Restaurant Spotlight: The Marc Restaurant (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 10:00am News & Features
Washington wines and farm-to-table fare are at the forefront of this Walla Walla wine-country dining destination...
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10 Standout Virginia Wines (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 10:00am Tasting Reports
New reviews from Barboursville, RdV and Trump Winery...
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Turning Tables: Food and Wine Changes at Untitled at the Whitney (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 10:00am News & Features
Plus, Eleven Madison Park's Made Nice and Scott Conant's Fusco open in Manhattan, and Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger is closing...
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10 Of The Best Wine Bars In Chicago

Apr 27 9:51am Wine Channel TV Digital Network
Chicago Wine Bars Take a Chicago Wine Bar tour with Wine Channel TV. The Chicago wine scene has gained some serious street credit recently due to the explosion of wine bars showing up in every corner of the city, so if you're in the area and looking for a great atmosphere in which to enjoy a glass of your favorite vino, take a look at 10 of the best wine bars in the Chicago area. 10 Great Chicago Wine Bars Webster's Wine Bar: One of the most acclaimed wine bars in Chicago, Webster's Wine Bar is a great stomping ground for wine [...] The post 10 Of The Best Wine Bars In Chicago appeared first on Wine Channel TV Digital Network - Wine TV Guide.
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Devastating Bordeaux Frost, Up to 90% of Some Vineyards Destroyed

Apr 27 9:49am The Wine Cellar Insider
Frost decimated parts of Bordeaux. Growers report up to 90\% of their potential 2017 crop destroyed. This is heart breakng and it can effect 2016 pricing too. Related posts: Second Storm in a Week Thrashes Bordeaux Vineyards 2016 Bordeaux Harvest and Vintage Report 2011 Bordeaux Harvest Massive Storm Slams the Northern Medoc...
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Heineken Figures Out a Way to Talk Politics in Advertising

Apr 27 9:41am Hungry Crowd
Some beer drinkers believe that everyone in the world could get along if they’d just sit down and share a brew together. The extent to which this concept is true is up for debate (maybe a debate over a brew!): Obviously, opening up a dialogue is a great first step to resolving any problem, but at the same time, drinking a few too many beers is known to cause problems all its own....
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What Should I Look for When I Taste-Test a Wine at a Restaurant?

Apr 27 9:30am Vinfolio Blog
MENTIONED IN THIS POST: –2005 Haut-Brion –2011 Pingus –2013 Louis Jadot For his 50th birthday, my friend reserved a table at his favorite restaurant. He brought along his own bottle of 2005 Haut-Brion, and asked the sommelier to uncork it for him. The sommelier poured a thimble-sized splash of it into a glass and offered it to my friend to taste. Later, my friend joked, “It was my wine! Of course I’m going to like it.” Expert sommeliers always ask The post What Should I Look for When I Taste-Test a Wine at a Restaurant? appeared first on Vinfolio Blog.
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In The Pink (April 2017 Wine Product Roundup)

Apr 27 8:00am 1 Wine Dude
Closing out the fourth month of 2017’s spin around the sun here on 1WD means that it’s time for the monthly look at the wine product samples that we can’t drink (at least, not without the use of a blender, and not without probably being rushed to the hospital afterward). For April, I’ve got only […] Grab The Tasting Guide and start getting more out of every glass of wine today! Shop Wine Products at Copyright © 2016. Originally at In The Pink (April 2017 Wine Product Roundup) from - for personal, non-commercial use only. Cheers!...
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Daily Wine News: The New Casual

Apr 27 8:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
Jon Bonné reflects on what great wine service looks like today in Punch. “The New Casual remains a tough aesthetic to define, especially when we don’t necessarily know how we want wine served to us anymore. The old rules no longer feel comfortable, but we don’t necessarily know what the new ones are.” Antonio Galloni offers […]...
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Seasonal sensations: wild garlic

Apr 27 3:30am Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine Blog
As soon as the bluebells blossom, Britain’s abundant wild garlic begins to poke its head through the soil. To honour its spring re-emergence our Head Chef Stewart Turner has whipped up a lovely seasonal velouté, while Richard Veal suggests some appropriate wine pairings On the table: Nothing says spring has sprung quite like the first […]...
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Anson: Why Uruguay could be the new Jura

Apr 27 2:00am Decanter
And could Tannat by the new Malbec? Jane Anson looks at Uruguay's adoption of the Tannat grape and learns about fresh initiatives that could help to get the country on restaurant wine lists. Vineyards in Uruguay. And is Tannat a hipster Malbec?... The post Anson: Why Uruguay could be the new Jura appeared first on Decanter.
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GRARD TREMBLAY Chablis Cte de Lchet 2014 $39 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
An elegant, detailed Chablis with a long finish...
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I GRECO Calabria White Fil 2015 $15 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
This Italian white is lively and expressive...
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YALUMBA Shiraz South Australia The Y Series 2016 $13 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 27 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A tangy and appealing Aussie Shiraz...
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This 101 Cheese Pizza is a Masterpiece

Apr 26 5:42pm Hungry Crowd
Achieving the perfect cheese pizza is an ongoing quest, but one man from Oregon has taken the challenge to new heights: His restaurant, Scottie's Pizza Parlor, has created the Centouno Formaggio, a pizza with made with 101 cheeses, as part of Portland Pizza Week. Owner Scottie Rivera was inspired by the Novantanove Formaggio or 99-cheese pizza, from the 2014 Teenage Mutant...
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This Month in Your Cellar: Build an Automated Cellar to Amp Up Your Wine Cellar Security

Apr 26 5:25pm Vinfolio Blog
MENTIONED IN THIS POST: –Abreu –Domaine de la Romanee Conti –Screaming Eagle  About a decade ago, my teenage cousin got caught breaking into his father’s wine cellar. My cousin had decided to steal just one bottle, thinking my uncle wouldn’t notice. But he made a serious mistake when he carried out his heist: he took a bottle of Abreu Madrona Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon. If my cousin had taken the bottle of cheap Chardonnay sitting near the Abreu, my uncle might The post This Month in Your Cellar: Build an Automated Cellar to Amp Up Your Wine Cellar Security appeared first on Vinfolio Blog.
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Dairy Company Has Kids Imagine Food Additives as Monsters, then Animates Them

Apr 26 5:03pm Hungry Crowd
You’ve probably heard of rBST—it’s that hormone that boosts milk production in dairy cows. But if you’re a kid, you might imagine it’s a cloud-eating dinosaur-like monster with electric fur. That’s what Leah, age 7, dreamed up when the Danish dairy company Arla asked her to participate in its new  “Live Unprocessed” brand campaign. Last night, Arla debuted a short behind-the-...
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This Gigantic, 4-Story Starbucks Is Coming to Chicago

Apr 26 4:36pm Hungry Crowd
First there was the Unicorn Frappuccino, then the rumored Dragon Frappuccino, and finally (though there still may be more to come) the Pink Pegasus Frap...all of which elicited pretty extreme responses from patrons and baristas alike. Well, Starbucks is up to something yet again, but this time, there might not be quite as much controversy involved. At least, we don't think so. The...
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Vegan Wine Tasting | Californias Best Wineries For Vegans

Apr 26 4:30pm California Winery Advisor
Tweet Wine tasting in California's wine country can be a joy, even when you are looking for vegan wine tasting options. Vegan wine tasting just […] The post Vegan Wine Tasting | California’s Best Wineries For Vegans appeared first on California Winery Advisor.
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Anthony Bourdain Thinks This Airport Has the Best Food

Apr 26 4:02pm Hungry Crowd
The world’s favorite traveler and its premiere evangelist for the life altering power of a good bowl of spicy noodles, Anthony Bourdain, has been a busy man recently. He has made the rounds doing interviews promoting his new critically acclaimed documentary, The Last Magnificent, about chef Jeremiah Tower, as well as gearing up for the upcoming season premiere of his CNN show Parts...
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Could This be Starbucks New Secret Drink?

Apr 26 3:54pm Hungry Crowd
Its been three blessed/cursed days since Starbucks stopped selling their Unicorn Frappuccino, and the world has not yet recovered: People now have Unicorn Frappuccino hair, and the drink’s popularity has spawned the Dragon Frappuccino and Unicorn Lemonade. Clearly, Frappuccino hysteria is far from over, as evidenced by Reddit user zeph\_yr who, seeing an opportunity for possible...
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China Upset About Fake Bring Your Own Cup Free Starbucks Promotion

Apr 26 3:34pm Hungry Crowd
Important caveat: Starbucks is not offering a promotion in the US where customers get a free drink if they bring their own cup, regardless of the size. But if Starbucks did have such an offer, would you be angry if one of your fellow ‘Bucks lovers showed up with, like, a watercooler jug to fill up with coffee? In a bizarre story covered by Shanghai Daily, many on Chinese social...
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Jeff Goldblum Has Been Giving Away Free Sausages in Sydney

Apr 26 2:59pm Hungry Crowd
Jurassic Park fans rejoiced at the news Wednesday that Jeff Goldblum, who played Dr. Ian Malcolm in both Jurassic Park (1993) and its 1997 sequel The Lost World, would once again be part of the franchise. Now, fans are rejoicing for a very different, albeit tasty reason. [brightcove:5379517452001 default] As part of a promotion for a yet-to-be-revealed...
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10 Foods Expectant Moms Have Eaten to Induce Labor

Apr 26 2:51pm Hungry Crowd
Are labor-inducing foods old-wives tales? Perhaps. After all, there isn't really much (or any) scientific basis for eating them. But for expectant mothers who've watched their due date come and go, anything seems worth trying. We've rounded up some of the most popular foods that moms believe speed up the time between now and delivery. Be sure to check with your...
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Benjamin Silver of Silver Wines Santa Barbara | Young Winemaker Interview

Apr 26 2:34pm California Winery Advisor
Tweet CWA - What interests you about wine? Benjamin Silver - The complexity of the finished product. It tells a story about a grape in […] The post Benjamin Silver of Silver Wines Santa Barbara | Young Winemaker Interview appeared first on California Winery Advisor.
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Anthony Bourdain Sometimes Travels With a "Sneaky Credit Card That Turns Into a Knife"

Apr 26 2:32pm Hungry Crowd
Travel expert Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s Parts Unknown shared his tip for traveling in areas with high crime. In an interview with the New York Times, Bourdain said he keeps the hidden knife for traveling in places with “heavy street crime.” “It’s not something you’d want to get into a serious fight with, but it might be a rude surprise should someone grab you from behind as you...
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Party with the #FWFesties at Austin Food & Wine

Apr 26 2:26pm Hungry Crowd
Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the upcoming Food & Wine festival, going down in Austin this weekend, April 28-30. You can get in on all the action—tacos and margaritas with Jonathan Waxman, grilling galore with Tim Love, wine 101 with our executive wine editor Ray Isle—courtesy the social media efforts our #FWFesties. Check out @foodandwine on Twitter and...
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8 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Pampering Your Food-Obsessive Mom

Apr 26 2:21pm Hungry Crowd
There are still a couple of weeks left before Mother's Day—it's May 14th this year—so that means you still have 16-ish more days to place online gift orders for overnight delivery. Here are some of our picks for last-minute food and drink related presents that we're pretty sure your mom will love. [brightcove:5322041316001 default] Fancy a gourmet coffee for Mother's Day...
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Japan's New Rules for Beer Commercials Could Hurt Celebrity Endorsements

Apr 26 2:05pm Hungry Crowd
The idea of being “big in Japan” is a well-known entertainment cliché—presenting the Asian nation as a place where American entertainers can go for a paycheck. But it may soon get harder for celebrities of all ilk to make a buck by shilling suds there. Japan’s beer industry has decided to rewrite some of the guidelines governing its TV beer commercials. A number of major industry...
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Here Is How Much Caffeine It Is Healthy to Drink

Apr 26 1:40pm Hungry Crowd
A new study in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology has updated 15 years of conflicting research on how much caffeine is actually safe for people to drink.  The researchers “conducted a systematic review of data on potential adverse effects of caffeine published from 2001 to June 2015,” studying in particular the effects of caffeine on cardiovascular and bone health,...
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What Eggs Mean in "The Handmaid's Tale"

Apr 26 1:14pm Hungry Crowd
This story originally appeared on Extra Crispy. Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, first published in 1986, has returned to the forefront of public discourse—not that it ever really disappeared. The book, which has sold millions of copies and graced countless syllabi and required reading lists, is now a Hulu television series (it premieres today), but it was...
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What to Eat Before and After Every Kind of Workout

Apr 26 1:05pm Hungry Crowd
Whether you're eating for endurance or snacking for strength training, it’s not always clear what is best to put into your body. Moreover, “what’s healthy on a regular basis is not necessarily a good choice for the race course, or even for a workout,” explains Barbara Lewin, RD, a sports nutritionist who works with professional athletes. No need to worry: Follow these expert guidelines...
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3 Global Egg Dishes to Cook for Mother's Day

Apr 26 12:58pm Hungry Crowd
One of the best ways you can thank your mom on Mother's Day is to cook her an awesome brunch (and by mixing up a cocktail or two). While staples like eggs Benedict or a fritatta are always great, why not treat your mom to something different this year? “Moms love to be impressed by their kids, so presenting your mom with a dish that she can clasp her hands together for is...
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10 Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make for Under $1

Apr 26 12:54pm Hungry Crowd
Somewhere along the line, eating well came to mean spending a pretty penny. Maybe vegan cafes and pricey cold-pressed juices are to blame? Yet, thanks to cheap and wholesome foods (hello, eggs! We're looking right at you), it's actually quite easy to make a healthy breakfast for under a buck. The key to making a cheap breakfast? It's all about being resourceful and welcoming food...
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We Hope You're Ready for the Dragon Frap and the Disney Pink Pegasus Frap, Starbucks' Latest Creations

Apr 26 12:36pm Hungry Crowd
If you've been mourning the short-lived existence of the Unicorn Frappucino (or, if you're a barista, celebrating its absence), we've got news for you: There are plenty of other creations on the way for you to hate/love. And a few of them have already arrived. First up, the magically green Dragon Frappuccino. Some claim it's an off-the-menu item,...
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What It Really Costs to Attend the Kentucky Derby

Apr 26 12:34pm Hungry Crowd
[brightcove:5377671673001 default] It’s been called the most exciting two minutes of sports. But what can you expect to pay to attend the Kentucky Derby and sip a traditional mint julep from the sidelines? The Derby, as it’s called, takes place every year on the first Saturday in May and is the kickoff of the Triple Crown horse racing championship. Thousands gather to watch the...
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Twinkies Now Come in Chocolate

Apr 26 12:32pm Hungry Crowd
The “gold standard” snack cake you know and love just got a major update: chocolate. Hostess has announced the arrival of Chocolate Cake Twinkies, swapping the traditional yellow sponge cake with chocolate. Don’t worry, the cream filling is staying the same. It’s not the only major Twinkie-related announcement either. The brand also says their fudge-covered variety, Chocodiles, will...
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Watch George Clooney Speed Through the Streets with Kermit the Frog in Search of Coffee

Apr 26 12:17pm Hungry Crowd
George Clooney is a man desperate for a cup of coffee. At least that’s how it looks in the new ad he’s in for Nespresso. The spot, which features Clooney racing through old movies from Psycho to Smokey and the Bandit to The Muppet Movie to get to the nearest Nespresso shop (which seems to be about 2000 miles away), is the newest go-round for the two time World’s Sexiest Man as...
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Top Barolo 2011 Riservas: Riding the rollercoaster

Apr 26 12:16pm Decanter
Stephen Brook reviews the vintage and picks out wines to consider buying for your cellar...Vineyards at Enrico Rivetto Stephen Brook picks out wines to buy... The post Top Barolo 2011 Riservas: Riding the rollercoaster appeared first on Decanter.
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How can winemakers prevent frost? ask Decanter

Apr 26 11:14am Decanter
Frost has left vines 'looking like dried tobacco' recently in wine regions across Europe. But how can winemakers help to prevent frost?Fires to prevent the frost at Ridgeview in Sussex. How to prevent it...? The post How can winemakers prevent frost? – ask Decanter appeared first on Decanter.
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You'll Soon be Able to Listen to the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Soundtrack Through a Doritos Bag

Apr 26 11:10am Hungry Crowd
Chips have been having a hard month: Some companies are being sued because their bags are filled mostly with air.  Other brands are being pulled off the shelves because they’re tainted by Salmonella. But today marks their comeback, thanks to Doritos. On April 28, Doritos will release a limited edition bag that plays the new Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack through a built in...
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Chipotles Payment System Was Hacked

Apr 26 11:04am Hungry Crowd
Overall, Tuesday was a good day for Chipotle. But it probably could have been better. During its quarterly earnings call, the burrito chain that’s been beleaguered since 2015 by a run of food safety issues was finally able to tout some pretty uplifting numbers. After five quarters of same-store sales declines, same-store sales grew almost 18 percent to kick off 2017. Revenues were also...
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Why the Unicorn Frappuccino Is the Drink America Deserves

Apr 26 11:03am Hungry Crowd
Whenever I’m feeling down about the world, I drink poison. Not quick-acting poison. The stuff with a greater half-life: The kind of sugary delights that boil down into sludge but in the moment get my heart thrumming. It’s a short-term fix that also may decrease my life’s longer term, so overall I will need fewer short-term fixes — you know, a win-win. It seems like America thinks I...
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Google Home Just Rolled Out a Very Useful New Kitchen Feature

Apr 26 11:00am Hungry Crowd
There wasn't much Google Home couldn't do: You could ask the speaker what time your flight to Tahiti takes off, or demand it stream the latest Stranger Things to your TV. But one thing this little bot wasn't able to do was read your recipes—until today. This morning, Google unveiled Google Home's latest feature: the ability to read more than five million recipes to you, step-by-step...
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These Spicy Chengdu Churros Are the Dessert Mashup You Didnt Know You Needed

Apr 26 11:00am Hungry Crowd
Louis Tikaram, the Aussie-born executive chef at West Hollywood’s buzzing E.P. and L.P., is known for his bold flavor mashups. Tikaram, who has Fijian, Indian and Chinese roots, serves food that’s influenced by his heritage, travels and meals he’s eaten in the Los Angeles area, from truck tacos to San Gabriel Valley dim sum. At E.P. and L.P., Tikaram serves globally-minded dishes...
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Today's 10 Best Deals on Kitchen Gadgets: a Budget $11 Food Processor and a Lid for Every Pot

Apr 26 10:43am Hungry Crowd
Interested in experimenting with pour over coffee, but not sure which kettle to get? This Pour Over Coffee Kettle holds 1.2 liters of coffee and has a built-in thermometer which helps you avoid burning your beans. It's on sale today for $32.77 (down from $70.97). Ever hear the term There's a lid for every pot ? Well guess what, it's true! These Silicone Stretch Lids come in a...
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What Is a Thermomix, and Should You Buy One?

Apr 26 10:36am Hungry Crowd
What is a Thermomix? The Thermomix is basically the world’s most powerful blender that also cooks and stirs. You can use it to knead dough or mix batter. It comes with two steamer baskets, a small one that fits inside the blender bowl and a large one that perches on top. My favorite feature is its built-in scale, so you can add ingredients by weight. How do you use a...
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Futures 2016: Is Bordeaux Finally Listening to Its Clients? (Wine Spectator)

Apr 26 10:30am News & Features
Château Cos-d'Estournel releases its futures and holds prices steady, but Americans may prove hard to woo back...
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Where to Day Drink in San Francisco

Apr 26 10:13am Hungry Crowd
Between its laid-back vibe, generally-agreeable climate and top-tier beer and wine, San Francisco is a city made for day drinking. But not every watering hole is suited to the task; why spend a sunny day sipping beer in a dark cavern of a bar?  We asked Evan and Sarah Rich, the chefs behind the highly-acclaimed Rich Table and the upcoming RTS Rotisserie, where they head for a...
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Where to Eat in Saint-Henri, Montreal's New Restaurant Row

Apr 26 10:07am Hungry Crowd
Dalla Rose At this scoop shop 
and cookie bakery run by alums from the restaurant Nora Gray, the two treats combine forces for next-level 
ice cream sandwiches. Try the sunflower 
seed between ginger-molasses cookies.  Arthurs Nosh Bar 
 Stray from smoked meat at this updated Montreal-Jewish 
lunch counter from Joe Beef vets Raegan Steinberg...
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The Most Popular Beer Made From Waste Arrives in The United States

Apr 26 9:42am Hungry Crowd
Every effort to fight the massive global food waste problem is important, but turning this potential waste into beer may be the most fun. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this trend in recent years: The Brussels Beer Projects makes beer out of excess bread loaves its collects from local markets; England’s Northern Monk Brewery released a farmhouse ale made from overripe pears and stale...
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Daily Wine News: Alternative Packaging

Apr 26 8:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
In Bloomberg, Justin Kennedy surveys the scene of unconventionally packaged wine and talks to Patrick Cappiello, founder of 40 Ounce Wine. Mike Desimone and Jeff Jenssen explore the history of wine in India in Wine Enthusiast. “A week after voters in the United States elected a man who had vowed to erect a wall on […]...
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Blue Wine is now available for pre-order in the US

Apr 26 7:57am Decanter
It's really happening: traditionalists and wine experts may look on through gritted teeth, but the producers of a 'blue wine' are set to expand to the US. Website: It's really happening... The post Blue Wine is now available for pre-order in the US appeared first on Decanter.
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Did Cos dEstournel set tone with 2016 release?

Apr 26 4:40am Decanter
Cos d'Estournel has surprised the market by releasing its Bordeaux 2016 wine early and has been credited by some insiders for not markedly increasing its price against the 2015 wine.Cos d'Estournel Estate praised for restraint with 2016 release... The post Did Cos d’Estournel set tone with 2016 release? appeared first on Decanter.
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2016 Pomerol Report Tasting Notes, Ratings, Harvest Info, Buying Guide

Apr 26 3:44am The Wine Cellar Insider
2016 Pomerol at its best, is Pomerol at its best! While the results are mixed at several estates, a few properties hae produced the best wine in their entire history! Related posts: 2016 Margaux Tasting Notes, Ratings for all the best wines to buy 2016 Haut Medoc, Medoc Wine Tasting Notes, Ratings 2016 St. Julien Bordeaux Tasting Notes, Ratings for all the Best Wines...
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Wine Sensory Class in Woodinville

Apr 26 12:35am Washington State Beer and Wine
“You mean you’re paying to drink flawed wines? On purpose? Why would you do that?” To this day, my husband doesn’t understand why I, or anyone, would taste anything that was knowingly corked, oxidized, or otherwise off. Yet, with what we pay for wine whether at a restaurant or to add to our collection, isn’t […]...
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BODEGAS VALLOBERA Rioja Crianza 2014 $16 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 26 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
This Rioja red is silky, enticing and lively...
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DOMAINE LAPORTE Sancerre Le Rochoy 2015 $33 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 26 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A steely Loire white with a piercing finish...
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THE INFAMOUS GOOSE Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2016 $14 (Wine Spectator)

Apr 26 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A fleshy and juicy New Zealand white...
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