunk food. The rest are fine - not as good as Chilo’s or Calaca, but they work for a quick meal. This is also a nice place to hang out. You can either sit at the bar or grab a booth or a table in back and play a board game (they have those). And when it’s nice out, there’s even a little backyard where you can eat your tacos and drink a cocktail out of a fishbowl. Peaches 393 Lewis Ave MAP For a somewhat casual, sit-down meal, Peaches is the go-to spot in Bed-Stuy. We aren’t saying it’s the only option (or even the best), but it’s a staple in this neighborhood the way Balthazaar is a staple in Soho. They do Southern food like grits, catfish, ribs, and cornbread, and it’s a great place to go for brunch. Come with a friend or bring your kids. This place is perfect for just about anyone. Peaches Hothouse 415 Tompkins Ave. MAP Nashville-style fried chicken is hard to find in NYC, but you can get a s

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