Who's Better: Jerry Rice or Randy Moss?.

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January 30, 2013 - 5:37pm

By NumberFireAt Media Day today, Randy Moss proclaimed himself as the greatest receiver of all-time. Not in Georgia - shout out to Charley Steiner and Evander Holyfield - but of allllllll time. What do you think Jerry Rice has to say about that, not to mention the legions of others who can stake a semi-legitimate claim to that?Unlike a fight with your girlfriend, there is one way to solve this argument - math. We're going to turn to the cold, impartial hand of math and get this sorted out, once and for all.MethodologyWe all know that Jerry Rice is tops in history when it comes to career receptions, yards, and touchdowns; there is no dispute of that. However like any sabrematrician could tell you, counting statistics are just that: simple counts of what happened, with no context towards the opponent, situation, and so on. It tel

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