"Why Are You Interested in Our College?" - Interview Tips

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December 28, 2012 - 3:10am

"Why are you interested in our college?" It seems like such an easy interview question, and it is -- assuming you've done your homework and have some specific answers to provide. Comments about wanting a college degree and a good paycheck aren't going to impress the interviewer, nor will comments about wanting to go where your friends are going. The best response will show that you've researched the school and have identified distinctive features that excite you. Many colleges place significant weight on how well your application "demonstrates interest" in their school. The interview (this question in particular) is a great place to demonstrate that interest. When you answer this interview question, you need a response that is focused on the college's unique identity. Generic answers that could apply to multiple colleges won't convince the interviewer that your interest in his or her co...

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