Why 2013 Could Be A Good Year Economically

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December 27, 2012 - 11:32am

THE WASHINGTON POST / WONK BLOG December 26, 2012 By: Neil Irwin (Note from Streettalklive:  I don't necessarily agree with Mr. Irwin's points.  However, in the context of a balanced approach we need to consider both sides of the economic argument in order to eliminate confirmation bias.) There is good reason to think that 2013 will be the finally be the year that the U.S. economic recovery really feels like a recovery: The biggest forces that have been holding the economy back finally seem to be subsiding. There is a risk, of course, that new headwinds will gather to hold the economy back — but more on that on Thursday and Friday. Today, a look at why this should, by all rights, be quite a happy new year. The recession began five years ago and ended more than three years ago. Yet some 12 million Americans are still looking for work, and many millions more would confirm that it hasn...

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