Finnish Brewery Introduces 1,000-Pack of Beer

Apr 28 3:33pm Hungry Crowd
Sometimes a six-pack just isn’t enough. Hell, sometimes the 24 beers in a case just aren’t enough. That’s why some genius went ahead and invented the 30-pack. A few years ago, a brewery in Austin, Texas, even decided to joke around and release a 99-pack. But joke’s on them: A brewery in Finland has just blown the 99-pack out of the water. Grab your forklift because Keisari beer has...
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These Sushi Sneakers Are Weirdly Amazing

Apr 28 3:17pm Hungry Crowd
This sushi artist has invented a strange but super delightful sushi phenomenon: shoe-shi. Yujia Hu, the chef and artist behind Instagram sensation Onigiriart, has recreated some of your favorite shoe designs out of just sashimi, rice, and seaweed. The current collection of shoe-shi includes Nike high tops, Air Jordans, Vans, and even sneakers from the Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo...
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2016 Bordeaux Value Wine, Petit Chateau Report, Tasting Notes, Ratings

Apr 28 3:05pm The Wine Cellar Insider
The mark of a truly great Bordeaux vintage is when the small wines, also known as Petit Chateau make good wine. 2016 is packed with delicious Bordeaux value wines that will not break the bank and most should be fun to drink on release! Related posts: 2016 Pomerol Report Tasting Notes, Ratings, Harvest Info, Buying Guide 2016 Haut Medoc, Medoc Wine Tasting Notes, Ratings 2016 Margaux Tasting Notes, Ratings for all the best wines to buy...
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Hershey Introduces Candy Inspired by 6 States Including a BBQ-Flavored Bar

Apr 28 2:45pm Hungry Crowd
America loves candy – chocolate in particular. In 2016, we ate 1.3 million tonnes of it, that majority of the global supply. That is one major sweet tooth. Which is why it makes sense that Hershey would want to pay homage to the great nation that keeps it in business. Yesterday they announced that they planned to just do that, with a line of limited addition products that were...
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Ayesha Curry's Secrets to Healthy Eating and the 3 Things That Make Her Happy

Apr 28 2:28pm Hungry Crowd
Ayesha Curry—outspoken Christian, mom and sous vide-enthusiast—is about to embark on the second season of her cooking show, as her husband Steph Curry prepares for the second round of the NBA playoffs. Before Ayesha’s Home Kitchen returns on April 30, TIME spoke to Curry about making religion part of her brand, what she sees as the most overrated food (hint: it has a magical horn)...
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Restaurateur Ella Brennan Finally Gets the Documentary She Deserves

Apr 28 2:12pm Hungry Crowd
“Mom always wanted New Orleans to be the Paris of America,” Ti Martin says of her 91-year-old mother Ella Brennan, the restaurateur behind the famed Commander’s Palace. “She was very much on a mission to put New Orleans on the map.” But as Brennan would later prove, that didn’t mean simply copying the latest trends from Europe or hiring pedigreed French chefs. It meant having an...
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Wine tasting makes you wicked smart. Heres the scientific proof!

Apr 28 1:50pm Sediments – The Last Bottle Wines Blog
Solving a complex trigonometry equation. Driving a golf ball perfectly straight. Listening to Beethoven. Reasoning with your wife. What do these all have in... The post Wine tasting makes you wicked smart. Here’s the scientific proof! appeared first on Sediments - The Last Bottle Wines Blog.
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Foster Farms Recalls Chicken Patties Due to Plastic Contamination

Apr 28 1:43pm Hungry Crowd
This has been a weird month for food. Some unsavory things have made it into our supply: Golf balls, for instance, may have contaminated frozen hash browns. Soylent, a popular meal replacement, turned out to contain dairy after boasting it was vegan. There was also some animal encroachment into our grocery store greens: One couple found a live scorpion in their salad. Someone else came...
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Jonathan Gold Names Locol Restaurant of the Year

Apr 28 1:34pm Hungry Crowd
Famed Los Angeles restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has named Locol as The Los Angeles Times' Restaurant of the Year. “The choice was inevitable,” says Gold. “No restaurant in years may have made more of a difference.” This is the award's first year and Locol’s selection stands in opposition to New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells’ scorching zero star review of the...
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The Super-Long Sentence-Length Restaurant Naming Trend Happening Right Now

Apr 28 1:13pm Hungry Crowd
Restaurant naming trends come and go: Remember when every new spot's title involved an animal (The Spotted Pig, Girl & the Goat, Ox)? Or an ampersand (Emmer & Rye, Cakes & Ale, Juniper & Ivy)? Recently, we’ve noticed the rise of a more peculiar type of restaurant name: the complete sentence. We first saw this a few years ago at spots like Go...
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Get Excited for $4 Four-Packs of Sparkling Wine from Trader Joe's

Apr 28 12:49pm Hungry Crowd
In the beginning, there was Two Buck Chuck. Now, we've been introduced to yet another magical innovation by Trader Joe's: their exclusive line of sparkling white and rosé wines in a can, which will sell for just $3.99 for a four-pack. That's just about 99 cents for one 187mL can. Will TJ's wonders never cease?  Trader Joe's announced the delightful...
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There's a Secret Button on Your Airplane Seat That Will Instantly Give You More Room

Apr 28 12:42pm Hungry Crowd
Ever wish you could just press a button and your airplane seat would become instantly less confining? Well, you can. Kind of. As a traveler, there’s a lot we don’t know about airplanes: why the windows are round, why the lights dim during landing and takeoff, and how do those tiny tires on the landing gear not pop when they hit the runway? And, while we’ve explained all those quirks...
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Anthony Bourdain Returns to L.A. in the Season Premiere of 'Parts Unknown'

Apr 28 12:26pm Hungry Crowd
Bourdain is back this Sunday, and he's getting back to his political roots.  The premiere of the new season of Parts Unknown starts off in Los Angeles, with an episode that pretends “Nobody lives in L.A. but Mexicans” – and that means he’ll be eating tons of mouth watering Mexican dishes in both the traditional and re-imagined Mexican-American style. Bourdain has done one ...
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What to do if You Eat Something Really Spicy

Apr 28 12:22pm Hungry Crowd
Not all spice is created equal. There's the tingle-your-tongue kind—and then there's the kind that makes you want to drink from a fire hose. (Interesting fact: water is the last thing you want to drink when you've eaten something spicy. See step one.) Take horseradish, wasabi, Chinese mustard, ginger, onion, garlic, and black pepper, for example. They're spicy spices and condiments...
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Trump Hotel SoHo's Sushi Restaurant To Close After Steep Business Decline

Apr 28 11:58am Hungry Crowd
Trump hasn't had great luck with the food industry since the start of the 2016 election. Starbucks promised to hire 10,000 refugees in an apparent retaliation against his executive order banning travelers from several Muslim-majority countries. Tic Tacs, GrubHub, and Skittles each shared their own public snubs. And finally—what could be worse?—Anthony Bourdain ...
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Lea Michele Says She's "Never Eaten Fast Food" and Won't Touch Soda or Candy

Apr 28 11:50am Hungry Crowd
Lea Michele‘s enviable fit body is thanks in part to her ability to say no. “I’m good in the sense that I’ve never eaten fast food. I do not drink soda. I don’t eat candy,” she recently told E! News. The singer, who released her new album, Places, on Friday, says she keeps her house filled with only healthy foods so when she wants to binge it’s “good food that’s worth...
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First Rescued Food Supermarket Opens in Australia

Apr 28 11:44am Hungry Crowd
Food waste is a global problem, and almost every day it feels like stories emerge from around the world of different ways people are raising awareness of the issue and doing what little bits they personally can to address it. A couple of days ago, we wrote about how a brand of UK beer made from leftover bread was going to start brewing in the US. Today, there’s news of a popular food...
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The Two Foods Chrissy Teigen Won't Eat, No Matter What

Apr 28 11:43am Hungry Crowd
Model Chrissy Teigen may be obsessed with food and cooking, but that doesn't mean she considers herself a very adventurous eater. In fact, there are a handful of ingredients, foods, and flavors the cover girl actively avoids—and some of them might surprise you. There are flavors that I don't love, Teigen told Refinery29. I don't love capers. I don't love fennel. Aside...
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This Sparkling Negroni Is the Ultimate Weekend-Starter

Apr 28 11:27am Hungry Crowd
What really defines a Negroni? These days, virtually every cocktail bar has a cocktail that adheres to the spirit–bitter–vermouth template; and I love a stiff, bitter drink as much as the next girl. Mezcal, Cynar, Punt e Mes? Sign me up.  But these riffs often don’t capture the true character of a Negroni. (Nor, in fairness, do they always intend to.) A Negroni is a precise...
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7 Thirst-Quenching Bottles from Galicia, Spain's Spring Wine Mecca

Apr 28 11:24am Hungry Crowd
The barometer for wine coolness these days is drinkability. Rather than stocking up and hording away rich, tannic, and ageworthy bottles, more and more oenophiles are turning to youthful whites and reds with bright acidity and fruit purity. Wines that require decanting hours in advance or other pomp and ceremony: out. Wines you can pop and pour on the patio in lieu of a session beer:...
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Mario Batali and Jeremiah Tower Are Planning a Restaurant in Italy

Apr 28 11:14am Hungry Crowd
Chefs Mario Batali and Jeremiah Tower are planning to open a new restaurant on Italy's Amalfi Coast, according to Twitter and a Batali spokesperson. This would be the first partnership between the two industry titans, and it started as an off-the-cuff idea Tower mentioned in a recent interview. [brightcove:5176675248001 default] Per Tower, If...
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Why GrubHub is Still America's Most Popular Food Delivery Service

Apr 28 11:11am Hungry Crowd
In the sea of food delivery options available to hungry Americans, there is still just one dominant force: GrubHub.  The original food delivery giant (which merged with Seamless in 2013), brought food to 8.75 million people in the first quarter of 2017 alone. They averaged 324,000 customers per day. That’s a total of $898 million worth of rushed breakfasts, office lunches...
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The Beer Built for Airplanes Just Boarded a Lot More Flights

Apr 28 10:52am Hungry Crowd
In this day and age of special release limited-edition brews, drinkers are used to going out of their way to try unique beers. Still, throwing down a thousand dollars for a flight from Cathay Pacific’s home base of Hong Kong to a destination in the UK just to try the airline’s exclusive in-flight beer would probably be a bit excessive by almost anyone’s standards. So good news: Cathay...
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Today's 10 Best Deals on Kitchen Tools: all Your Garlic Troubles Solved and a 5-Star Magnetic Knife Holder

Apr 28 10:52am Hungry Crowd
Portion control isn't always the easiest concept to grapple (especially when you're a food lover, like we are!), but these color-coded Portion Control Containers, which come in a set of 14, make it so much easier. The whole kit and caboodle is on sale today for $15.88 (down from $59.99). This nifty little personal humidifier is great for anyone whose respiratory system suffers...
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Starbucks Will Add More Funky Drinks to Menu After Unicorn Frapp Boosts Sales

Apr 28 10:39am Hungry Crowd
Starbucks plans on rolling out more color-changing drinks this year following the success of its Unicorn Frappuccino, which drove a large amount of traffic to its U.S. chains during its five-day release in April. [brightcove:5403564382001 default] “Just stay tuned because we have a lot more coming,” the company’s former CEO, Howard Schultz, told a Thursday earnings conference...
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12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento Rich and Luscious

Apr 28 10:35am Reverse Wine Snob®
The 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento, an Italian version of a big, tasty Zinfandel. Primitivo from the province of Taranto, Salento, Puglia, Italy. The wine spends 12 months in American barriques after undergoing malolactic fermentation. This review is brought to you by CorkExclusive where you can buy wines like the 12 e mezzo Primitivo […] The post 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento – Rich and Luscious appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.
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7 Things You Should Know Before Proposing to Someone in a Restaurant

Apr 28 10:20am Hungry Crowd
As if proposing to someone weren’t terrifying enough, doing so in a public place like a restaurant raises the stakes exponentially. Not only could fifty strangers witness your rejection, but a “no” is guaranteed to ruin your expensive, delicious meal. You can never get that untouched short rib back. Even the most carefully-planned proposals can falter when executed in the chaotic,...
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Apr 28 10:08am Decanter
1. 使用DAWA金属质感瓶贴令您的葡萄脱颖而出 在这里购买DAWA瓶贴 2. 报名参加Decanter组织的推广活动 大赛结果公布后开放报名 3.展示您的DAWA获奖证书和奖章标志 向与您合作的所有公司共享DAWA标志和获奖证书,以便他们制作餐饮和零售批发销售点的宣传材料,帮助您提高销售量。 登录您的帐户下载获奖证书 4. 在社交网站上分享您获奖的消息 #DAWA @DecanterAwards 5.在Decanter投放广告  View Decanter’s media pack The post 5.如何推广您的DAWA获奖葡萄酒 appeared first on Decanter.
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Fordham University Rejects Chick-fil-A After LGBT Student Concerns

Apr 28 9:42am Hungry Crowd
Chick-fil-A has long dealt with a tough dichotomy: The chicken sandwich specialist’s food is generally accepted to be pretty damn good; meanwhile, its politics — which have infamously included support for anti-LGBT groups — are cited by many as being pretty damn poor. The fast food chain still does solid business, so we can safely assume that some people probably choose their...
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Apr 28 9:17am Decanter
报名参赛 酿酒商提交葡萄酒样品并提供葡萄酒的技术参数、价格和零售信息。Decanter仓库收到每款参赛葡萄酒的4瓶样品后进行登记和分组,并根据国家和产地编号。   参赛葡萄酒分组 参赛葡萄酒被按照国家、产区、颜色、葡萄品种、风格、年份和价格进行分组,以确保每款葡萄酒能够与同类葡萄酒公平竞争。价格区间为:     大赛结果及推广活动 大赛结果将在www.decanterchina.com上公布,并在www.decanterchina.com上推广获奖葡萄酒。 酿酒商可以在获奖葡萄酒上使用DAWA瓶贴,以便消费者识别。 Decanter在全球范围内举办的品鉴活动为消费者提供品尝获奖葡萄酒的机会。点击这里查看更多信息。 The post 4. DAWA流程简介 appeared first on Decanter.
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Amarone della Valpolicella panel tasting results

Apr 28 9:00am Decanter
See what our judges thought about Amarone in this panel tasting from the May 2017 issue of Decanter magazine... See what our judges thought about Amarone in this panel tasting from the May 2017 issue of Decanter... The post Amarone della Valpolicella – panel tasting results appeared first on Decanter.
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YoullNever Be Too Full for This Ethereal French Dessert

Apr 28 9:00am Hungry Crowd
In this season’s last episode of Ludo à la Maison, it’s time for dessert. Ludo is excited to show us one of his childhood favorites: a light, whimsical dish known as le flottante or in English as a “floating island” “It’s a very classic French dessert,” says Ludo. The reason for the name is pretty obvious: “When you look at the dish, it’s like a big island—the egg white—and...
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Weird and Wonderful White Wine Quiz

Apr 28 8:10am Decanter
How well do you know your white wines from around the world, or do you just stick to the safe bets, the classics and what you know? Are you a true wine explorer? With summer, hopefully, round the corner it's time to track down yet more weird and wonderful whites; test your knowledge...Bordeaux 2015, white wine harvest Take the Weird and Wonderful White Wine quiz below. Related Take the Odd Wine Out quiz here See …Continue reading » The post Weird and Wonderful White Wine Quiz appeared first on Decanter.
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Daily Wine News: Truth in Labeling Act

Apr 28 8:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
“Currently, federal standards require that bottles labeled “Texas wine” must contain a minimum of 75\% Texas-grown fruit, but state bills put forth… could soon require that, over a phase-in period of five years, 100\% of a wine’s volume come from Texas-grown fruit in order to claim the state as an appellation of origin.” In the […]...
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Entering the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2017

Apr 28 6:31am Decanter
1. Log in to the Decanter Awards System   2. Click on the DAWA tab linked at the top of …Continue reading » The post Entering the Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2017 appeared first on Decanter.
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Devastating frost strikes Bordeaux vineyards next

Apr 28 2:18am Decanter
Bordeaux vineyards have been hit by what many fear is the worst frost in a quarter of a century, with farming unions warning that some producers now face crisis and that the 2017 vintage could be affected. With extra reporting by Chris Mercer.Frost-preventing fires at Ridgeview in Sussex. Similar techniques were used by several Bordeaux estates this week, and elsewhere across Europe. Credit: Julia Claxton: International Garden Photographer of the Year/Royal Photographic Society Silver Medallist. Bordeaux becomes latest victim of frosts hitting Europe... The post ‘Devastating’ frost strikes Bordeaux vineyards next appeared first on Decanter.
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LOSADA VINOS DE FINCA Bierzo Losada 2014 $20 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 28 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A generous yet focused Spanish red...
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VIA SANTA EMA Cabernet Sauvignon Maipo Valley Reserva 2014 $14 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 28 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A fleshy Chilean red full of currant and plum flavors...
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WILLIAM HILL Chardonnay Napa Valley Benchland Series 2014 $40 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 28 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A rich and opulent Napa Chardonnay...
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Is Coke With Fiber Actually Good For You?

Apr 27 5:36pm Hungry Crowd
When I heard about Coca-Cola Plus, a zero-calorie Coke with added fiber, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke I somehow missed. Especially when the company claimed this ridiculous product is meant for a health-conscious consumer. No sugarcoating here: Adding fiber to soda of any kind, regular or diet, doesn’t make it healthy. According to Coca-Cola, one Coke Plus a day—which is...
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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: 8 Perfumes That Smell Like Your Mom's Favorite Foods

Apr 27 5:10pm Hungry Crowd
Looking for a Mother's Day gift idea that will tickle mom's tastebuds—but will last way past Sunday lunch? Consider springing for one of these fragrances that smell just like some of your mother's favorite foods. Every time she spritzes some on, she'll think of you! This Sweet Gift Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils ($15.94) comes with a spectrum of scents that includes...
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This is the Surprising Reason More Indians Are Eating Chocolate

Apr 27 4:16pm Hungry Crowd
Most people think of chocolate as a timeless treat: People will always want to eat it. But since last year, chocolate sales have been falling in many places around the world. But not in India.  The country saw a 13 percent jump in chocolate sales in 2016, making them a global outlier, according to the research firm Mintel.  [\%related] What could account for this...
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Unfiltered: It's Bordeaux vs. Champagne in Macron-Le Pen French Presidential Showdown (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 4:00pm News & Features
Also in Unfiltered, raise a glass on new NYC ferries, Wolfgang Puck gets a Hollywood star, and crayfish party for science...
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Here's What Energy Drinks Are Doing to Your Heart

Apr 27 3:38pm Hungry Crowd
Science has finally proven what might seem obvious point most people: Energy drinks are worse for your health than soda.  A new study from the Journal of the American Heart Association studied 18 women and men, divided into two groups. Half were given a 32-ounce energy drink, which contains 320 mg of caffeine. For reference, one 8-ounce cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine...
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Frost Strikes France Again, Savaging Bordeaux Vines (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 3:00pm News & Features
Widespread damage has been reported in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, with more cold in the forecast...
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I Tried International Delights' New Instant Latte

Apr 27 2:54pm Hungry Crowd
Turns out, sometimes you should follow the directions. Allow me to explain: As my husband and I prepared to test out International Delights' new One Touch Latte, we made an unspoken pact. We would not squirt the sweet stuff for the full five seconds recommended by the bottles themselves and this handy-dandy instructional video. Instead, we'd give it a solid two seconds and call it a...
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This Beer Has 30 Lobsters in It

Apr 27 2:39pm Hungry Crowd
With so many breweries competing for attention—thousands in the US alone—brewers have taken to throwing all sorts of crazy ingredients into their beers to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Sometimes, it feels like they’d throw in the whole ocean if they could—and one UK brewery pretty much tried. The Wild Beer Company, a brewery in southwest England whose name gets at its...
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Marcela Valladolid's 5 Kitchen Essentials

Apr 27 2:25pm Hungry Crowd
Marcela Valladolid, cookbook author and host of The Food Network's The Kitchen, doesn't like clutter in her kitchen. I’m a little OCD about messes, she admits.  My kitchen is white and it's clean enough that you could have a C-section in there. I like it that way.  As a result, Valladolid keeps her cooking tools to a minimum and values quality over quantity. She shared...
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Brovia Barolo Garblt Sue 2008

Apr 27 2:20pm Exotic Wine Travel
Reading Time: Welcome to As Drunk By Exotic Wine Travel, a weekly column where we feature wines that are worthy of your attention. The wine reviews featured in this series may be written by either one or the both of us. The featured wines can be from obscure or more well-known wine regions. Sit back, grab a... The post Brovia Barolo Garblèt Sue’ 2008 appeared first on Exotic Wine Travel.
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This Restaurant Will Serve You Mystery Exotic Meats

Apr 27 1:58pm Hungry Crowd
Meat lovers be advised: The Stuffed Dormouse in Carleon, Wales is offering customers practically a zoo of exotic animals on their menu.  Curious diners can try zebra, llama, horse, crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo, or wild boar (which they claim comes from local suppliers) steaks or skewers, as well pick their own dinner from the live lobster tank.  [\%related]...
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Piedmont's Roero Gets a New Map (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 1:50pm Blogs
Piedmont’s Roero region delimits its best vineyards for Arneis and Nebbiolo...
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Escargot to Go: Ludo Dishes on the New Petit Trois

Apr 27 1:26pm Hungry Crowd
Lefebvre was at Trois Mec on Tuesday, cooking a dinner paired with Armand de Brignac Champagne. It was a celebration for the newly released Armand de Brignac Blanc de Noirs A2, a 2,333-bottle release that combines three vintages from 10 vineyards in five pinot noir-producing villages of Champagne. Even before the buzz that came with drinking different releases of...
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Taco Bell Is Finally Opening the Doors to Its Test KitchenHere's How to Reserve Your Spot

Apr 27 1:02pm Hungry Crowd
The minds behind things like the Spicy Triple Double Crunchwrap. The minds behind—gasp!—the Cheetos Quesadilla, will soon make themselves available to the general public. That's right: For the first time in Taco Bell's long and storied history, the fast-food chain is opening its test kitchen to the public. And on Cinco de Mayo (May 5), you'll get a chance to make ...
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A Deep Dive Into Vinho Verde Alvarinho

Apr 27 12:10pm Reverse Wine Snob®
A special look at one of the most important grapes of the Vinho Verde region, Alvarinho. Alvarinho is a special grape within Vinho Verde that is growing in importance with both discerning wine drinkers and the winemakers themselves. The sub-region of Monção e Melgaço is the original home of this grape in Portugal. Wines made […] The post A Deep Dive Into Vinho Verde Alvarinho appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.
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This Baby Trying Fried Chicken For the First Time Will Make Your Day

Apr 27 11:51am Hungry Crowd
Mmm. Fried chicken. Don't we all wish we had a photograph commemorating our first encounter with it? Alas, at this point, we've eaten so much of the stuff, we hardly remember when or where that fateful moment even took place. It's a shame, really, and it's something Bianca Garza and her husband, Juan Garcia, decided to do something about when it came to their own children...
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