Grouped fire, a verticale of Glenrothes

Mar 13 3:40am Whiskyfun
Glenrothes 19 yo 1997/2016 (53.5\%, The Whisky Barrel, Burns Malt, sherry butt, cask #7157) - Glenrothes 19 yo 1997/2016 (51.8\%, Whisky-Fassle, sherry butt) - Glenrothes 20 yo 1996/2016 (52.9\%, Phil & Simon Thompson, Dornoch, cask #14) - Glenrothes 24 yo 1992/2016 ?Dow?s Cask? (57\%, OB for The Grimaldi Collection, Monaco, 322 bottles) - Glenrothes 26 yo 1989/2016 (53.8\%, The Single Malts of Scotland, hogshead, cask #8172, 241 bottles) - Glenrothes 1986/2017 (61.4\%, Gordon & MacPhail for The Whisky Show Old & Rare, cask # 20235)...
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Bunnahabhain 1988-2016, 28yo, 46.8% Single Malts of Scotland

Mar 13 3:35am Malt Fascination
Another sample in the box of Rorschach samples from Speciality Drinks Ltd. was this old Bunnahabhain whisky. Seeing this got my interest peaked since the vintages from 1987 to 1989 are generally quite spectacular for Bunnahabhain. I’ve worked my way … Continue reading →...
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Sonoma County Distilling Co. Single Barrel Rye

Mar 13 3:29am The Scotch Noob
Sonoma County Distilling, located in Rohnert Park, CA and opened in 2010, uses direct-fired copper alembic pot stills for its whiskies, which are twice-distilled (like most single-malt scotches, which are also distilled in pot stills). The 100\% rye in the mashbill is a combination of unmalted Canadian rye and malted rye from the UK.
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Best Irish Single Malts To Try For St. Patricks Day

Mar 13 3:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas St. Patrick’s Day is the day after tomorrow, and from then clear through the weekend people will be donning green attire, slurping green beer and chasing leprechauns. I humbly suggest one change in these annual festivities: ditch the green beer and have a dram or two of a fine Irish single malt ...
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Yellow Rose Premium Collection #1 Bourbon Review

Mar 13 2:30am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Debbie Shocair Rating: B In Yellow Rose Distilling’s Premium Collection #1 Bourbon, the first in a new series, the distillery and bottler is pursuing a well-trod path in adding craft and value to a product: get good stock and finish it in good casks. I may have spent the last decade or so soaking ...
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BenRiach 15 Year Old Tawny Port

Mar 12 8:13pm WhiskyNotes
BenRiach 15 yo ‘Tawny Port Finish’ (46\%, OB +/- 2015) - 74/100...
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Forever Changed: the SMWS Japan Branch Changes Hands

Mar 12 6:30am Nonjatta
Post by Stefan Van Eycken, TokyoFrom April 1st – and this is not a premature April’s Fool joke, unfortunately – the Japanese branch of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) will be run by a new company. On that day, 16 years of nurturing by the incomparable Whisk-e team will come to an end. If this seems like “just one of those things”, a simple changing of the guard, we can you assure you it’s not. It will not only have an impact on the SMWS members in Japan but also affect lovers of quality Japanese whisky around the world, which is the main reason why we’re mentioning this here, as much as we hate to be the bearers of bad news.As most of you will know, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society was founded in 1983 in Edinburgh by Philip (Pip) Hills and a group of friends keen to share their love for single cask whiskies. In 2004, the Society was purchased by Glenmorangie. Contr...
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More French malternative-y rhums

Mar 12 3:42am Whiskyfun
La Favorite 12 yo 2002/2014 ?Reserve du Chateau? (43\%, OB, La Martinique, agricole) - La Favorite 14 yo 2000/2014 ?Reserve du Chateau? (43\%, OB, La Martinique, agricole) - La Favorite 1985/2015 ?Cuvee de la Flibuste? (40\%, OB, La Martinique, agricole) - Karukera 2009/2016 ?Select Casks? (45\%, OB, Guadeloupe, agricole) - Karukera 2008/2016 ?L?Expression? (48.1\%, OB, Guadeloupe, agricole)...
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Episode 632: March 12, 2017

Mar 12 12:39am WhiskyCast
Whisky was historically thought of as a “man’s drink” – but today, not only are more women drinking whisky, but women make up around 40\% of the Scotch Whisky industry’s work force. Diageo’s Maureen Robinson is one of the industry’s pioneering women, and is celebrating her 40th anniversary in the whisky business this month. She’s the first woman to hold the title of Master Blender in Scotland, and joins us for this week’s WhiskyCast In-Depth. We’ll talk not only about the changes she’s seen over the last four decades, but the subtle art and science that goes into blending whiskies, too. Read More »...
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Nant Distillery Founders Deny Accusations of Missing Barrels

Mar 11 2:36pm WhiskyCast
March 11, 2017 – The founders of Australia’s Nant Distillery are fighting back against claims they took money from investors for more than 700 barrels of whisky to be filled – then never filled the barrels. The accusation came in a letter to Nant barrel investors this week from Australian Whisky Holdings CEO Chris Malcolm following an audit of barrels stored at the Tasmanian distillery. Australian Whisky Holdings acquired the Nant Estate last month from founder Keith Batt’s Nant Group/NAW Parties, but a separate deal to acquire Nant’s distillery equipment and intellectual property fell through – leading to a conflict Read More »...
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The Blackadder Red Snake Raw Cask (60.2% abv)

Mar 11 1:04pm The Malt Impostor
Tasting notes:  Imagine a fine, dry earth that’s neither imbued with clay nor a rich, loamy type. Now imagine it has percolite in it, along with fruits plucked from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Now imagine you’re a gardener. I say that because if you were a gardener, the level of enthusiasm the smell of such earth would provoke in you tracks the earthy, sherry enthusiasm that emanates from this dram. But beyond that, once the funk blows off, it’s as if a sophisticated distiller made a spirit from cherry blossoms and gunpowder residue. On the mouth, there’s mushroom flavored caramel popcorn that’s much better than you would have suspected when your cousins left you only that wedge of the popcorn tin. But then that second wave comes, and it’s old Sweet Tarts™ crushed under the cloven hooves of Beelzebub just to torture the few bad children that actually...
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Bushmills Sees Red For St. Patricks Day

Mar 11 10:53am Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
In yet another announcement timed for St. Patrick’s Day, Bushmills is seeing red with their launch of what they are calling Red Bush blended whiskey. Bushmills Red Bush is a blend of triple-distilled Irish single malt and Irish grain whiskey that has been matured in a bourbon cask. Bushmills Red Bush is available beginning in […]...
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New: Tomatin Five Virtues

Mar 10 6:00pm WhiskyNotes
Whisky news: Tomatin Five Virtues - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water...
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Ardbeg Kelpie, Tamdhu Batch Strength, and American Born Bourbon

Mar 10 4:37pm Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton Ardbeg has announced details of its latest Ardbeg Committee release, while Tamdhu is launching the second round of its Batch Strength edition, and a new bourbon rolls out from moonshine brand American Born. American Born Bourbon Style: Bourbon Proof: 41.5\% ABV Price: $25 Release: March 2017 Availability: Tennessee, Texas, and California to start, […] The post Ardbeg Kelpie, Tamdhu Batch Strength, and American Born Bourbon appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Speciality Drinks Single Malts of Scotland

Mar 10 8:11am Whisky Boys
Here at Whisky Boys HQ I received a selection of new releases from Speciality Drinks, on this fine afternoon I am taking the opportunity to taste three. I have chosen the... thanks for reading Whisky Boys Whisky Blog...
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St Patricks Day drinks more than Guinness

Mar 10 6:30am The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
St Patrick’s Day is the day when Ireland celebrates its patron saint, both a religious and cultural festival. As it approaches, how should you mark the occasion and more importantly, what should you drink? There’s... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - St Patrick’s Day drinks – more than Guinness...
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Hellyers Road Roaring 40 Australian Whisky Review

Mar 10 2:30am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Emma Briones Rating: B Inspired by the story of explorer and cartographer Henry Hellyer, a group of dairy farmers founded a whisky distillery in the northwest of Tasmania. Eighteen years later, Hellyers Road is a best-selling, locally crafted Australian whisky, exported over to 20 countries. The first expression of their range is Hellyers Road ...
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Touring Makers Mark

Mar 10 2:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas When Maker’s Mark says they love having visitors stop by the distillery, that isn’t a modern thing. My first visit was in 1992, when even Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection was new. At that time, it was the only distillery in the state that could be called a proper tourist destination, that ...
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Connemara 22 Year Old

Mar 9 7:36pm WhiskyNotes
Connemara 22 yo (46\%, OB 2014, first-fill bourbon barrels, 3996 btl.) - 88/100...
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More Than 700 Investor Barrels Never Filled at Australias Nant Distillery

Mar 9 2:01pm WhiskyCast
March 9, 2017 – The saga of Nant Distillery’s spiral into numerous legal issues has taken another turn after an audit of the distillery’s maturing whisky stocks found “serious anomalies” in Nant’s “investor barrel program. According to Australian Whisky Holdings CEO Chris Malcolm, more than 700 barrels sold to investors since the distillery opened have never been filled with whisky. In addition, a large quantity of barrels that were filled for investors have been emptied, bottled, and sold without notifying the barrel owners – or paying them for the whisky. Malcolm accused Nant’s founders of then refilling those barrels with Read More »...
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Roe & Co Irish Whiskey and an interview with Brand Ambassador Peter OConnor

Mar 9 1:00pm Master of Malt Whisky Blog
The launch of new Irish whiskey Roe & Co also sees Diageo return to Irish whiskey and the George Roe name return to bottles, plus there’s a new distillery in the works! We spoke to Roe & Co brand ambassador Peter O’Connor to get the full lowdown.   There are at least four stories in […] The post Roe & Co Irish Whiskey and an interview with Brand Ambassador Peter O’Connor appeared first on Master of Malt Whisky Blog.
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Win a bottle of Springbank Local Barley #whiskyromance

Mar 9 11:35am Abbey Whisky Blog
Win a bottle of Springbank Local Barley!   If truth be told, we can understand there must be a lot of people disappointed to miss out on purchasing a bottle of the recent Local Barley release from Springbank. With only 9,000 bottles released worldwide, and demand at an all time high, our allocation sold out in just a few minutes. (1 bottle per person, on a first come, first served basis). For the lucky ones with quick fingers, congratulations, you did well! We hope that you're now enjoying the fruits of your labour, sharing this great dram with your friends. If you missed out, don't worry, here's another chance to grab a bottle!   Competition Prize   Following on from the first release, the second release in the Springbank Local Barley series is this 11 year old single malt Scotch whisky from Campbeltown. Produced using local Bere Barley from Aros farm in Argyll and matu...
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A few Glen Garioch, part two

Mar 9 2:40am Whiskyfun
Glen Garioch 23 yo 1991/2014 (51.7\%, Sansibar, 288 bottles) - Glengarioch 26 yo 1990/2016 (44.4\%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection, 186 bottles) - Glen Garioch 25 yo 1990/2016 ?La Norma? (52.1\%, Silver Seal, 243 bottles) - Glen Garioch 1975/1987 ?Coilltean? (57\%, Duthie for Samaroli, 648 bottles)...
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Bacon And Bourbon Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Mar 9 2:30am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas During my long stint in Portugal, I widened my cooking repertoire to fill all the things I craved and could not get locally. One of those items was macaroni and cheese, which I very quickly enhanced with extra items like onions, garlic, chives and/or bacon. Bringing up the bacon raised another possibility, ...
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Stolen 11 Year Old American Whiskey Review

Mar 9 2:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: B Stolen Spirits first gained attention with the introduction of its smoked rum and a marketing shtick that borrows a page from Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book and modernizes it. Now they have followed up on that with Stolen Whiskey. Stolen Whiskey began as an MGP product with which very few ...
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Jura 21, 44%

Mar 9 1:14am Malt Fascination
Jura is not one of my favorite distilleries. I got hugely turned off of them by some official 10 year old bottling from about a decade ago, and they’ve not been able to sway me back since. I know they’re … Continue reading →...
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Bessies Dram (Eiling Lim)

Mar 8 7:08pm WhiskyNotes
Bessie’s Dram – Islay single malt (51,3\%, Eiling Lim 2016) - 84/100...
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Tasting: Glen Grant 25 Year Old 1985, Old and Rare

Mar 8 3:54pm The Whisky Barrel
We taste Hunter Laing & Co's Glen Grant 25 year old 1985 Old & Rare scotch. Bottled in 2011, matured in a single hogshead cask and finished in a sherry butt. The post Tasting: Glen Grant 25 Year Old 1985, Old and Rare appeared first on The Whisky Barrel.
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My favourite women in the drinks world

Mar 8 6:37am The Whisky Exchange Whisky Blog
Today is International Women’s Day, so what better way to show our support than by looking at the way women have shaped our industry over the years. I started out in the industry more than... Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog - My favourite women in the drinks world...
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Irish Whiskey Trade Continues To Rise

Mar 8 6:28am The Whiskey Reviewer
This St. Patrick’s Day, more Americans will be toasting with a dram of high-end Irish Whiskey, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. With the booming consumer interest in brown spirits, Irish Whiskey has seen substantial growth over the last decade. In 2016, Irish Whiskey volumes were up 18.7 percent to 3.8 million cases and revenues ...
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A few Glen Garioch

Mar 8 3:40am Whiskyfun
Glen Garioch 12 yo (48\%, OB, +/-2016) - Glen Garioch 1998/2016 (57.5\%, Carn Mor, Celebration of the Cask, sherry hogshead, cask #3728, 220 bottles) - Glen Garioch 21 yo 1995/2016 (51.5\%, Douglas Laing, Old Particular, cask #11471, 290 bottles) - Glen Garioch 22 yo 1992/2014 (49.3\%, Sansibar, 136 bottles) - Glengarioch 23 yo 1991/2015 (54.1\%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, bourbon hogshead, 444 bottles)...
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Stranahans Colorado Whiskey Review

Mar 8 2:23am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Rating: B I used to refer to New York, Texas and Colorado as the three states contending to become “America’s Third Whiskey State.” I’m beginning to rethink if it’s still just those three, but a big part of why I originally put Colorado on the list was Stranahan’s, one of the early ...
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Benrinnes 1982-2009, 26yo, 57.4% The Bottlers

Mar 8 1:19am Malt Fascination
Benrinnes is one of those Diageo distilleries that isn’t bottled as a single malt often. Apart from some Flora & Fauna releases and the occassional Premium Edition, you have to turn to independent bottlers. Even those guys don’t have too … Continue reading →...
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Glentauchers 1996 (G&M vs. Whisky-Fssle)

Mar 7 7:59pm WhiskyNotes
Glentauchers 1996 (43\%, Gordon & MacPhail 2016, first-fill sherry) - 85/100 Glentauchers 18 yo 1996 (51,9\%, Whisky-Fässle 2014, bourbon barrel) - 87/100...
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Old Jameson Distillery Reopens To Tourism After Major Renovation

Mar 7 5:21pm The Whiskey Reviewer
Irish Distillers, Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines and producer of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys, has announced the reopening of the home of Jameson in Smithfield, Dublin, following a total investment of €11 million. The new look ‘Jameson Distillery Bow St.’ brand home, which was officially opened by Minister for ...
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Malt of the Month - Benromach 10 Year Old | Free Tasting Glass

Mar 7 5:14pm Abbey Whisky Blog
March Malt of the Month - Benromach 10 Year Old   We've got a fantastic offering for Malt of the Month for March. An award winning dram from Benromach distillery, created from 80\% bourbon barrels, 20\% sherry hogsheads with the final year spent in first fill Oloroso casks. So complex & developed for an entry level dram, this 10 year old single malt Scotch whisky from Speyside has been bottled at 43\% ABV. Offering superb value for money, if you've not tried Benromach 10 year old, you really should, it's stunning! Not only being handsomely priced at only £29.94 (RRP: £34.39), we're also giving away a free Benromach branded tasting glass with each bottle of Benromach 10 year old purchased for the month of March. * Benromach 10 Year Old - Abbey Whisky Tasting Notes Nose: Gentle smoke, spiced ginger, lots of stewed fruits, apples, raisins, figs, even a touch of prune? getting swe...
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Blood Oath Pact. No. 3 Coming

Mar 7 5:14pm The Whiskey Reviewer
St. Louis-based Luxco has launched Blood Oath Pact No. 3 – the third chapter in the limited release, ultra-premium bourbon series, Blood Oath. Pact No. 3 offers a union of three rye bourbons ranging in age from seven to 12 years. A 12-year rye bourbon is artfully joined by a seven-year rye bourbon and – ...
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Jameson Opens Up Bow Street Home For Tours

Mar 7 12:00pm Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson has officially opened their Jameson Distillery Bow St. for tours. Jameson offers three guided tours: ‘The Bow St. Experience’ tasting tour focusing on the stories of Jameson’s heritage and innovations; ‘The Whiskey Makers’ – a whiskey masterclass and ‘The Whiskey Shakers’ – a cocktail masterclass. Both masterclasses […]...
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Yellowstone 2016 Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Mar 7 11:19am THE CASKS
*Sincere thanks to MH and Common Ground PR for the sample. In his 2004 book, Bourbon Straight, Chuck Cowdery wrote about the Yellowstone brand, “There is no justification for a bourbon to be this bad…The venerable Yellowstone name deserves better. It should be put out of its misery.” Harsh words for an apparently harsh whiskey. … Continue reading Yellowstone 2016 Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon – Review...
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Four high-strength Amrut for Taiwan

Mar 7 3:40am Whiskyfun
Amrut 2009/2016 ?Virgin Oak? (60\%, OB for Hot Malt Taiwan, cask #958, 102 bottles, +/-2016) - Amrut ?Port Pipe? (59\%, OB, cask #2713, 346 bottles, 2013) - Amrut ?Intermediate Sherry? (57.1\%, OB, +/-2016) - Amrut 2011/2016 ?Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask? (56.5\%, OB for Hot Malt Taiwan, cask #4122, 624 bottles)...
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Ezra Brooks Rye Whiskey Review

Mar 7 2:17am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Randall H. Borkus Rating: C Ezra Brooks dates back to 1957, is known for its Bourbon, and has been a part of Luxco’s portfolio of whiskeys since 1993. Now the brand has added Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey to their product lineup. Luxco, Inc. is a leading producer, importer and marketer of alcohol beverages. Founded ...
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Caol Ila 1981-2011, 61.7% Scotts Selection

Mar 7 1:20am Malt Fascination
1981 Caol Ila. Apart from me being born in that year, and my wife as well, some other fairly great things happened too. One of the things that interest me most is the vast amount of awesome Caol Ila that … Continue reading →...
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Spirits for Small Change (2nd edition) raises over 9m yen

Mar 7 12:05am Nonjatta
Post by Stefan Van Eycken, Tokyo‘Spirits for Small Change’ has just announced the results of the second edition of their bi-annual charity event.The second edition raised a total of 9,146,564 yen (roughly 76,000EUR / 80,000USD), which was donated in its entirety to Bridge for Smile, a non-profit organization active all over Japan that seeks to provide underprivileged children on the verge of adulthood with the support they need to start independent lives. Part of the money raised by Spirits for Small Change will be used to aid children affected by the 2016 earthquake in Kumamoto.From left to right: David Croll (Whisk-e), Stefan Van Eycken & Scott van Leenen (Spirits for Small Change), Shin Araya (BrewDog Japan) and Atsushi Kamata (Bridge for Smile)‘Spirits for Small Change’ was founded in 2014 by yours truly, and is run together with Scott van Leenen. The second edition...
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A Peek Inside Dublins New Jameson Distillery Bow Street

Mar 6 7:33pm WhiskyCast
The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin has been one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions for years, but it closed at the end of August 2016 for an €11 million renovation project. It has now reopened as the Jameson Distillery Bow Street, with a whole new approach to go along with the new name. WhiskyCast’s Mark Gillespie takes us on an exclusive preview as construction workers were racing to complete their work in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2017. Links: Jameson Distillery Bow Street...
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Blair Athol 1988 (Maltbarn)

Mar 6 7:02pm WhiskyNotes
Blair Athol 28 yo 1988 (49,6\%, Maltbarn 2016, bourbon cask, 111 btl.) - 87/100...
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Top Ten Whiskies From the Spring 2017 Buying Guide

Mar 6 4:40pm Whisky Advocate
When exploring the Buying Guide in our Spring 2017 issue, don’t miss the top ten highest-scoring whiskies. 10. Spice Tree Extravaganza, 93 points, $140 9. Sheep Dip Islay Blended Malt, 93 points, $60 8. Ohishi Single Sherry Cask (cask 1257), 93 points, $75 7. Masterson’s 10 year old Rye (batch PSF3), 93 points, $89 6. […] The post Top Ten Whiskies From the Spring 2017 Buying Guide appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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Benromach (15 year)

Mar 6 3:29am The Scotch Noob
The 15 year continues the extra aging in first-fill sherry for an additional 5 years (for a total of 6 years) in oloroso. This extra aging gives the whisky a mahogany color and a deep, resinous sherry character. The sherry barrels are sourced from Bodegas Williams & Humbert in Jerez.
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Caol Ila, young ones, part three

Mar 6 3:28am Whiskyfun
Caol Ila 6 yo 2009/2016 ?Erin?s Drop? (59.9\%, Bar du Nord, 305 bottles) - Caol Ila 9 yo 2006/2015 (51.2\%, Eiling Lim, 109 bottles) - Caol Ila 13 yo 2003/2016 (58.9\%, Adelphi, cask #301264, 280 bottles) - Caol Ila 13 yo 2003/2016 (55.5\%, Maltbarn, sherry, 175 bottles) - Caol Ila 14 yo 2002/2016 (50.7\%, Valinch & Mallet, sherry hogshead, cask #16-242, 322 bottles)...
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Crafty Bottled In Bond Whiskeys

Mar 6 2:00am The Whiskey Reviewer
By Richard Thomas Although most headlines about the American micro-distilling movement tend to focus on its explosive growth, a boom that now has well over 1,000 small distilleries in operation with more on the way, as a serious observer of the whiskey part of that movement I prefer to monitor a different aspect: the gaining ...
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Bruichladdich 1992-2016, 23yo, 55.4% Single Malts of Scotland

Mar 6 12:58am Malt Fascination
In a recent ‘sample bomb’ from Speciality Drinks Ltd. was a sample of this Bruichladdich from 1992. Since I went to the Hielander Whisky Festival last month I’ve become quite enamoured by the somewhat older whiskies that independent bottlers are … Continue reading →...
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Single Cask Nation Undisclosed Islay 6 Year 2009 (2nd Fill PX Sherry Barrique)

Mar 5 11:13pm The Malt Impostor
[We missed getting this review out before this whisky sold out, but this one sold out almost right away, and quite a while ago now. So we then took our time getting the review out. And by that I mean we really took our time. But should you want to buy one at auction or off a money-challenged friend (why else would he be selling it?!?), these notes might help you decide how deep you should dig to do so.] Tasting notes:  I’m going to begin this review by lodging a complaint about the label: there is nothing undisclosed about this whisky.  Like a spy that can’t stop talking about how spy-tastic he is, the nose not only discloses its provenance, it shouts to anyone who will listen about its Islayness, its Islacity.  [Stephen: John, the point is that the label doesn’t disclose which Islay distillery it’s from, simply that it’s from the Islay region.] [John: “um, 404! File Not F...
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Glenrothes 1989 SMOS // Glenrothes 1986 for The Whisky Show

Mar 5 7:26pm WhiskyNotes
Glenrothes 26 yo 1989 (53,8\%, The Single Malts of Scotland 2016, refill hogshead #8172) - 87/100 Glenrothes 30 yo 1986 (61,4\%, Gordon & MacPhail for The Whisky Show Old & Rare 2017, refill bourbon barrel #20235, 62 btl.) - 90/100...
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Minor Case Goes Straight With Rye

Mar 5 9:57am Whisky Critic – Whisky Reviews & Articles – Style. Attitude. Whisky.
Minor Case has introduced their sherry cask-finished Straight Rye Whiskey bottled at 45\% alcohol by volume [90 proof]. Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey has been aged for two years and is available for $50 per bottle.
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Episode 631: March 5, 2017

Mar 5 1:40am WhiskyCast
Mickey Heads grew up about three miles from Islay’s Ardbeg Distillery, but the third-generation whisky maker never thought he’d wind up as the manager at Ardbeg. This week, he’s celebrating his tenth anniversary as Ardbeg’s manager and joins us on WhiskyCast In-Depth. We’ll also hear from Isabel Graham-Youll of Whisky.Auction, who helped police in London catch an alleged counterfeiter specializing in antique whiskies after spotting fakes the suspect tried to sell through her company’s online auction site. There’s plenty of news to report this week, including an update on the dispute over the future of Australia’s Nant Distillery and hundreds Read More »...
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Uncle Johns Perry

Mar 4 4:07pm Sipology
Maker: Uncle John’s, St. John’s, Michigan, USA Varietal: 100\% Bartlett Style: Dry Perry ABV: 5\% Price: $11/750 ml (Binny’s) Note: Note: At the time of purchase, I received a complimentary bottle of Russet cider and of Uncle John’s Apple Brandy. Appearance: Bright yellow with a big fizzy head. Nose: Fresh cut pear, golden delicious apples, kiwi,… Continue reading Uncle John’s Perry →...
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Buying Guide Top Ten Spring 2017: Chivas Regal Ultis

Mar 4 8:00am Whisky Advocate
The Spring 2017 issue of Whisky Advocate magazine hits newsstands in early March. We’re counting down the top ten highest-rated new releases as reviewed in the Whisky Advocate Buying Guide. For our Editor’s Choice, Value Pick and more great whiskies, subscribe now! #1—Chivas Regal Ultis, 40\%, $160 Captivating, enticing, and wonderfully charming, this first blended malt from Chivas Regal contains […] The post Buying Guide Top Ten Spring 2017: Chivas Regal Ultis appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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The 3rd Annual Water of Life Charity Whisky Event is in NYC May 18, 2017

Mar 3 9:32pm The Malt Impostor
For two years running now, Stephen has thoroughly enjoyed attending the Water of Life Charity Whisky Event in New York City. But instead of the normal long-winded post on it, I’m going to break it all down for you in some bullet points: Organizer: Dr. Matthew Lurin Type: High-end charity whisky event Charity: GIST Awareness Foundation Acronym: Gastrointestinal stromal tumors Charity bonus: the tickets are a tax-deductible charitable donation. Unique angle: Speed dating theme, in which pourers host five guests at one table for a short session before guests move on to the next table with a new pourer Unique angle takeaways: No annoying crowds shoving empty Glencairns in the face of the brand rep; wonderfully novel way to do a tasting VIP Ticket pros: premium pours, a very fancy commemorative glass, and access to outdoor patio where fantastic cigars can be enjoyed (standard ticket hol...
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Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength, Gift Shop Selection

Mar 3 7:23pm Sipology
Maker: Four Roses, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA Age: 9 1/2 y/o Warehouse RN, Barrel 57-2G Bottled August of 2015 Proof: 112.4 (56.2\% ABV) Purchased for $70? (from memory) Appearance: Bright caramel. Nose: Caramel, lavender,  alcohol, oak, butterscotch, pool chlorine. More light chlorine with water. Palate: Sweet on entry, butterscotch then burn. Bubblegum comes out with water.… Continue reading Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength, Gift Shop Selection →...
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New: Antique Lions of Whisky // Single Malts of Scotland // Glenturret

Mar 3 6:00pm WhiskyNotes
Whisky news: Antique Lions of Whisky 'The Birds' // Single Malts of Scotland // Glenturret Jamieson's Jigger Edition // Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength...
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New Rye and a 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Mar 3 4:40pm Whisky Advocate
By Susannah Skiver Barton This week, there’s a 10 year old Irish whiskey from The Dubliner, and Limestone Branch is launching a new rye brand. Minor Case Rye Style: Straight rye whiskey Proof: 45\% ABV Price: $50 Release: March 2017 Availability: Widely available Need to know: A new brand from Limestone Branch, this 2 year old […] The post New Rye and a 10 Year Old Irish Whiskey appeared first on Whisky Advocate.
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