Why Local Blogging Works

From Small Business Search Marketing - Matt McGee
December 27, 2012 - 2:08am

Blogging is great, but does local blogging also work? If you’re a small/local business owner, that’s a smart question to ask if you’re thinking about using a local blog as a marketing tool. Note: I’m using the term “local blog” to refer to a blog where the main focus is local content. Real estate agents, travel- and tourism-related businesses, event-based businesses and more might be candidates to have a heavily …Read MoreThis is a post from Matt McGee's blog, Small Business Search Marketing. Why Local Blogging WorksWeb Designers, Agencies, & Marketing Firms: Work with us to deliver the best local search results for your clients and earn commissions. Expert, accurate, U.S.-based team will claim, verify and enhance your client's business listings and more. http://localsearchoptimization.com Related StoriesBest Time to Publish Blog Pos...

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