Extreme Cellars: Katskhi Pillar, Georgia

Mar 30 2:57am A Wine on VI
When doing research for the Georgian wine book, I came across many wondrous things in this little country in the Caucasus but one of the most fascinating was the Katskhi pillar. Located near the Northern... more>...
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Anson: Bordeaux wine consultants and their own chteaux

Mar 30 2:00am Decanter
Bordeaux's top wine consultants give professional advice to hundreds of estates in the region and beyond, but how about going straight to the source? Here is a list of top consultants and the châteaux that they own. Eric Boissenot in his lab. He is described by some as Bordeaux's secret weapon thanks to his work with many top Left Bank estates. Jane Anson reveals the estates owned by the top consultants... The post Anson: Bordeaux wine consultants and their own châteaux appeared first on Decanter.
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Article 50: Wine leaders lobby for interim deal after Brexit

Mar 30 1:50am Decanter
Wine producers, importers and retailers have united across the English Channel to call for a transitional deal that keeps trade flowing after the UK made good on its promise to trigger Article 50 and start the Brexit stopwatch. No deal not good enough, says UK and EU trade... The post Article 50: Wine leaders lobby for interim deal after Brexit appeared first on Decanter.
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Last Chance to Celebrate Washington Wine Month

Mar 30 12:48am Washington State Beer and Wine
Friday marks the end of Washington Wine Month, so why not celebrate it by going wine tasting? Local Seattle neighborhood Magnolia Village is hosting their popular Vino in the Village event. Bring your own glass and explore the neighborhood merchants while tasting special selections from 11 Washington wineries. Better yet, stock up on your favorite […]...
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QUINTA DO VALE MEO Douro Meandro 2014 $20 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 30 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
This Portuguese red is supple and juicy...
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SEA PEARL Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016 $12 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 30 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
A peppery New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc...
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ZIND-HUMBRECHT Riesling Alsace Turckheim Herrenweg 2014 $40 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 30 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
A racy Alsace white that is elegant and finely knit...
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Report on ProWein 2017

Mar 29 7:11pm Wine Reviews: A Wine Story
As I write this, ProWein 2017 is just finishing up. It is my fifth year, and the organization of this event has always been fabulous. This year – as every… More » The post Report on ProWein 2017 appeared first on Wine Reviews: A Wine Story.
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Five Changes to Jordan Chardonnay Winemaking: Can You Taste the Difference?

Mar 29 5:26pm The Journey of Jordan Winery
The inspiration for Jordan Chardonnay is the White Burgundies from Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet, and while we never want to change our crisp, balanced style of wine, John Jordan believes in constant evolution; we are always […]...
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Napa Wine Tasting Discounts | New Winery Partners

Mar 29 4:54pm California Winery Advisor
Tweet Napa wine tasting discounts can make your trip to the valley even more enjoyable. With our partner, The Priority Wine Pass, you can save […] The post Napa Wine Tasting Discounts | New Winery Partners appeared first on California Winery Advisor.
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You Can Get Chocolate Eggs from the Easter Bunny at Dracula's Castle

Mar 29 4:42pm Hungry Crowd
As you can may or may not know, there are few things more terrifying than the Easter bunny. But here’s one: The Easter Bunny at Dracula’s Castle. But terrifying or not, that will be the children’s entertainment next month in the Transylvanian countryside at Bran Castle (AKA Dracula’s castle). The 14th century castle is now a historical tourist attraction, but it also hosts plenty of...
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I Took a Bath in Maple Syrup

Mar 29 4:10pm Hungry Crowd
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pancake yourself? Not in the sense of frying on a griddle, but in being slathered in maple syrup. If so, a new luxury spa treatment can supply the answer. A limited-time “hot-cake bath,” now offered at Tokyo’s Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot springs spa, consists primarily of maple syrup and is the latest iteration of the bathing-in-...
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Behind the Scenes With Alton Brown on the Set of the Brand New Iron Chef Gauntlet

Mar 29 3:55pm Hungry Crowd
Becoming an Iron Chef is no easy task, but you can bet the cooks have the highest quality tools and ingredients available to help them along the way. To prove it, host Alton Brown takes PEOPLE behind-the-scenes of the set of Iron Chef Gauntlet in the exclusive video above. “Although there’s culinary equipment scattered all over this kitchen, this is...
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Cindy Crawford Created This Monstrous, 11-Layer Burger

Mar 29 3:35pm Hungry Crowd
You may normally not put the word “burger” in the same sentence as Cindy Crawford, but the model is showing off her cooking skills—and you’re going to want to get in on the action. Crawford, 51, has teamed up with Umami Burger as part of their Artist Series to create a special, sky-high burger. For this endeavor, she joined forces with her husband Rande Gerber, who...
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You Can Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card if You Talk to Someone With Opposing Political Views

Mar 29 3:32pm Hungry Crowd
Free coffee for all...just as long as you promise to drink it with your enemies. That’s the premise behind one Harvard Business School startup, and it's already begun uniting people across the political divide. “Hi from the Other Side,” headed by student Henry Tsai, works to foster conversation between liberals and conservatives, and its latest stunt relies on...
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These Gorgeous "Brushstroke" Cakes Are Mesmerizing Instagram Users

Mar 29 3:31pm Hungry Crowd
One Russian bakery is turning heads and capturing hearts with its stunning “brushstroke cakes,” and once you get a glimpse of them, you’ll understand why. Alongside its more classic dessert offerings, Moscow bakery Kalabasa’s Instagram showcases jaw-dropping cakes decorated with what look like 3-D brushstrokes. In reality, of course, there’s no paint involved; they’re made of...
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The 2016 Bordeaux Barrels Diary: Margaux (Wine Spectator)

Mar 29 3:30pm WineSpectator.com: Blogs
Philippe Bascaules has taken the reins at Margaux's flagship first-growth...
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Bikini Models Eating Burgers Are a Thing of the Past at Carls Jr, Hardees

Mar 29 3:17pm Hungry Crowd
For over a decade, the two-for-the-price-of-one burger chains Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s have been putting flesh ahead of meat in their television advertisements, focusing more attention on scantily clad women than the burgers they were chowing down on. But in a new ad campaign launched today, the company has announced its time to grow up: Sexy models are out, replaced with a focus on the...
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Scientists Can Now Send the "Taste" of Lemonade to Someone Using the Internet

Mar 29 2:18pm Hungry Crowd
You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, carefully put them away in the fridge for later, then let some scientists in Singapore use electrodes and LED lights to remotely trick your taste buds into thinking you're drinking lemonade.  Okay, maybe not. But it might be only a matter of time before the saying really does change, because sending tastes...
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North Carolina Restaurant Bans Kids Under 5

Mar 29 1:31pm Hungry Crowd
While it is not popular with customers, banning children is a strategy that has become more and more popular with restaurant owners over the last several years. And while the enacting of such a policy conjures up images of tuxedoed big city maître d’s with some sort of unplaceable Western European accent, a town in North Carolina restaurant is letting its customers in on some of...
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America Has More Breweries Than Colleges

Mar 29 1:29pm Hungry Crowd
This week, the Brewers Association – the trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers – released its annual data on the growth in craft brewing for the previous year. As any beer fan could probably anticipate, the general trend was the same as it’s been for about a decade: craft beer continues to boom. However, a deeper dive adds an interesting wrinkle:...
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94-Year-Old Woman Has Worked at McDonald's for 44 Years

Mar 29 1:27pm Hungry Crowd
94-year-old Loraine Maurer has been working at McDonald’s for 44 years and has no plans of retiring anytime soon. “If you don’t like your job, it’s a job, but I love it,” she tells PEOPLE. “The people, the clientele, that’s why I stuck with it.” Since 1973, Maurer has worked at a number of locations in Evansville, Indiana. During the winter months, everyone from her fellow...
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How to Make the Best-Ever Seder Plate

Mar 29 1:22pm Hungry Crowd
Passover is a holiday that draws mixed reactions. Some people look forward to it as a time to see their families and embrace traditions passed down through generations. Others dread listening to elderly family members recite Hebrew for an extended period of time. What both camps can agree on, though, is that everyone looks forward to the Seder feast.  [\%related] Seders...
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This Lower Calorie Option Is Now Olive Garden's Most Popular Dish

Mar 29 12:07pm Hungry Crowd
It turns out lower-calorie dishes can also be good for a restaurant’s sales. Olive Garden’s top selling dish became shrimp scampi this month, supplanting long time incumbent chicken Alfredo, a company executive told Bloomberg News this week. The shrimp scampi has 500 calories, or a count barely more than a third that of the cheese and oil laden chicken Alfredo, but customers are...
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The One Thing Gordon Ramsay Refuses to Eat, No Matter What

Mar 29 11:46am Hungry Crowd
British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for being a pretty tough guy. The multi-Michelin star television personality rarely ever shies away from vocalizing his opinions and trying new things—sometimes blindly, like he did a few weeks ago in a mystery taste test segment on Jimmy Fallon. But in a recent interview, Ramsay revealed the one thing he would...
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New Wristband Can Supposedly Count Your Calories With No Help from You

Mar 29 11:44am Hungry Crowd
Many weight loss experts will tell you that the only real way to shed pounds is to burn more calories than you consume. That’s why calorie counting is such a popular method for tightening waistlines. However, anyone who has ever resorted to calorie counting (yes, it was my pre-wedding regimen) knows that the worst part of calorie counting is the actual calorie counting: Remembering to...
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Now There's a Meal Kit for Dessert And We Tried It

Mar 29 11:37am Hungry Crowd
Admittedly, as an avid baker myself, I was a little skeptical upon hearing about Red Velvet NYC, a dessert-focused meal kit service. After all, a dessert kit does sound like a pretty frivolous indulgence. But once I thought about it, I realized that it might actually make even more sense (and prove even more useful) than your...
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Desmond Tan Spreads Love and Tea Leaf Salad in His New Cookbook

Mar 29 11:34am Hungry Crowd
Desmond Tan was a regular. He stopped into Burma Superstar, a slip of a restaurant in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood, at least twice a week. It was the only place, besides his mom’s, that he could get the salty, sweet, sour Burmese food he grew up with as a mischievous kid back in Yangon, stealing mangos and smelling garlic and shrimp paste cooking in the home kitchen...
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This Former Skid Row Heroin Addict Now Makes Millions Selling Juice

Mar 29 11:19am Hungry Crowd
Two decades ago, Khalil Rafati was sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, strung out on heroin and cocaine. Today, according to a new BBC profile, his company, Sunlife Organics, makes $6 million annually between its six stores and online website, and Rafati himself is a millionaire. “I don’t consider myself super intelligent,” Rafati told the network. “But I have a hunger for...
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A Bordeaux Experience

Mar 29 11:13am Hoosier Wine Cellar | Indiana wines and wine guide
A month or so ago, while gazing wistfully at the dozens of Bordeaux on the Total Wine shelves and wondering why these wines have to cost so much, my wife hurried over with “news,” anxious to share it with me. My thoughts had been lost in the 1960s and 70s when I prowled the grand […]...
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Your Next Pizza Could Be Delivered by Robots

Mar 29 10:40am Hungry Crowd
The idea of robots delivering food may sound like an episode out of The Jetsons, but it will soon be a reality for one major pizza chain. Domino's has announced plans to partner with Estonian-based robot group Starship Technologies for sidewalk robots to replace that dreaded (and sometimes awkward) human interaction between two complete strangers.  [\%related] This isn't...
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8 Ways to Cure Motion Sickness on a Plane

Mar 29 10:37am Hungry Crowd
For some, a flight is nothing more than being confined to one seat for an extended period of time. For others, that nightmare is only exemplified by the fact that they're bound to feel nauseous and — if the motion sickness gets the best of them — may even actually throw up when the turbulence gets bad enough. Air sickness is a common plague for many travelers, but luckily there...
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Chrissy Teigens Vita Coco Outtakes Are Just as Funny as She Is

Mar 29 10:32am Hungry Crowd
In the latest news that has us wishing Chrissy Teigen and fam had their own reality TV show, the hilarious new mom filmed a commercial for Vita Coco, and the outtakes are just as funny as she is. Teigen stars in Vita Coco’s first-ever national TV commercial, which debuts April 4, and InStyle has a preview from behind the scenes at the set. In a series of hilarious outtakes (above),...
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Steak Frites Is the Perfect Date Food, According to Ludo Lefebvre

Mar 29 10:27am Hungry Crowd
Ludo Lefebvre talks family history and steak frites in this episode of Ludo à la Maison. This classic meat-and-potatoes dish has a nostalgic component for the L.A. chef, “My maman (mom) was always doing french fries for me on Saturday” he says, speaking about his childhood. He once made steak frites on a date with his then-girlfriend—“And I guess it worked, you know. Now I’m married...
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Here's What Jessica Chastain Ate on Her 40th Birthday

Mar 29 10:26am Hungry Crowd
Jessica Chastain kicked off her 40s with a trip of a lifetime—and a whole lot of guacamole. At the premiere for her new film The Zookeeper’s Wife, the Oscar-nominated actress, who turned 40 on Friday, spoke with the Associated Press about her birthday celebrations in Mexico over the weekend. “Honestly it was so relaxing,” she said. “I was with my friends and my loved ones...
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Sip and Serenade with Michael Schade, World Renowned Tenor

Mar 29 9:47am Wine Channel TV Digital Network
Michael Schade World-Renowned Tenor Wine Channel TV and “Sip Some Austria” continues as Jessica Altieri, CEO and host of Wine Channel TV, enjoys a one-of-a-kind “sip and sing” on the Wiener Riesenrad, a famous 200-foot-tall Ferris Wheel in Vienna, Austria. The Weiner Riesenrad was erected in 1897 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I. Joining in on the “Sip Some Austria” fun are Fritz and Lissi Wieninger, from Wieninger Wines, 3-star Michelin Chef Juan Amador, and Stefan Schauer from world-famous Staud’s preserves. Enjoy the Austrian authenticity as Jessica Altieri of Wine TV is serenaded by world-renowned tenor, [...] The post Sip and Serenade with Michael Schade, World Renowned Tenor appeared first on Wine Channel TV Digital Network - Wine TV Guide.
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You Can Order Dunkin Donuts Right from Your Waze App

Mar 29 9:47am Hungry Crowd
GPS apps love to boss us around: keep left, turn right, watch out for traffic ahead. Why am I hitting traffic, GPS? That’s why I put you in charge! But now, crowdsourced GPS app Waze is letting drivers give the orders – orders for Dunkin’ Donuts, at least. The Google-owned app has recently partnered with the massive donut chain to allow users to “order ahead” and have their donuts and...
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A Judge in This African Country Said Local Sprite, Fanta Bottler Selling Poison

Mar 29 8:45am Hungry Crowd
Most people have come to accept that soda isn’t the healthiest option, but in Nigeria, residents are being confronted with an even more serious issue: A court has ruled that a couple of pop brands for sale in the African country can be literally “poisonous.” [\%related] According to CNN, a Lagos High Court judge has ordered the Nigerian Bottling Company, the local producer of the...
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Daily Wine News: Pink Talks Wine

Mar 29 8:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
In Decanter, Chris Mercer talks with Pink (the singer) about taking WSET classes, being a big fan of biodynamics, and which grapes are growing best at her organic vineyard in southern California. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Esther Mobley attempts to digest and make sense of all the criticism to Bianca Bosker’s New York Times article. […]...
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Essential Non-Rocket Science (Wine Product Roundup For March 2017)

Mar 29 8:00am 1 Wine Dude
In wrapping up March, it’s time for me to round up some of the wine product samples that are sent to me (the kind that usually aren’t physically digestible) for the month. And today, I’d like to highlight two very recent wine book releases that won me over to the point of garnering fairly high […] Grab The 1WineDude.com Tasting Guide and start getting more out of every glass of wine today! Shop Wine Products at Amazon.com Copyright © 2016. Originally at Essential Non-Rocket Science (Wine Product Roundup For March 2017) from 1WineDude.com - for personal, non-commercial use only. Cheers!...
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Tercero The Climb 2010

Mar 29 5:10am Exotic Wine Travel
Reading Time: Welcome to As Drunk By Exotic Wine Travel, a new weekly column where we feature wines that are worthy of your attention. The wine reviews featured in this series can be written by either one or the both of us. The featured wines can be from obscure or more well-known wine regions. Sit back, grab... The post Tercero The Climb 2010 appeared first on Exotic Wine Travel.
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Bordeaux 2016: What merchants and traders are saying about price

Mar 29 4:01am Decanter
Bordeaux should make fewer pricing decisions 'behind closed doors', says a report ahead of en primeur tasting week as new research suggests international merchants are hoping that 2016 prices won't sour the fine market's recovery story. How much of Bordeaux 2016 will be sold in-barrel? Expert commentary from Liv-ex, Wine Lister & BI... The post Bordeaux 2016: What merchants and traders are saying about price appeared first on Decanter.
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What does Brexit mean for supermarket wine? ask Decanter

Mar 29 3:38am Decanter
What does Brexit mean for everyday supermarket wine prices? We take another look at this question now that the UK has triggered Article 50, kick-starting two years of negotiations that will lead to Britain leaving the European Union. Credit: Steve Cukrov / Alamy What does Brexit mean for everyday supermarket wine prices? The post What does Brexit mean for supermarket wine? – ask Decanter appeared first on Decanter.
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BODEGAS MARTINEZ CORTA Rioja Cepas Antiguas Seleccin Privada 2015 $13 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 29 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
A plump and generous Rioja red...
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LOUIS JADOT Gevrey-Chambertin 2014 $69 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 29 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
This red Burgundy is lively and elegant...
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WILLIAM HILL Chardonnay North Coast 2015 $17 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 29 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
A clean, refreshing California Chardonnay...
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Behold the drip-free wine bottle!

Mar 28 5:28pm Dr Vino's wine blog
Wine drip stains on white tablecloths have a new nemesis and his name is Daniel Perlman. The biophysicist at Brandeis University discovered that all it took to eliminate the bane of (red) wine pourers everywhere is to etch a small groove at the top of the bottle under the lip. We can but hope this […] The post Behold the drip-free wine bottle! appeared first on Dr Vino's wine blog.
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The Most Popular Wedding Trend on Pinterest Is This Cake

Mar 28 5:06pm Hungry Crowd
Move over, naked cakes: There’s a new reigning dessert in town. On Tuesday, Pinterest released its 2017 Wedding Report, which takes a look at what brides are saving to determine the year’s hottest trends in food, style, beauty, décor, and honeymoons. And this year, one craze stood out from all the rest. With 437 percent search growth on Pinterest over last year, drip cakes...
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Wine Legislation Roundup: A Consumer's Guide to 2017 State Politics (Wine Spectator)

Mar 28 5:00pm WineSpectator.com: News & Features
States set most of the rules for alcohol sales and production. So what are your state senators and representatives up to?...
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Here Is Lorde's Creme Egg-Themed Remix of "Green Light"

Mar 28 4:59pm Hungry Crowd
Lorde loves creme eggs (who doesn’t?) — so when she recently went on BBC Radio 1, host Grimmy had an idea: They would make her recent single “Green Light” about the Easter-themed candy. It all started when Lorde tweeted “soon I will eat a creme egg” on March 19. Once she showed up to the radio station, the egg was waiting for her, as well as lyrics to a new version of “Green Light”...
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2 Fool-ish Foods for April Fool's Day

Mar 28 4:37pm Hungry Crowd
As April Fool's Day approaches, it seems only fitting to discuss a much beloved food that shares a name with the holiday: The classic English fruit fool. Though this dessert dates back to the 1400s, it's not the first dish to share a namesake with the upcoming holiday. That distinction belongs to the Middle Eastern dish ful medames (pronounced fool  and commonly...
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How to Complain About Your Wine at a Restaurant

Mar 28 4:35pm Hungry Crowd
What kind of restaurant diner are you? Would you complain if you had a problem with the service? Or would you smile politely while clenching your fist under the table—in a non-confrontational manner? Sommelier Emily O’Hare gives advice on how to flag up a faulty wine, and what to expect from the restaurant when you do. How to complain about your wine As former head sommelier and...
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How to Eat Your Way Through the New Universal Orlando Theme Park

Mar 28 4:29pm Hungry Crowd
In the realm of theme park fare, Universal Orlando has a knack for going above and beyond the average standard of quality. From Butterbeer to Green Eggs and Ham to Krusty Burgers, food is a crucial component of the fully immersive experience in the worlds they’ve created, and it appears their newest park will be no different...
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Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Pizza is a Thing, And It's Kind of Beautiful

Mar 28 4:16pm Hungry Crowd
Pizza. Candy. Cherry blossoms.  These are three good things. Three great things. Three of the BEST things. Now, imagine a combination of all three. Yes, a cherry-blossom-cotton-candy pizza. Do you DARE?! [\%related] One pub in Tokyo (a German spot called Schmatz, to make things just a little more complicated) dared. And now, right as cherry blossom season begins, you...
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Good Background Music Will Make You Spend More on Dinner

Mar 28 4:05pm Hungry Crowd
It’s easy to dismiss the impact of background music on a meal, but think of it this way: If you had just settled in for a romantic dinner and death metal started playing, you might consider taking your business elsewhere. Yes, this example is a bit over the top, but it proves that music certainly can make a difference – to the point where a cottage industry for choosing proper dining...
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Perfect Italian Comfort Food Pairing with CaMomi Wine

Mar 28 4:04pm Wine Channel TV Digital Network
One Part Ca'Momi. One Part Pisolino Chicago. Everyone has their own go-to comfort food. We think it needs a good comfort wine. And we have a great combination for you to try for any occasion. Ca'Momi wines are all about the soul and passion of making wine for everyday living. They call it heartcrafted . And we agree. It's all about celebrating life with family and friends. And our comfort food pairing; Bucatini Carbonara from Chef  James David De Marte from Pisolino Chicago. Delightful and daring...we love the applewood smoked bacon in this legendary Italian dish. Watch the video for a perfect [...] The post Perfect Italian Comfort Food Pairing with Ca’Momi Wine appeared first on Wine Channel TV Digital Network - Wine TV Guide.
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L.A.'s Hottest Chefs Will Bring the Fire at Coachella 2017

Mar 28 3:06pm Hungry Crowd
Every good festival is a food festival now. In fact, the most civilized way to experience Coachella in 2017 involves sit-down dinners prepared by some of L.A.'s most buzzworthy chefs, as well as culinary powerhouses from around the country. The four-course Outstanding in the Field dinners, located this year in the festival's shaded Hacienda Del Toro, will take place at ...
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Washington Cask Beer Fest 2017 Review

Mar 28 2:33pm Washington State Beer and Wine
It was a happy Washington beer loving crowd at the afternoon Washington Cask Beer Festival 2017. The sold out crowd was there to taste full flavored cask beers, served at cellar temperature, and to support the Washington Brewers’ Guild. 43 Washington breweries brought a total of over 120 cask conditioned beers for participants to try. […]...
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The Weird Reason Online Shopping Could Get More Expensive

Mar 28 2:28pm Hungry Crowd
Out-of-print books, electronics, and that perfect handbag made by a crafter in Oakland: The Internet has long allowed Americans to buy stuff from sellers big and small all over the country. It has also helped shoppers do something else: skip out of paying sales tax. Now a number of cash-strapped states, including the third largest, are trying to make that a bit harder, and are...
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This Delivery Service Will Send Ros to Your Doorstep All Summer Long

Mar 28 2:25pm Hungry Crowd
This summer, you won't even have to leave your house to restock on rosé. If you're a rosé drinker, Summer Water Societé could keep you wine until it's time to stop wearing white. It's a subscription service that will deliver six bottles' worth of rosé to you every month for May, June, and July. And, while it's a shame that you can't have rosé arrive at your doorstep all year round, May...
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