Makers Mark Puts A New Stave Into Private Barrel Programs

Mar 23 3:39am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas When Maker’s Mark carved its new Bourbon-aging cellar out of the adjacent hillside, the first of its kind in Kentucky, it was ostensibly to further the Maker’s 46 brand. In creating Maker’s 46, a Bourbon partially matured with French oak stave inserts, it was discovered the best results were obtained during the ...
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Ballotin Bourbon Ball Chocolate Whiskey

Mar 23 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Debbie Shocair Rating: B+ For those of you who think I should be eschewing anything resembling a flavored whiskey, I have two answers: First, if it’s tasty, why not? Second, I have always viewed the flavored whiskies (the good ones, anyway) as “gateway whiskeys,” luring the unsuspecting and under-acquainted palate into the realm of ...
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Octomore 10 Years (2nd edition)

Mar 22 8:39pm WhiskyNotes
Octomore 10 yo 2005 (57,3\%, OB 2016, second edition, 167 ppm, 18.000 btl.) - 87/100...
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Shady Lane Sparkling Riesling, 2014

Mar 22 7:39pm Sipology
Maker: Shady Lane Cellars, Suttons Bay, Michigan, USA Grape: Riesling (100\%) Style: Medium dry sparkling white wine (secondary fermentation was using the cuve close, aka “tank” method) Place of origin: Shady Lane estate (Blocks M, I & N), Leelanau Peninsula AVA, Michigan, USA ABV: 10.6\% Price: $25 (Michigan by the Bottle Tasting Room, Auburn Hills) For… Continue reading Shady Lane Sparkling Riesling, 2014 →...
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What Time Is It? Whisky Time! According To Louis Moinet

Mar 22 1:40pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
The more leisurely people might say that “any time” is a good time to be drinking whisky but Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet takes that literally – quite literally – as they have embedded a droplet of 1862 Old Vatted Glenlivet Scotch whisky directly into a series of their watches. Distributed by the appropriately named retailer, […]...
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The (Correct) List of Sherried Whiskies To Try Before You Die

Mar 22 11:03am The Malt Activist
I like making lists. Nothing OCD. Just helps me channel my thought process. For example if I have a number of people to kill I’ll probably make a list. Deciding who to off first. What weapon of choice to use. You know, the usual shit. Anyway, the other day I was lounging in my recliner, … Continue reading The (Correct) List of Sherried Whiskies To Try Before You Die...
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Five ways to get the most from Cognac

Mar 22 7:28am The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
Cognac expert Michelle Brachet came to our London shop on a mission to convert people to the wonders of this classy spirit. After wowing guests with her choices, it appears she succeeded. And if you... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - Five ways to get the most from Cognac...
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Bruichladdich Distillery & Octomore OBA Concept

Mar 22 7:25am Edinburgh Whisky Blog
As mentioned in my last post, I spent a couple of days in Campbeltown visiting Springbank Distillery with The Drinks Lady before heading over to Islay for a little get-to-know-you session with Bruichladdich. Actually, it was a bit more than that. As soon as we arrived on the island, we were greeted by Christy McFarlane [...]...
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Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain Bourbon Review

Mar 22 2:40am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: B Since 2011, Colonel E.H. Taylor whiskeys have become fan favorites among enthusiasts not just because of their quality, or even their place at the forefront of Bottled in Bond whiskeys, but also because the line yields limited editions that most actually have a decent shot at buying. So it is ...
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Az-Granata 5 Year Old Azerbaijani Whisky

Mar 21 10:09pm The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes: The Az-Granata 5 Year Old comes from the produce aisle of Dr. Moreau’s Hobby Shop. There’s burning diesel (naturally), cinnamon red hots, and the ashes of an oil refinery fire. The nose turns out to be relatively benign; the mouth is a stage five malignant cancer. [John: Bill! Cancer only has four stages!] As I said, stage five cancer. We also found Vienna sausages…brined in machine oil. They were offset by moldy dried apricots that underwent no redemptive fermentation. The finish is merciful, in the sense that the end comes quickly. We found it to be, by turns, antiseptic, analgesic, and appalling. Tastebuds were held for ransom, but they committed suicide before succumbing to the Stockholm Syndrome.     Rating: On the scale of titles of Oscar-winning movies– The Az-Granata 5 Year Old is Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven–I repeat, the rating is on the scale of titles, and only titles. Titles, not content. Titles. Unforgiven.                                                                             –Bill       –Our thanks to the Inimitable Ingrid for the sample!    ...
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Glen Elgin 1995 (Claxtons)

Mar 21 7:51pm WhiskyNotes
Glen Elgin 20 yo 1995 (51,5\%, Claxton’s 2016, refill hogshead #1609-1671, 294 btl.) - 83/100...
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Tyrconnell Reveals A 16-Year-Old Irish Whiskey

Mar 21 1:13pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
A little late for St. Patrick’s Day but a little late is better than never as The Tyrconnell has announced the release of their Tyrconnell 16-Year-Old single malt Irish whiskey. The Tyrconnell is produced in traditional pot stills, using double distillation, and is bottled at 46\% alcohol by volume [92 proof] and has matured in […]...
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WC Visits Tropical Paradise With Glenmorangie 18-Year-Old Extremely Rare

Mar 21 11:59am Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Usually when people win the lottery, one of the first things they say they want to do is take a holiday, trip or vacation to some type of tropical location. WhiskyCritic did this recently – alas, without winning an actual lottery – but you could say WC won the lottery when we tasted some of […]...
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Michters To Release This Years 10 Year Old Bourbon

Mar 21 10:33am The Whiskey Reviewer
Shortly after the induction of Michter’s Master Distiller Emeritus Willie Pratt into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame, Michter’s Master Distiller Pamela Heilmann is celebrating with the release of Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon. In a ceremony held in New York on February 28th, Whisky Magazine inducted Willie Pratt as the 40th member of its ...
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Firestone & Roberston TX Blended Whiskey Review

Mar 21 4:06am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: B In the United States, the words “blended whiskey” are usually associated with cheap rotgut. To cite just one particularly infamous example, Four Roses went from a popular Bourbon to an unpopular American blend before being revived into what is now a popular Bourbon again. Many Canadian whiskies have a dubious ...
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Tormore 1988 (Single Malts of Scotland)

Mar 20 8:22pm WhiskyNotes
Tormore 28 yo 1988 (63,3\%, Single Malts of Scotland 2016, cask #0602) - 88/100...
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Hochstadters Rye Coming Out With A 16 Year Old

Mar 20 3:56pm The Whiskey Reviewer
The Cooper Spirits Co., an independent producer of innovative, quality- focused spirits, announces the first ultra-premium Hochstadter’s offering: Hochstadter’s Family Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey. Aged 16 years, the 7,500 bottle limited release is a 123.8 proof, cask strength straight rye whiskey created for the most discerning connoisseurs and collectors. Hochstadter’s Family Reserve is made from ...
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Benromach Gets Woody

Mar 20 12:28pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Benromach has released Sassicaia Wood Finish 2009 – a limited-edition whisky initially matured in first-fill bourbon barrels before a finishing period spent in Sassicaia wine casks from the Bolgheri wine region in Italy. The Benromach Sassicaia Wood Finish 2009 has been bottled at 45\% alcohol by volume [90 proof]. Only 8000 bottles of The Benromach […]...
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Glenturret Releases 29-Year-Old In Honor Of Super Duper Cooper

Mar 20 11:56am Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Glenturret Distillery has released their Jamieson’s Jigger Edition – a 29-Year-Old single cask malt whisky which is in honor of the recently retired distillery’s cooper, Michael Jamieson [pictured], whose career as a cooper has spanned four decades. The Glenturret Jamieson’s Jigger Edition is a cask strength single malt whisky. Only 170 bottles of The Glenturret […]...
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Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (18-year) Blended Scotch

Mar 20 3:29am The Scotch Noob
Diageo's Johnnie Walker range added a Platinum Label to its pantheon of blended scotches in 2013, kicking against the goad of the NAS trend by including an 18 year-old age statement on the label. The blend contains whisky from 20 to 25 distilleries (likely most of them owned by Diageo) and is advertised as having a predominantly Speyside character with some hints of Islay peat.
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Cant Get A Rare Whiskey? Maybe A Lottery Can Help

Mar 20 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas The most frequent and common complaint found in American whiskey circles today is how certain brands have become almost impossible to obtain. Although these “chimeras” often retain approachable official pricing, they are said to be unavailable at those official two and three digit price points. According to such conventional complaints, the only ...
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Alberta Dark Batch Rye Whisky Review

Mar 20 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Father John Rayls Rating: A- When I ask my son about his relationship with a female, he will often respond “It’s complicated.” This is the best phrase to use when thinking about describing Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch. Dark Batch, a Canadian blend, has been available in Canada under a similar name since 2013 ...
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The John Milroy Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old 1990

Mar 19 10:43pm The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes: This dram recalls my days as a sous-chef in that Michelin-starred restaurant that shall remain nameless. Midday prep was a chore, but Clarissa, the head pastry chef, often made us her own take on Pop-Tarts®, complete with orange creamsicle filling, a lightly toasted almond crust, and a healthy drizzle of Devonshire cream. And the coffee Angie was usually drinking in the next station over always gave off a faint hint of cinnamon that added to the redolence. Or at least I thought it was cinnamon in her coffee: I discovered that she was in the midst of a project for which she was sucking some untold number of Red Hots candies into perfect spheres. I never asked her what the final product was supposed to be, but upon learning of this project, I immediately set out to ask Angie on a date. The nose here is heady stuff–just like that setting and that discovery. One day Clarissa made homemade donuts in the place of her usual Pop-Tarts. That day comes to mind when tasting this dram, largely because the mouth here has a hole in it. Nonetheless, the donuts that day were freshly glazed and dusted with tiny [...]...
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Benromach Sassicaia 2009

Mar 19 8:33pm WhiskyNotes
Benromach Sassicaia 2009 ‘Wood finish’ (45\%, OB 2017, 7783 btl.) - 81/100...
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Episode 633: March 19, 2017

Mar 19 3:57pm WhiskyCast
For years, whisky connoisseurs whispered about a mysterious Irish whiskey called Green Spot and begged friends traveling to Ireland to track down a bottle for them. While Green Spot nearly disappeared from the market years ago along with the other “Spot Whiskeys” from Dublin’s Mitchell & Son, the Mitchell family and Irish Distillers kept the brand alive through some of Irish Whiskey’s darkest days. Now, Green Spot and Green Spot Chateau Leoville Barton are part of the Single Pot Stills of Midleton range, while Yellow Spot has been revived and there’s talk that yet another one of the Spots may be Read More »...
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Keep on rumming with Demerara

Mar 19 4:40am Whiskyfun
Wood?s ?100 Old Navy Rum? (57\%, OB, Demerara, +/-2015) - Diamond 12 yo 2003/2016 (45\%, Compagnie des Indes, Guyana, cask #MSG17, 278 bottles) - Uitvlugt 1999/2016 (46\%, La Maison du Whisky, Transcontinental Rum Line, Guyana, 527 bottles) - Uitvlugt 17 yo 1999/2017 (60.8\%, The Whisky Barrel, Rabbie?s Rum, Guyana, cask #MPM-18) - Pusser?s ?British Navy Blue Label? (54.5\%, OB, blended rum, +/-2013)...
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The Glenfiddich 21, deconstructed

Mar 17 9:14pm The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes:  The Glenfiddich 21 stands atop the Glenfiddich core range, and it’s easy to see why.  The extra four months that it spends in a Reserva Rum Cask does something really special.  It’s kind of like the four months of summer after graduating college in May.  Though it’s ready to go, that extra time is sort of like an internship, or the perfect study abroad experience, or a short-lived romance. But what’s really remarkable is that the good people at Glenfiddich no longer want us to think of this special time so metaphorically.  They have thrown back the curtain, and shared with us three different components or stages of the production of the whisky that are not otherwise obtainable except in the imagination.  We tasted the retail product alongside samples of the unfinished 21 year old (cask strength), the rum-finished 21 year old (cask strength), and even the rum itself, whose essence remains in the finishing casks. We had a blast reviewing this “deconstruction” of the Glenfiddich 15 a couple of years ago.  Not only can we isolate the distinct elements of the finished whisky, but also appreciate the work of the master blender in putting together a superb [...]...
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Jameson Caskmates, Stout ed.

Mar 17 7:31pm Sipology
Maker: Irish Distillers, Midleton, Cork, Ireland (Pernod-Ricard) Style: Beer barrel finished blended Irish whiskey Age: NAS ABV: 40\% Michigan state minimum: $33 Parting words: The concept behind this whiskey is identical to the New Holland Beer Barrel bourbon I reviewed here, back in 2013. The only difference is that the whiskey producer is issuing this… Continue reading Jameson Caskmates, Stout ed. →...
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The Story of Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Mar 17 2:50pm WhiskyCast
For years, whiskey lovers spoke of a mysterious Irish Whiskey that could generally be found only in Ireland. Green Spot is a single pot still Irish Whiskey that was created by Mitchell & Son, the legendary Dublin wine and whiskey merchant. Green Spot got its name from the dab of green paint on each cask, and was one of four different Spot whiskeys bottled by the Mitchell family for decades using whiskey from Dublin’s John Jameson & Sons distillery. The Mitchells joined forces with Irish Distillers years ago to keep Green Spot alive, and the resurgence of worldwide interest in Read More »...
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Redbreast Sherry Finish Lustau Edition Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Reviewed

Mar 17 10:11am THE CASKS
I was going to write something snappy about St. Patrick, but frankly, I’ve kind of had it with the guy. We can all be pretty sure that he didn’t do most of the stuff he’s famous for, and the stuff he actually did do certainly doesn’t warrant millions of people pretending they’re Irish for a night, … Continue reading Redbreast Sherry Finish Lustau Edition Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey – Reviewed...
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My love affair with Irish whiskey

Mar 17 8:12am The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
Many people believe that whisky is all about Scotch. Even though whiskies from other countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Ireland are pretty good, why bother when you have such an array of styles from... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - My love affair with Irish whiskey...
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Old Crow Traveler for people going places

Mar 17 4:11am Billy's Booze Blog
Compared with most forms of transport, air travel is still quite new. But what planes miss out on to hovercraft and helicopters in novelty, they win in numbers of passengers and potential for classiness. These days Easyjet’s rip-top pouches of cut-price vodka Read More »...
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Three nice Glen Elgin

Mar 17 3:42am Whiskyfun
Glen Elgin 12 yo (43\%, OB, +/-2016) - Glen Elgin 1998/2014 (46\%, Gordon & MacPhail, Connoisseurs Choice, refill sherry) - Glen Elgin 20 yo 1995/2016 (51.5\%, Claxton?s, refill hogshead, 294 bottles)...
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Choice Irish Whiskeys For St. Patricks Day

Mar 17 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Father John Rayls “Slainte” is a traditional (and sometimes mispronounced) Celtic toast when drinking Irish whiskey. It means “health,” and is often combined with other Celtic words to make the toast more personal. In the American culture, a more appropriate meaning should be “slow your roll.” Of course, it doesn’t really mean that, but ...
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Irish single malt 1989 (Maltbarn)

Mar 16 8:18pm WhiskyNotes
Irish malt 27 yo 1989 (45,5\%, Maltbarn 2016, bourbon cask, 211 btl.) - 92/100...
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Australias Nant Distilling Enters Receivership

Mar 16 6:31pm WhiskyCast
March 16, 2017 – Another day, and another new chapter in the ongoing soap opera surrounding Australia’s Nant Distillery, where a receiver has now been appointed to protect the interests of one of the distillery’s largest secured creditors. Eclipx Commercial holds an estimated $2.5 million AUD ($1.92 million USD) of outstanding loans to Nant Distilling secured by stills and other distilling equipment, and has named FTI Consulting as receivers and managers for the Tasmanian distillery. Eclipx specializes in providing industrial financing and equipment leasing to companies in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, receivers are typically assigned to recover as Read More »...
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James E. Pepper Distillery Project Picks Up Master Distiller

Mar 16 4:09pm The Whiskey Reviewer
The James Pepper Distilling Co., producer of the (currently sourced) James E. Pepper ‘1776’ whiskey brand, is pleased to announce that Aaron Schorsch has joined the team in the role of Master Distiller at the historic James E. Pepper Distillery in Lexington, KY.  Prior to joining the Pepper distillery, Schorsch spent 10 years as a ...
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Taiwans Kavalan Starts Sherry And Port Cask Series

Mar 16 3:42pm The Whiskey Reviewer
As Kavalan Single Malt Whisky celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2016 and making plans to expand its distilling capacity by breaking ground on a second distillery, the distillery located in Taiwan’s Yilan County now introduces a range of whiskies that explore the array of sherry styles plus port and their impact on maturation in Taiwan’s ...
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New Irish Whiskeys to Kick Off St. Patricks Day

Mar 16 2:23pm Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton In the last few years, Irish whiskeys have begun crowding bourbon and scotch on the shelf. In fact, Ireland’s distilling scene is undergoing an exciting renaissance—as detailed in our Winter 2016 issue. So it’s no surprise to see new brands hitting the U.S., especially around St. Paddy’s Day. Check out these […] The post New Irish Whiskeys to Kick Off St. Patrick’s Day appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Springbank Distillery & A Loch Fyne Single Cask

Mar 16 8:05am Edinburgh Whisky Blog
A couple of weeks ago, myself and The Drinks Lady headed over to Campbeltown for a couple of days to visit Springbank distillery, before heading to Islay (more on that soon). A lot has been written about Springbank, about the variety of the three styles of whisky it produces, about its continued use of ‘old [...]...
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WhistlePig Releases Its First (Partial) Farm To Bottle Whiskey

Mar 16 5:08am The Whiskey Reviewer
WhistlePig announced today the launch of FarmStock, the company’s much-anticipated estate release featuring whiskey distilled, aged, and bottled on its farm in Vermont. It is the culmination of the company’s founding vision to create a truly farm-to-bottle distillery, housing nearly every aspect of the whiskey-making process in one place. “FarmStock is our story,” said Raj ...
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A wee bag of blended malts

Mar 16 3:40am Whiskyfun
Johnnie Walker 15 yo ?Green Label? (43\%, OB, blended malt, +/-2016) - Sherry 15 yo (46\%, Malts of Scotland, blended malt, +/-2016) - Reference Series III (47.5\%, Master of Malts, blended malt, 2014) - Big Peat (46\%, Douglas Laing, blended Islay malt, +/-2016) - Peat Chimney ?Batch Strength ? (57\%, Wemyss Malts, blended malt, batch No.1, 6000 bottles, 2016)...
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Witherspoon Texas Bourbon Review

Mar 16 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ Let’s hear it for the United States Marines: they’ve secured another beachhead in Lewisville, Texas, and secured it with (and for) whiskey! Some former US Marines found themselves living in the Dallas area after their discharge from service and sharing a love for bourbon started the Witherspoon Distillery in ...
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Millstone 2013-2016, Peated PX Cask, 56.6% OB for Whisky in Leiden

Mar 16 2:53am Malt Fascination
Whisky in Leiden is the annual whisky festival hosted by, or De Druiventuin, or whatever their exact name is. They’re an awesome and vast whisky shop in, you guessed it, Leiden. Ever since Whisky Live NL moved back to … Continue reading →...
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Svenska Eldvatten Vintage 1994

Mar 15 8:52pm WhiskyNotes
Svenska Eldvatten 19 yo ‘Vintage 1994’ (54,5\%, Svenska Eldvatten 2013, single cask blended malt, sherry matured, 619 btl.) - 84/100...
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Chateau Aeronautique Pinot Noir, 2011

Mar 15 8:30pm Sipology
Maker: Chateau Aeronautique, Jackson, Michigan Place of origin: Michigan, USA Grape: Pinot Noir (100\%?) Vintage: 2011 ABV: Unknown, but seems high. Price: $25 (Michigan by the Bottle wine club) Appearance: Translucent ruby. Thick, juicy legs. Nose: Alcohol, oak, sweet cherry, blueberry. Palate: Medium bodied and blandly fruity. Roasted plantain, blueberry. Finish: Slightly tart, slightly tannic.… Continue reading Chateau Aeronautique Pinot Noir, 2011 →...
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Kentucky Derby 143 Woodford Reserve Bourbon Commemorative Bottle for 2017

Mar 15 12:08pm BourbonBlog
As Kentucky Derby 143 will be on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, the new Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey Commemorative Bottle for 2017 is being released this month. No related posts.
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Egans 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review

Mar 15 10:16am THE CASKS
Sincere thanks to SE and Nova Marketing for the sample. When one hears of an old brand being “revived,” it’s usually accompanied by a sharp wince and weary sigh of “haven’t we heard enough of this kind of thing?” All too often, a brand’s ancient history is inflated, conflated and romanticized, its current revivers claiming … Continue reading Egan’s 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey – Review...
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Bulleit Distillery Is Finally Open

Mar 15 9:24am Whisky Advocate
Thirty years after Tom Bulleit started the brand, Bulleit whiskey finally has a home of its own. Bulleit—which has sourced from numerous distilleries to supply its bourbon and rye labels over the years, including Four Roses and MGP—opened its distillery in Shelbyville, Kentucky yesterday with an official ribbon cutting ceremony attended by executives from parent […] The post Bulleit Distillery Is Finally Open appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Music in 2016

Mar 15 8:19am Malt Fascination
  Normally I do these lists in the week between Christmas and New Year, but this year I only wrote a post about my Whisky of the Year in that week. This happened, in part, because I kept discovering new music … Continue reading →...
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Ardbeg Launches Kelpie to Celebrate Ardbeg Day

Mar 15 6:08am Whisky Boys
On the 14th March 2017 we received confirmation that Ardbeg would be releasing a new expression for Ardbeg Day which this year falls on Saturday 3rd June 2017.  The date that... thanks for reading Whisky Boys Whisky Blog...
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Connacht Whiskey Company Releases New Irish-American Blend

Mar 15 3:49am The Whiskey Reviewer
Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. launches Brothership Irish-American Blended Whiskey, a unique blend of Irish and American whiskeys, highlighting the best of both spirits. Brothership Irish-American Blended Whiskey is an homage to the heritage of the company, which has roots in the U.S. and the West of Ireland, and will be available stateside just in time for ...
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Two 1990 Bladnoch

Mar 15 3:40am Whiskyfun
Bladnoch 1990/2016 ?Apple Syllabub? (46\%, Wemyss Malts, hogshead, 196 bottles) - Bladnoch 1990/2016 (47.2\%, Sansibar and S Spirits Shop, sherry)...
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Tullamore 18 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review

Mar 15 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: A In a move that truly bucked prevailing trends and certain pessimistic, cynical bloggers, when Tullamore Dew began winding down their much admired 10 Year Old “Four Wood” Single Malt it was not to replace it with one or more No Age Statement (NAS) whiskeys. Instead, they de facto replaced it ...
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Antique Lions of Spirits Birds (part 2)

Mar 14 7:52pm WhiskyNotes
Speyside Region Malt 41 yo 1975 (46,9\%, Antique Lions of Spirits ‘Bird label’ 2016, Fino cask, 230 btl.) - 92/100 Blair Athol 28 yo 1988 (51,2\%, Antique Lions of Spirits ‘Bird label’ 2016, 262 btl.) - 89/100 Fettercairn 28 yo 1988 (50,6\%, Antique Lions of Spirits ‘Bird label’ 2016, 292 btl.) - 88/100...
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Bulleit Cuts The Ribbon On Shelbyville, Kentucky Distillery

Mar 14 5:25pm The Whiskey Reviewer
Bulleit Bourbon celebrates its 30th anniversary with the official ribbon cutting event for the opening of its new distillery in Shelbyville, Ky. Governor Matt Bevin and a number of other elected officials and dignitaries joined Bulleit Distilling Co. Founder Tom Bulleit for the festivities and tours of the new distillery. “We’re so proud to open ...
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Latest Col. E.H. Taylor Whiskey, A Four Grain Bourbon, Heading Out Now

Mar 14 2:01pm The Whiskey Reviewer
Buffalo Trace Distillery continues its homage to former Distillery owner Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. with a special release bourbon whiskey made using four grains in the bourbon recipe.  This 100 proof, Bottled-In-Bond, small batch recipe bourbon was aged for 12 years and is a limited edition release. Made from a distinct bourbon recipe using ...
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The Drouet VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne, 40.3%

Mar 14 1:10pm The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes: Warming this unexpected treat of the Drouet VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne, 40.3\%, in my hand further rewards my patience by trumpeting unambiguously that acidic green apples are being sliced nearby with a rosewood-handled Damascus steel blade. They’re being cut in a clean linen closet that doubles, in the back, as the Moth Queen’s palace. There’s a controlled and somewhat surprising fire, as if your waiter unannounced brought out a subdued cherry pumpernickel flambé. As longtime readers of our site blessed with near-photographic memory may recall, my first spirit love was cognac. I bowed out from it when soaring prices left me behind. Thus, as this simmers on my tongue like Picasso strumming a calypso beat on a Flamenco guitar—with steel drum accompaniment; thanks André Breton!—I’m Proust-like sent back to my (imaginary) days wandering the Latin Quarter, writing modernist poetry, drinking cheap wine in cafés and good cognac in the salons of my friends. That is to say, I get grilled lemons on brisket—how iconoclastic, Leo Stein!—with an acorn reduction sauce over burnt caramel ice cream. The finish sends me forward into a Jules Verne future, and my consciousness is thereby stretched thin; plucked by Picasso, reverberating along my [...]...
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Le Clos Goes All Out With Karuizawa Geisha

Mar 14 12:40pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
LeClos has unveiled their unique complete Karuizawa Geisha Series collection of Japanese whisky – which will be on display at the Dubai airport. The 27-bottle Karuizawa Geisha Series is comprised of whisky which have been aged 29, 30, 31 and 50 years from the distillery which closed 17 years ago. The Karuizawa Geisha Series will […]...
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