Three big trends impacting Tequila Sergio Mendoza

Apr 26 6:33am The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
Sergio Mendoza is the man behind Don Fulano Tequila. In an exclusive blog post for The Whisky Exchange, he shares his three big trends affecting the world of Tequila and mezcal, and also tells us... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - Three big trends impacting Tequila – Sergio Mendoza...
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Bookers Tommys Batch Bourbon Review

Apr 26 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Father John Rayls Rating: A Have you ever heard of a “marketing faux pas?” Beam Suntory recently experienced this when they underestimated the blowback from their passionate, loyal following concerning a near doubling in price for Booker’s Bourbon beginning in 2017. The tidal wave of criticism and threatened product rejection apparently gave the company ...
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The Ichiros Malt Mizunara Wood Reserve Japanese Pure Malt Whisky

Apr 25 10:48pm The Malt Impostor
[This vatted malt is a blend of whiskies from younger Chichibu casks and older Hanyu casks finished in Mizunara oak casks.] Notes from my dream journal:  In this dream I’m walking through a sound stage made to look like Martha Stewart’s house.  The wall paint and rugs match perfectly; the furniture is tasteful, restrained, and elegant; and even the bric-a-brac has a studied nonchalance that just says “it’s a good thing.”  But what I remember most are the smells.  First, there’s linen cleanliness and coconut coolness.  No doubt these are from the organic cleaning salves and towels I see on the table.  I turn next to see a small grill pan softening some cherry tomatoes until they shine, swell, and then wilt.  The next thing I know I’m smelling the bare arm of a farm chair into which I’ve collapsed, wondering just what kind of wood is this? Like other dreams, my awareness shifts to an entirely different set of circumstances with no rhyme or reason.  In my mouth there is purest nectar of angelic apricots, foamed raspberries, and creamed grapefruit—a veritable dessert mousse.  Gentle spice fires for a long time into the finish.  I’m now holding a large pipe [...]...
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GlenDronach 2003 (cask #1751 for The Duchess)

Apr 25 7:21pm WhiskyNotes
This is a GlenDronach 2003 selected for The Duchess in Holland. It is not your average GlenDronach as it was matured entirely in a Virgin oak hogshead (and not finished like most other virgin oak GlenDronach). GlenDronach 13 yo 2003  (53,9\%, OB for The Duchess 2016, Virgin oak hogshead #1751, 250 btl.) Nose: starts like […]...
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Bowmore, 20 Year Old 1996 Old Malt Cask

Apr 25 4:23pm The Whisky Barrel
We taste Hunter Laing & Co's latest Bowmore, 20 year old 1996 Old Malt Cask scotch whiskey. Our quick take on this single cask Islay scotch. The post Bowmore, 20 Year Old 1996 Old Malt Cask appeared first on The Whisky Barrel.
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Diageo Special Releases 2017

Apr 25 10:24am Malt Fascination
Weird. I’ve already been planning a whisky tasting and a trip to Scotland for 2018. Because of that, when I saw someone post the ‘Diageo Special Releases 2017’ I was mainly confused to why someone would post last year’s list. … Continue reading →...
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Method And Madness Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review

Apr 25 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Emma Briones Rating: B+ From the new range of experimental whiskeys created by Irish Distillers comes Method and Madness Single Malt Irish Whiskey. This is the second expression of a new range that, according to Irish Distillers, pushes the boundaries of Irish whiskey by mixing the experience of Midleton’s whiskey masters with the fresh ...
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Irish Single Malt 24 Years (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

Apr 24 7:51pm WhiskyNotes
Irish single malt 24 yo (46,8\%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company 2016, Batch #1, 50 cl, 264 btl.) - 91/100...
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Karuizawa Breaks Auction Record

Apr 24 3:40pm Whisky Advocate
By Jonny McCormick A bottle of Karuizawa 1960 52 year old, nicknamed “The Wanderer,” has broken the record for the most expensive standard-sized bottle of whisky sold at auction, wresting the title from the Yamazaki 50 year old. The record-breaking bid of $141,551/ HK$1.1million was set on April 2nd by Poly Auction Hong Kong (with […] The post Karuizawa Breaks Auction Record appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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WhiskyCritics Pacific Northwest Bourbon And Whisky-A-Thon

Apr 24 1:37pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
WhiskyCritic recently had the opportunity to sample a few of the bourbons and whiskies emanating from the Pacific Northwest section of the United States and while the bourbons/whiskies present did not represent the full swath of those available in the region, there were enough to get a good, ahem, “taste” of what might be in […]...
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Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon

Apr 24 3:29am The Scotch Noob
Brown Forman's Old Forester brand, in an attempt to avoid being left in the dust of the whisky hype train, is releasing a series of special-edition whiskies in honor of the brand's history of per-Prohibition distillation. ... uses a mashbill of 72\% corn, 18\% rye, and 10\% malted barley (for enzymes), the same as other Old Forester bottlings, and is by law at least 4 years of age. The 115 proof (57.5\% ABV) is the distiller's estimate of the probable bottling proof that would have been used during Prohibition for whisky intended for medicinal purposes .
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Four Common World Whisk(e)y Mistakes

Apr 24 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas A media buzz phrase these days is how we live in a “post-truth” environment, but active disinformation (to say nothing of ordinary ignorance) has been part of modern living for decades. Marketing truth and spin are more or less the same thing, applied to different fields of endeavor. Yet going on the ...
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Bluebird Distilling Rye Whiskey Review

Apr 24 2:21am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: B Bluebird Distilling is found in Phoenixville, Pennsylvanis, due northwest of Valley Forge National Historic Park. The founder, Jared Adkins, has a story familiar to anyone who knows the people who start craft breweries and distilleries: he ditched his white collar job to start his own booze-making business. Their Rye whiskey ...
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Banff 1971 (Dead Whisky Society)

Apr 23 7:21pm WhiskyNotes
Banff 37 yo 1971 (53,3\%, Dead Whisky Society 2008, cask #633, 565 btl.) - 92/100...
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Inside the Sale of Tuthilltown Spirits

Apr 23 5:46pm WhiskyCast
April 23, 2017 – “Brian and I had always had it in our minds that we weren’t going to die on the distillery room floor, and eventually be passing the whole of Tuthilltown over to a more substantial organization with the right resources.” That’s the way Tuthilltown Spirits co-founder Ralph Erenzo describes the decision he and partner Brian Lee made to sell their upstate New York distillery to William Grant & Sons. The two companies have been partners since 2010, when the family-owned maker of Glenfiddich and The Balvenie single malts bought Tuthilltown’s Hudson Whiskey brand while leaving production in Read More »...
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Corona Gets Ready For Summer

Apr 23 11:08am Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Are you ready for summer? Corona is – and they think you are too – which is why they have released their first-ever limited-edition “Summer Beach” can for Corona Extra. Corona is the top imported beer in the USA, with the “Summer Beach” Corona Extra can is targeted at millennials. “Summer Beach” Corona Extra will […]...
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The Rknar Minnesota Rye Whiskey

Apr 23 9:41am The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes: According to my Dungeons and Dragons manuals from my early teens, Roknar is a Dwarven “lesser god of greed, intrigue, lies, and the earth.” Sadly, that’s not the reference the folks at Far North were going for: really, it means “Warrior from the gods” in ancient Norse. Though the first possibility had me waxing nostalgic for my earlier days of utter nerddom, the second actually makes more sense as the name of and inspiration behind this whiskey–and explains why they were producing average-sized bottles and not just minis. Or perhaps the whole thing is about o vs. ø. Regardless, this whole line of thought does have me wishing I still had my 20-sided dice ready to hand (of course I still have them). But to shift from eponymy to olfaction, this field-to-glass whiskey first presents with notes of young, metallic rye grains being plucked from the ground by an elk wearing perfume–and wildflowers in her hair. That hint of youth is lacquered with sweet cherry, like from a Bourbon, but accompanied by a host of dried and smoked spices: cinnamon, clove, tarragon, and rosemary. The heirloom corn is noticeable, and it seems to be lurking around the back rows, itching [...]...
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High rums again

Apr 23 3:41am Whiskyfun
Angostura ?1824? (40\%, OB, Trinidad, +/-2016) - Demerara 14 yo 2002/2017 (46\%, Le Gus?t, cask #144, 300 bottles) - Diamond 8 yo 2008/2017 (59.3\%, Hunter Laing, Kill Devil, 239 bottles) - South Pacific 10 yo 2004/2015 (44\%, Compagnie des Indes, Fiji, cask #SF13, 302 bottles) - Demerara 1974/2001 (45\%, Samaroli)...
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Episode 638: April 23, 2017

Apr 23 1:47am WhiskyCast
The end of April has grain farmers in North America and Europe poised to get into the fields and start planting this year’s crops – and some of that grain will eventually wind up as whisky. Historically, many farmers distilled some of their grain into whiskey – both to prevent it from spoiling and to create something that could be sold or bartered. While those days are many decades in the past, a number of farmers have jumped back into distilling as a way to cultivate more profits than they get from selling grain to commodities brokers. We’ll meet the Read More »...
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The Macallan Mixes Photography With Whisky

Apr 22 10:56am Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Your wife interested in photographs? [He asked him knowingly] Well then, The Macallan has revealed their sixth release of their Masters of Photography series, in a collaboration with artist Steven Klein, exploring the theme of time, where each whisky bottle captures a moment in time. Klein captures his moment in time and then creates a […]...
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Three Vintages Of 1990s Bowmore

Apr 22 3:41am Whiskyfun
Bowmore 17 yo 1998 (58.6\%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #3.290, ?In a shaman?s teepee?, refill barrel, 150 bottles) - Bowmore 18 yo 1999/2017 ?Hand Filled? (51\%, OB, bourbon hogshead) - Bowmore 15 yo 2000 (54.5\%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #3.272, ?Perfect Potted Plants?, first fill barrel, 222 bottles)...
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Chivas Regal 18 Limited Edition Coming In May

Apr 21 12:21pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
If you are traveling and the urgent desire to purchase some Chivas Regal blended whiskey suddenly overwhelms you, then we have some good news – especially if you plan on being in Dubai or London next month – Chivas Regal is introducing their Chivas Regal 18 Ultimate Cask Collection First Fill French Oak Finish to […]...
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Earth Day: How Does Climate Change Impact Whisky?

Apr 21 10:55am The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
Earth Day takes place on Saturday 22 April, with the purpose of raising awareness about current threats to the earth and its natural resources. Such a day is an opportune time to ask ourselves how... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - Earth Day: How Does Climate Change Impact Whisky?...
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Blade and Bow 22 year old, Lord Calvert Black and Rabbit Hole Whiskeys

Apr 21 9:00am Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton The popular Blade and Bow 22 year old bourbon is returning in time for Derby Day, while Lord Calvert has a new Canadian blended whisky and Rabbit Hole Distilling, a new Kentucky whiskey brand, has rolled out two bourbons and a rye. Blade and Bow 22 year old Style: Straight bourbon Origin: Kentucky […] The post Blade and Bow 22 year old, Lord Calvert Black and Rabbit Hole Whiskeys appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Mortlach 12yo by G&M

Apr 21 6:35am Edinburgh Whisky Blog
It’s time for another quick dram from the treasures I managed to unearth at the Green Welly Stop a few weeks ago, following on from the incredible Longrow 1974 16yo. This time it’s from Mortlach, the ‘Beast of Dufftown’. I’ve long been a fan of Mortlach whisky, despite owners Diageo really pissing me off a [...]...
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Bad-ass Whisky Night #2 at De Whiskykoning

Apr 21 5:50am Malt Fascination
Last year I thought it was a good idea to organize a whisky tasting at Whiskyslijterij De Koning in Den Bosch. We already held an annual ‘winter whisky tasting’ there in November, with a line-up of six peated whiskies, focusing … Continue reading →...
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Three Glencadam

Apr 21 3:40am Whiskyfun
Glencadam ?Origin 1825? (40\%, OB, +/-2016) - Glencadam 18 yo (46\%, OB, +/-2016) - Glencadam 18 yo 1998/2016 (48.4\%, Douglas Laing, Old Particular, refill hogshead, cask # 11474, 310 bottles)...
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Q&A With Ralph Erenzo, Tuthilltown Distillery

Apr 21 3:05am The Whiskey Reviewer
The Founder of Tuthilltown And Hudson Looks Back As A Distiller And Talks About The Sale To William Grant & Sons By Richard Thomas When I first reached out to Ralph Erenzo, founder of Tuthilltown Distillery and Hudson Whiskey, it was with an eye the recently passed 10th anniversary of the founding of his distillery. ...
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Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Scotch Review

Apr 21 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Father John Rayls Rating: A- Since 1881, Bunnahabhain has been the Islay scotch very few people could pronounce. It’s actually spoken as boona-HAB-venn.  It’s also a Scotch whisky that many bourbon drinkers, like myself, can get behind. Ironically, Bunnahabhain has the largest production capacity of any distillery on Islay, but it uses that to ...
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Kentuckys Boone County Distilling Releasing 12 Year Old Single Barrel

Apr 20 8:59pm The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Boone County Distilling, situated in the Cincinnati metro area in Northern Kentucky, is poised to release a 12 Year Old Single Barrel and Barrel Proof version of their flagship bourbon, 1833 10 Year Old. Boone County Distilling’s 1833 10 Year Old Bourbon is based on increasingly unavailable aged stock made at what ...
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Cragganmore 1989 (Whisky Agency & LMdW)

Apr 20 7:25pm WhiskyNotes
Cragganmore 27 yo 1989 (52,1\%, The Whisky Agency ‘Art Nouveau Ladies’ 2017, hogshead, selected by LMdW) - 87/100...
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Baltimores Sagamore Spirit Opens Distillery Doors

Apr 20 4:44pm The Whiskey Reviewer
Sagamore Spirit, a Baltimore-based whiskey company, opens its waterfront distillery on East Cromwell Street in Port Covington on Friday, April 21, 2017. “We are proud to call the City of Baltimore our home,” said Brian Treacy, President of Sagamore Spirit. “Our team will continue to work hard to provide an incredible visitor experience, celebrate Maryland’s ...
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Longrow 1974 16yo

Apr 20 8:20am Edinburgh Whisky Blog
If you’re ever around Loch Lomond I implore you to pop in to the Green Welly Stop at Tyndrum. It is an absolute treasure trove of whisky, and in particular, weird and wonderful miniatures. I was up north a few weeks ago and passed through Tyndrum on my way home. Needless to say I stopped [...]...
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Unknown singles by well known bottlers

Apr 20 3:41am Whiskyfun
Speyside Region 2001/2015 (44.7\%, Archives, sherry butt, 180 bottles) - Speyside ?Very Old Selection? (46.3\%, Sansibar and S Spirit Selection, sherry butt, 322 bottles, 2016) - Sherry Cask ?01? 23 yo 1993/2016 (53.5\%, Svenska Eldvatten, 355 bottles) - Eagle of Spey 27 yo 1989/2017 (45.4\%, Riegger?s Selection) - Speyside Region 40 yo 1975/2016 (52.8\%, Club Qing, Hong Kong, fino sherry butt) - Sherry Cask ?06? 36 yo 1980/2016 (47.2\%, Svenska Eldvatten, 102 bottles) - Speyside Region 43 yo 1973/2017 (46.9\%, The Whisky Agency, refill sherry)...
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Art Eatables Bourbon Chocolatier

Apr 20 3:30am The Whiskey Reviewer
By April Manning During a recent stay in Louisville, Kentucky I was sitting in my hotel room perusing a Downtown Louisville map and I came upon an enticing location promising bourbon chocolates from a bourbon-certified chocolatier. Needless to say I was intrigued and found myself on my way to this ideal chocolate shop. Established in ...
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Kavalan PX Sherry Cask Strength Taiwanese Whisky Review

Apr 19 10:33pm The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Anyone familiar with my body of work knows that I am a booster of the spread of whisky-making around the world, and in tandem I have developed a strong interest in the issue of non-traditional climate and maturation. When Sweden and Australia get laurels, I’m thrilled. When lesser known places ...
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Pink Satin, 2015

Apr 19 9:37pm Sipology
Maker: Domaine Berrien, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA Grape: St. Vincent (per tasting room employee) Place of origin: Domaine Berrien estate, Lake Michigan Shore AVA, Michigan, USA Style: Semi-dry rosé ABV: Unknown. Purchased for $12 (winery) Appearance: Dark, almost bloody pink. Nose: Red currant, allspice, blueberry. Palate: Mild but full bodied. Semi-dry. Apple, cherry juice, white… Continue reading Pink Satin, 2015 →...
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Glenrothes 25 Years (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

Apr 19 7:02pm WhiskyNotes
Glenrothes 25 yo (49,7\%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company 2016, Batch #3, 50 cl, 139 btl.) - 88/100...
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The story of Kilchoman whisky distillery in five stages

Apr 19 12:36pm The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
Many people dream of starting their own whisky distillery, but the Wills family went ahead and did it, founding Kilchoman on Islay back in 2005. George Wills was our host for a tasting of the... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - The story of Kilchoman whisky distillery in five stages...
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Ardbeg Distillery & the Twenty One

Apr 19 9:55am Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Following on from a couple of rather hectic, but extremely fun, days at Bruichladdich distillery (you can see what I got up to here), myself and The Drinks Lady managed to squeeze in a visit to Ardbeg before (almost) missing our ferry back to the mainland. Ardbeg has long been a favourite of mine, with [...]...
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Dublin Liberties Distillery Breaks Ground

Apr 19 9:00am Whisky Advocate
Just a few years after Dublin’s first distillery in over a century opened, the city will soon have another. The Dublin Liberties Distillery has started construction work on its facility located at Old Mill Street in the city’s Liberties neighborhood. The €15 million project involves renovating a 300-year-old former mill and tannery building to encompass […] The post Dublin Liberties Distillery Breaks Ground appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Port Ellen from 11 to 33

Apr 19 3:40am Whiskyfun
Port Ellen 11 yo (46\%, Wilson & Morgan, Barrel Selection, bottled by Cadenhead, +/-1992) - Port Ellen 25 yo 1982/2008 (46\%, John Milroy Selection, refill sherry, casks #2030+35) - Port Ellen 33 yo 1983/2016 (55.9\%, The First Editions, Author?s Series, sherry butt, 142 bottles)...
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Michters 10 Year Old Single Barrel Rye Review (2017)

Apr 19 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: X Share :...
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Michters Single Barrel 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey Review (2017)

Apr 19 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Because Rye was the neglected stepchild of American whiskey for decades, whereas a 10 year old Bourbon is still a fairly affordable item, a 10 year old Rye is rarer and dearer. Add single barrel to the titles on the label, and you’ve got yourself something special. WhistlePig, for example, ...
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The John Milroy Glen Moray 19 Year 1996 (53.9% abv)

Apr 18 10:31pm The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes: The John Milroy Glen Moray 1996 19yo noses akin to the sensation–I imagine–of a glow-worm burrowing its way from the interior of a Comice pear into a grapefruit, and from that into a perfectly ripe Alampur Baneshan mango, and exiting that into the side of soapstone/acacia wood bowl that’s also loaded down with peaches and manna. It’s electrifying, like a MoRay-O-vacbattery or a Glen Electric Moray Eel. (Sorry.) There are some green fruits, too, and wax-laden butterscotch Q-tips made from pine needle shafts and marshmallow puffs that were used by a jolly leprechaun who evidently failed to heed the warnings of wise old leprechaun otologists. The mouth really brings the caramel and ex-bourbon cask vanilla. (Please, please, please don’t let it have been a sherry cask!) Vibrant, lively, bright, and piquant: It’s an amazing chutney on whitefish grilled over redwood boles. There are plums that moonlight as auto mechanics and recently vacuumed oriental rugs. Persian kittens licking their noses and mine, too. (That adorable sandpapery thing going on!) Meee-ow! The finish introduces a complex note of origami pterodactyls made from corrugated cardboard, that was in turn made from recycled asparagus pulp. Grilled oysters in tarragon pesto. It’s gloriously long, [...]...
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Rabbit Hole Distilling Bourbon

Apr 18 7:54pm THE CASKS
*Sincere thanks to Rabbit Hole Distilling for the sample. One of the hardest things about this craft spirits boom of the last several years has been separating the wheat from the chaff. Distinguishing not just the true distillers from the opportunistic source-and-bottlers, but also between the ones who are generally honest and upfront and the ones … Continue reading Rabbit Hole Distilling Bourbon...
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Glenburgie 1998 (Single Malts of Scotland)

Apr 18 7:18pm WhiskyNotes
Glenburgie 17 yo 1998 (54,1\%, Single Malts of Scotland 2016, bourbon hogshead #9914, 275 btl.) - 88/100...
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William Grant & Sons Acquires Tuthilltown Spirits

Apr 18 2:19pm WhiskyCast
April 18, 2017 – Seven years after buying the Hudson Whiskey brand from Tuthilltown Spirits founders Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee, William Grant & Sons has taken the widely-expected step to acquire the rest of the company, including its distillery in Gardiner, New York. The deal is the latest acquisition of a craft distiller by a major spirits producer seeking to enter the American craft whiskey market, following recent moves by Constellation Brands (High West and a minority stake in Catoctin Creek), Pernod Ricard (Smooth Ambler), Rémy Cointreau (Westland), and Sazerac (the Popcorn Sutton Distillery). Terms of the sale were Read More »...
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William Grant & Sons Buys Tuthilltown Distillery

Apr 18 2:13pm The Whiskey Reviewer
Owner of Grant’s And Glenfiddich Follows Up On 2010 Purchase Of Hudson Brand, Buys Distillery Independent family-owned Scottish distiller, William Grant & Sons, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Tuthilltown Spirits, New York State’s first distillery since Prohibition. Considered the inspiration of the American craft whiskey movement, Tuthilltown produces a number of craft spirits ...
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Our newest Boutique-y Whisky Glen Keith Batch 4

Apr 18 11:53am Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Ever since that fateful night out in 2013 with the chaps from Master of Malt, we have been lucky enough to release several batches of our That Boutique-y Whisky Company bottling. We chose Glen Keith, due to the highly experimental nature of the distillery, and the fact Chivas Bros have breathed new life into it [...]...
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Glenfiddich and Balvenie Owner Buys Tuthilltown Spirits

Apr 18 11:40am Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton Seven years after it acquired the Hudson whiskey brand—though not the distillery—from Tuthilltown Spirits, William Grant & Sons has bought the whole facility. The purchase price wasn’t disclosed, but it includes 36 acres, a restaurant and visitors center, a distillery with a capacity of 110,000 gallons, and several additional spirits brands, […] The post Glenfiddich and Balvenie Owner Buys Tuthilltown Spirits appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey Review

Apr 18 11:13am THE CASKS
*Sincere thanks to MH and Common Ground PR for the sample. Ezra Brooks is one of those days-of-yore sounding bourbon names that could easily make you think he was the inventor of the high rye mashbill or the “Louisville Limp” technique of rolling a barrel from rickhouse to rickhouse.* In fact, the name Ezra Brooks … Continue reading Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey – Review...
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Jim Beam Unveils Chicago Cubs Bottle

Apr 18 10:05am Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton As part of its partnership with the Chicago Cubs, announced earlier this year, Jim Beam is rolling out a limited-edition bottle of its trademark bourbon that celebrates the team’s World Series win last fall. The “Game 7 Batch” purportedly reached maturity—a full four years of age—the very night of the final […] The post Jim Beam Unveils Chicago Cubs Bottle appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Penna Dutch Malt Whiskey

Apr 18 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Debbie Shocair Rating: B+ Craft distilling is making its mark on our American spirits heritage, and New Liberty Distillers in Pennsylvania is a case in point. Their building, which houses not only the distillery, but also the rick house, once served as a horse stable. Much of the architecture, including the stables, has been ...
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Another bag of Bowmore

Apr 18 2:40am Whiskyfun
Bowmore 12 yo (40\%, OB, +/-2016) - Bowmore ?Vault Edition? (51.5\%, OB, First Release, 2016) - Bowmore 2000/2016 (59.5\%, The First Editions, refill hogshead, cask #HL12312, 230 bottles) - Bowmore 20 yo 1998/2017 (50\%, Hunter Laing, Old Malt Cask, cask # 13301, 275 bottles) - Bowmore 14 yo 2002/2016 (46\%, Chieftain?s, hogsheads, casks 815801-815810) - Bowmore 13 yo 2006/2016 (56.7\%, Cadenhead, Wine Cask, refill Burgundy, 276 bottles) - Bowmore 1962/1992 (43\%, Moon Import)...
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In remembrance - Tim Davis

Apr 17 8:33pm Bourbon Dork
Understand it's been some time since I've posted and truth is, I got lazy for a while. A friend and fellow whiskey enthusiast passed away the afternoon of April 8th.  He wasn't old and had not been feeling ill.  It was just one of those things that happens and then you're gone.  The reasons for his passing are to this day still unclear.  His family understandably is deeply saddened by the loss of a husband and father.Tim was only 49 years young and had a passion for life and the things of life.  My introduction to the fabled and rare Port Ellen Scotch was through the generosity of Tim.  When I had trouble sourcing a hard to find Japanese whiskey, Tim again helped out.  And when he was excited about a release of a 19 year old Caperdonach Scotch, Tim shared by sending bottles.  It wasn't just whiskey that he freely shared but his passion for his family and work.  All you have to do is peruse his Facebook page and see loads of pictures of his wife and two kids. His passing has left a hole for many of his friends and of course his family.  Too often we take for granted those that are around us only to realize when a person we care about is gone, the time was too short and regret sets in on missed opportunities of fellowship. A group I head up, 1789b is still in a bit of shock over Tim's passing as he was one of our own.  In our own way we desperately want to help the family and as such we will be conducting some charity auctions and donating the proceeds to the Davis children's 529 Education Fund. We are partnering with Tim's employer Rockfish Innovation Group and Pappy & Co. who have graciously donated bourbon and Pappy Van Winkle Cigars. If you knew Tim or simply want to know more, I encourage you to read some recent words from folks who knew Tim best. Rest in peace my friend.  It was my pleasure knowing you.Tim doubling up his bourbon allocation...
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Bladnoch 1990 (Sansibar)

Apr 17 7:18pm WhiskyNotes
Bladnoch 1990 (47,2\%, Sansibar ‘Chinese mask label’ 2016, sherry cask, 117 btl.) - 89/100...
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Macallan Masters of Photography Releases 6th Edition

Apr 17 10:41am Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton The Macallan has unveiled part 6 of its Masters of Photography series, a partnership between the scotch brand and celebrated photographers that has included projects with Annie Liebowitz and Mario Testino, among others. This year’s release features the work of Steven Klein, a frequent collaborator with Madonna, Lady Gaga, and other […] The post Macallan Masters of Photography Releases 6th Edition appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 4

Apr 17 3:29am The Scotch Noob
Glengoyne's whisky is distilled from Golden Promise barley, a low-yield heritage strain of barley used rarely in today's big-volume whisky industry (The Macallan is also known for using the strain). Glengoyne is also notable for the speed of its distillation (purportedly the slowest in Scotland), its total lack of peat even in the process water, and its location very near or perhaps on top of the invisible line dividing the Highlands and the Lowlands of Scotland. The Cask Strength batches are bottled without added coloring and without chill-filtration.
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