Why Apple Is The Next Sony

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December 23, 2012 - 9:50am

By TheBrooklynInvestorOK, this title is meant to mock the book about Goldman Sachs with a similar title.  I have never worked for Apple, so this is misleading. Warning:  This post has no data or any analysis.  It's just opinion, like a dinner table conversation with family on what worries me as an Apple shareholder (or former shareholder, current shorter) so maybe it's more of a rant or lengthy rambling. So those looking for spreadsheets, data, channel-checks and information from Asian expert networks on Apple supplier order trends can skip this post.Anyway, first of all, I do admit that a long Apple position has been the biggest dollar contributor to my performance this year; I owned the stock for much of the first half of the year.   And then I got short starting in October or so when I posted about that here (and got more comments (or close to that) than any other post, ironically).  It was on October 11, in my post titled "Crash?!"

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