Wine Reviews: California New Releases

Mar 25 8:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
It’s time for a round-up of new releases from California. I gathered together some of the samples I’d received over the winter and early spring and collected them into this catch-all report. I recommend a lot of small production, hard-to-find wines from California (because those are the greatest), but it can be harder to find […]...
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In the restaurant: How to complain about your wine and get the right result

Mar 25 6:00am Decanter
What kind of restaurant diner are you? Would you complain if you had a problem with the service? Or would you smile politely while clenching your fist under the table - in a classically British, non-confrontational manner? Sommelier Emily O’Hare gives advice on how to flag up a faulty wine, and what to expect from the restaurant when you do… Read our sommelier’s guide to making a complaint… The post In the restaurant: How to complain about your wine — and get the right result appeared first on Decanter.
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BISCEGLIA Aglianico del Vulture Terra di Vulcano 2014 $13 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 25 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A smoky Italian red with grippy tannins...
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L'ECOLE NO. 41 Luminesce Seven Hills Vineyard Walla Walla Valley 2015 $22 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 25 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A lithe, crisp and vibrant Washington white...
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PIPER-HEIDSIECK Brut Champagne NV $45 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 25 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
This Champagne is mouthwatering and juicy...
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Dominique Ansels Travel Essentials

Mar 24 5:38pm Hungry Crowd
We met up with pâtissier extraordinaire Dominique Ansel at The Bowery Hotel in New York City. Ansel, who many of you know as the inventor of the Cronut, finds himself on a plane — Pringles in hand — every few weeks. Read the full interview, below, where we touch on everything from his favorite bakeries in Paris to his latest tech obsession. And don’t forget to check out last...
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This Artist Will Custom-Paint Your Stand Mixer and Beyonc is a Customer!

Mar 24 4:31pm Hungry Crowd
Custom-painted KitchenAid mixers: It’s such a fabulous idea, we’re not sure why we didn’t think of it before. Lucky for us, Nicole Dinardo's already got it covered. For her, the pretty, painted appliances are more than just fun to look at; they actually pay her bills. In her 2,500 square-foot shop in Arlington, Washington, she paints at least several of them per month, with requests...
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Bridging the Dining Divide in Los Angeles (Wine Spectator)

Mar 24 4:31pm Blogs
The restaurant scene is changing as neighborhoods become more insular...
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Should You "Go Dry" for Your Health? (Wine Spectator)

Mar 24 3:30pm News & Features
Abstaining from alcohol for a time has become a popular health trend, but it's unclear if a month off is better than simply cutting back how much you drink...
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The Cheapest Days to Fly in Summer 2017

Mar 24 2:26pm Hungry Crowd
For travelers looking to book a cheap getaway this summer, the date you choose to leave could have a big impact on airfare. According to data from KAYAK, those looking to travel around the U.S. this summer should book with a departure date of Saturday, June 3 for the best shot at a cheaper ticket. Travelers heading abroad can find the best deals on international travel if they...
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Cory Booker Just Asked Mindy Kaling to Dinner on Twitter. She Said Yes.

Mar 24 2:22pm Hungry Crowd
In a case of life imitating art, Mindy Kaling and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker may have just started a romance — or at the very least, a beautiful friendship — on Twitter, in a series of events that seem more fitting for the rom-com heavy plotlines of Kaling’s show The Mindy Project. It all began when Booker sent Kaling a tweet that playfully called out her character Mindy Lahiri’...
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Exactly What Selena Gomez Eats Every Single Morning

Mar 24 2:21pm Hungry Crowd
A few months ago, Selena Gomez participated in Carpool Karaoke, that extremely popular segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden where Corden drives around with popular singers and they chit-chat and sing the artist's songs. Gomez's segment has popped up again lately, in conjunction with her first-ever Vogue cover, and with it, curiosity about a spicy morning habit has come...
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Why DeStefanos Is the Ultimate Brooklyn Steakhouse

Mar 24 2:20pm Hungry Crowd
Sitting down at DeStefano’s Steakhouse, you may notice the somewhat conspicuous absence of one of those taken-for-granted staples of the chophouse experience: steak knives. I hadn’t noticed it on my first trip there, but my grandmother did. When she asked for one, John Donatelli, the co-owner and manager, smiled and said “Trust me, you won’t need it.” We’d all ordered the filet mignon...
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Watch a Young Mary Berry Put Fish in the Blender in These Amazing Vintage Cooking Segments

Mar 24 2:17pm Hungry Crowd
Since Netflix released two seasons of the BBC’s Great British Bake Off (under the pseudonym Great British Baking Show) to the masses, Americans have gotten a crash course in the proper consistency of a sponge (soft, but not underbaked), the English inclination toward ruining every dessert with passion fruit purée, and, most notably, the star power of judge...
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Some of New York's Swankiest Restaurants Are Hosting a Bake Sale for Planned Parenthood

Mar 24 2:11pm Hungry Crowd
If you love excellent food and enjoy benefiting worthwhile causes, we've got just the event for you: a bake sale hosted by some of New York's most exclusive restaurants. All the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit women’s health care organization currently under threat of defunding. [\%related] The whole thing's going down on Sunday, April 2 and will be...
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Does It Hack? Peeling Garlic

Mar 24 1:19pm Hungry Crowd
Does It Hack? is a new series where we take common time and energy-saving cooking techniques from the internet and challenge whether or not they actually make your life any easier. The Problem Peeling garlic. The paper-thin skins stick to the cloves and your fingers get stinky. Unless you love the smell of garlic, then it’s like putting on perfume. The Usual Solution Smash...
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A Shanghai Restaurant Bombards Your Senses With Dancing Waiters and a Nintendo Soundtrack

Mar 24 1:07pm Hungry Crowd
You're used to engaging at least four senses when you eat—taste, smell, touch, and sight. But at Ultraviolent, a cool concept restaurant in Shanghai, chef Paul Pairet engages all five senses in high-tech extremes. In a digital dining space outfitted with video panels, surround sound, and a table that casts images and lights, 10 patrons—who will pay $1,000 a pop for the experience—can...
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Deep Clean Your Cast Iron Skillet With This Miraculous Gadget

Mar 24 1:00pm Hungry Crowd
You really only need three different skillets in your kitchen, and a cast iron skillet is one of them. Crank up the heat on the stove, get the cast iron hot, splash in a couple tablespoons vegetable oil, sear a piece of meat—and you’ll get the most gorgeous deeply golden crust you’ve ever seen. The only two drawbacks to cast iron skillets: they’re heavy (we like to keep ours out on the...
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This Chef's Food Photos Are Terrifying

Mar 24 12:52pm Hungry Crowd
Chefs are always looking for innovative and exciting ways to plate their food. So give credit to chef Robbie Postma for presenting his dishes in the most unlikely of places: all over his own face. Admittedly, the results aren’t particularly appetizing, but they’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. [\%related] “MENU” is an artsy photo series that teamed Postma with photographer...
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Hungary Tries to Ban Use of Red Stars, Probably Just to Spite Heineken

Mar 24 12:07pm Hungry Crowd
It’s never a good idea to come between a man and his favorite beer – but that appears to be especially true in Hungary where reports suggest that members of the Hungarian government are trying to ban the commercial use of red stars nationwide simply to piss off Heineken. [\%related] First, let’s make our way through some slightly complicated Eastern European backstory: According...
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France's Rhne Valley Is Having an Edgy Natural Wine Moment

Mar 24 11:47am Hungry Crowd
France's Loire may be the epicenter of the natural wine movement, but if you look due southeast to the country's other major river valley—the Rhône—you'll find a collection of likeminded winemakers who farm with ancient and chemical-free methods and eschew additives and new oak. Their wines bear the same vibrancy and chuggability as their Loire brethren. Only here, they deal in...
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Start the Weekend With a Brilliant Scotch-and-Sherry Drink

Mar 24 11:40am Hungry Crowd
In the world of whiskeys, you’ll see bartenders stirring up bourbon or rye cocktails far more often than Scotch. Why? Single-malt Scotches in particular are quite expensive, and some mixologists would rather appreciate them on their own merits than mix with them. Additionally, Scotch whiskies can be powerfully flavored and, shall we say, full of personality; they don’t always play well...
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Peeps Flavored Italian Ice Is a Thing

Mar 24 11:33am Hungry Crowd
Long gone are the days when chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Creme eggs sufficed were the only Easter treats out there. Those with a holiday sweet tooth have become obsessed with (and quite demanding of) all things Peeps.  [\%related] In yet another iteration of your favorite springtime treat, Rita's Italian Ice will be rolling out a Peeps offering this Monday. And while...
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Sommelier Talk: The New Face of Wine at Gramercy Tavern (Wine Spectator)

Mar 24 11:30am News & Features
West Coaster Justin Timsit takes the helm at a New York City institution...
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The French Laundry Plans to Combat 'No-Shows' with Tock

Mar 24 11:13am Hungry Crowd
The French Laundry, Thomas Keller's legendary Michelin-starred Yountville, CA restaurant, has officially switched from using OpenTable to the Tock ticketing system for reservations. The switch, which went into effect on March 20, offered three months worth of reservations all at once, making reservations more accessible than ever to the general public. As of publishing this piece...
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These Fourth Graders Are Lobbying Wisconsin to Make Cheese an Official State Symbol

Mar 24 11:09am Hungry Crowd
Thanks to an ambitious group of fourth-graders over at Mineral Point Elementary School, cheese might just get a new, super exciting distinction: becoming Wisconsin’s official state dairy product. As of 1971, the dairy cow has enjoyed its status as Wisconsin’s official domestic animal. And ever since 1987, milk has been hailed as the state’s official beverage. But cheese, a huge...
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An Exquisite Summer Wine:trs Ros de Chardonnay

Mar 24 10:58am California Winery Advisor
Tweet Article by Igor Sill Spending the summer months sipping Rosé wines in one of the most beautiful and famous villages of France, St.Tropez, brings back some […] The post An Exquisite Summer Wine: très Rosé de Chardonnay appeared first on California Winery Advisor.
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The Best Passover Foods, According to F&W Staff

Mar 24 10:44am Hungry Crowd
Much like Thanksgiving, Passover creates taste memories for anyone who grows up celebrating the food-centric holiday. Here are some of our staff's favorite Passover dishes and Seder memories. [\%related] Kate Heddings, Food Director I’m not a big brisket eater and that’s what my family always makes, so I’m much more a fan of everything that comes before the main...
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Bordeaux Left Bank wine quiz Test your knowledge

Mar 24 10:12am Decanter
How well do you really know this cornerstone of the fine wine world? With Bordeaux en primeur on the horizon, and Decanter's Bordeaux Fine Wine Encounter happening this weekend in London, test your Left Bank skills here. Bottles of Lafite from the early 19th Century in the château cellars in Bordeaux. Test your skills on this classic region... The post Bordeaux Left Bank wine quiz – Test your knowledge appeared first on Decanter.
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You Will Be Able to Text Starbucks Gifts Cards on an iPhone Near You Very Soon

Mar 24 10:09am Hungry Crowd
Giving one of the world’s most uninspired gifts is about to take even less effort! Though certainly practical, Starbucks gift cards have become the go-to method for tacitly signaling “I didn’t quite put enough thought into this birthday gift/Secret Santa exchange/cashless bribe.” But coming next month, aloof gift givers won’t even have to remember “Shit! I forgot Mason’s graduation!”...
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Chateau Ste Michelle Indian Wells Red Blend Oak So Good

Mar 24 9:30am Reverse Wine Snob®
The Chateau Ste Michelle Indian Wells Red Blend, a wonderfully good wine from Washington available at Costco. 52\% Syrah, 29\% Merlot, 8\% Malbec, 5\% Grenache, 2\% Cabernet Franc, 2\% Mourvedre and 2\% Petit Verdot from the Indian Wells, Canoe Ridge and Cold Creek Vineyards in the Columbia Valley, Washington. One third of the fruit came […] The post Chateau Ste Michelle Indian Wells Red Blend – Oak So Good appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.
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Puzzle Pieces (Exploring The Quality Pyramid At

Mar 24 9:14am 1 Wine Dude
One of the more endearingly maddening things about European wine classifications is that they try to lump location, in aspects that are increasingly specific, and “quality,” in ways that are often nebulous. Over at, I take this dichotomy head-on, in my dime-store-philosphical way (not yet trademarked, but it might as well be at this […] Grab The Tasting Guide and start getting more out of every glass of wine today! Shop Wine Products at Copyright © 2016. Originally at Puzzle Pieces (Exploring The Quality Pyramid At from - for personal, non-commercial use only. Cheers!...
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Travels through Wellington Wine Country

Mar 24 8:34am Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews
Wellington Wine Country Larry McKenna speaking from the edge of his Escarpment Our tour through New Zealand wine countries finished with two days in Martinborough and its neighbor regions, all together known as Wairarapa, and now together reclassed as Wellington Wine Country. Wellington Wine Country sits about an hour and a half drive from the city itself. It’s one of the coldest growing regions in New Zealand with one of the longest growing seasons as well. As a result, it’s brilliant for producing truly cool climate varieties like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with genuine concentration and density native to the fruit itself. Some of the founding prestige wineries of the country that first brought attention to the nation for producing high quality Pinot Noir originate here. The landscape through the region is incredible. At the same time, the townships hold a sort of country or frontier sort of feel that speaks to their remoteness, even if in proximity to the nation’s capitol. It’s a charming combination. Here’s a look in photos as shared to Instagram while we traveled. Big skies and wind in the Wairarapa region of Wellington Wine Country. Here in the Masterton subregion at the Matahiwi Estate. #nzwine @nzwinegrowers @nzwineusa @matahiwiestate A post shared by Hawk Wakawaka (@hawk\_wakawaka) on Feb 5, 2017 at 3:47pm PST What Brexit?! Delegates from the United Kingdom and Germany together and it feels so good. Gorgeous views at Urlar Estate in the Gladstone subregion of the Wairarapa in Wellington Wine Country. #nzwine @nzwinegrowers @nzwineusa from left: Adam Clarke and Peter Badenhop @clarkeadam75 A post shared by Hawk Wakawaka (@hawk\_wakawaka) on Feb 5, 2017 at 4:42pm PST Oh my Bella, I love you too. My new friend, the Kunekune pig at Gladstone Vineyard in the Gladstone subregion of Wairarapa in Wellington Wine Country. She’s full of advice on how to move to New Zealand and what it means to respect the land. Lovely girl. #nzwine @nzwinegrowers @nzwine @gladstonevineyard A post shared by Hawk Wakawaka (@hawk\_wakawaka) on Feb 5, 2017 at 6:42pm PST Well look at that! A Gruner-like Gruner right here in the Te Muna Road subregion of the Wairarapa. The whites of the region bring a feeling of delicacy while still offering persistent mouth stimulation and here that white pepper character so integral to the variety. Refreshing and n...
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Daily Wine News: A Mission Revival

Mar 24 8:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esthey Mobley explores the mission grape revival in California, and wonders if there’s any weight behind the trend. “It all makes a good story, maybe too good of a story. The ur-vine, the parent of California viticulture — the history of the Mission grape calls irresistibly to our nostalgia… But […]...
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Ageing wine: Double magnum versus bottle

Mar 24 4:59am Decanter
Decanter's content director John Stimpfig investigates the differences between ageing wine in bottle and double magnum, following a recent blind tasting with top Pomerol estate, Château La Conseillante... Credit: Château La Conseillante. Decanter's Content Director John Stimpfig investigates the differences between ageing wine in bottle and double magnum... The post Ageing wine: Double magnum versus bottle appeared first on Decanter.
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For the weekend: Great value sparkling wines

Mar 24 4:00am Decanter
Decanter international tastings director Christelle Guibert hunts the tastings to find exciting, great value wines. See our selection of sparkling wines, including Champagne, Cava and Prosecco... Celebrate Mother's Day with one of these must-try sparkling wines... The post For the weekend: Great value sparkling wines appeared first on Decanter.
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Mol dels Capellans Atrepat 2015

Mar 24 3:39am A Wine on VI
Last June I wrote about the Festa del Trepat that happens yearly in DO Conca de Barberà as a way to celebrate the leaps that have been made in giving the Trepat grape more protagonism... more>...
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AVELINO VEGAS Verdejo Rueda Montespina 2016 $12 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 24 12:00am Daily Wine Picks
A racy, balanced and fresh Spanish white...
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Winery Marketing Tips | Drive Traffic In The Off Season

Mar 23 8:27pm California Winery Advisor
List My Winery How To Market Your Winery Tasting Room During Off Season January to May. Wineries in the off-season have more going on thanjust […] The post Winery Marketing Tips | Drive Traffic In The Off Season appeared first on California Winery Advisor.
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Ina Garten Just Announced a Brand New Cooking Show

Mar 23 5:59pm Hungry Crowd
Attention Food Network fans: Ina Garten has some big news! Following the massive success of her latest cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey, Garten will return to the small screen with an all-new series, Cook Like a Pro. The chef announced the good news on Twitter on Thursday. “Fun today filming with Lidey for my new series ‘Cook Like a Pro’ on @FoodNetwork...
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HARIBO Announces New Candy Factory in Wisconsin

Mar 23 5:52pm Hungry Crowd
If you’re a glutton for gummies, consider Kenosha County, Wisconsin your new Graceland as HARIBO has announced plans to open a new candy factory in southeastern Wisconsin. The German-based company’s stateside outpost, HARIBO of America Inc., is set to build a new production facility with actual gummy production stated to begin in 2020. According to the company, the factory would bring...
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Buying Sweet Wine | The Best of California

Mar 23 5:33pm California Winery Advisor
Tweet What is Sweet Wine and Which California Wineries Make it the Best? Sweet wine is perhaps one of the most underrated types of vino […] The post Buying Sweet Wine | The Best of California appeared first on California Winery Advisor.
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Want to Eat at the French Laundry? Buy a Ticket (Wine Spectator)

Mar 23 5:30pm News & Features
Thomas Keller's Napa restaurant switches to ticketed reservations, but are diners ready for the shift?...
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How Your Instagram Posts Created a New Starbucks Drink

Mar 23 5:16pm Hungry Crowd
It turns out your Instagram posts are doing more than creating food envy for your followers. Over at Starbucks sbux , regular photos posted on the social media site recently led the company to formally add a cult-favorite tea-based drink. Called a Medicine Ball or Cold Buster, the beverage is a Venti cup with a bag of Jade Citrus Mint Tea and a bag of Peach Tranquility Tea...
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What the World Eats and Drinks for Easter

Mar 23 4:24pm Hungry Crowd
Easter is celebrated around the globe, and each locale has its own Easter food traditions. Here's how the world eats during the holiday. [\%related] Paraguay: Chipas These soft and chewy baked cheese rolls are sold on the streets of Paraguay year-round, but they're especially popular during Easter when families make them from scratch at home.   ...
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Unfiltered: Bordeaux Goes Wild with Sebastiao Salgado Photos of Nature's Extremes (Wine Spectator)

Mar 23 4:20pm News & Features
Also in Unfiltered, Italian wine- and cheese-crime spreads, Charlie Palmer pairs pigs, and Sting plays ProWein...
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Someone Invented a Cloud That Rains Tequila

Mar 23 3:58pm Hungry Crowd
  The Mona Lisa. The light bulb. Space travel. And now ... the tequila cloud. It's the genius invention you never knew you needed, and now, it's here. The Mexico Tourism Board has teamed up with creative agency LAPIZ to create the tequila cloud. As in, a cloud that rains tequila.  [\%related] We'll wait while you pick your jaws up from the floor....
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Tablas Creek and the Rhone River

Mar 23 3:52pm Hoosier Wine Cellar | Indiana wines and wine guide
Keeping up with my current theme of More than the Wine, I recall an unexpected stop in Chateauneuf-du-Pape almost thirty years ago on a very hot summer’s day because I saw a man watering a flower garden near a driveway bearing a winery sign. I was alone and asked about a tasting. Cordially he escorted […]...
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Gallo buys iconic Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa Valley

Mar 23 3:44pm Wine
E. & J. Gallo, one of the world's largest wine companies, announced Thursday it had agreed to purchase Stagecoach Vineyard, a famous site in Napa Valley, from the vineyard's original developer Jan Krupp.
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This Airline Is Letting Passengers Use Banned Electronics Until the Last Second

Mar 23 3:42pm Hungry Crowd
Emirates Airlines will allow passengers to carry their laptops and tablets through security and to their gates instead of checking them with their luggage in wake of the Trump administration’s electronics ban. As a means to lighten the effect of the ban, the Dubai-based airline company will offer a packaging service at the gates of U.S.-bound flights for these electronics. The...
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The 'Impossible' Bleeding Veggie Burger Is About To Be Much Easier To Get

Mar 23 2:22pm Hungry Crowd
Like an ‘80s horror movie, fake blood is about to be everywhere. But I’m not talking about some teenagers’ campsite; I’m talking about at around 1,000 restaurants nationwide. The company behind the “Impossible Burger” – a plant-based burger designed to replicate the taste and texture of meat, even down to the its juicy “bleeding” quality – is making a major expansion to its production...
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Exclusive: Gallo Buys Stagecoach Vineyard and its 600 Acres of Napa Valley Hillside Vines (Wine Spectator)

Mar 23 2:15pm News & Features
The Pritchard Hill site, developed by Jan Krupp, is a source of many outstanding wines...
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This Guy Curated a "Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery" of Messes Made By His Roommates

Mar 23 2:05pm Hungry Crowd
A passive-aggressive art gallery?  Sounds right up our alley. The exhibit, if you can call it that, is the brainchild of comedian Justin Cousson, and the artwork is comprised of “found pieces” in many different mediums, all of which were left around the house by his messy roommate. There are more than 30 pieces of art, and Cousson kindly shared 7...
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How Gwyneth Paltrow Has Changed Her Diet Since Turning 40

Mar 23 1:27pm Hungry Crowd
It's safe to say Gwyneth Paltrow is nothing short of a lifestyle expert, but she has no problem showing that she is far from invincible from the challenges that aging can bring. The Oscar winner continued to prove just that as she dished on how her body changed after she turned 40, revealing that her energy level and relationship with food shifted significantly once she hit the...
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Here's a Map of Tourists' Favorite Things in Every Country

Mar 23 1:22pm Hungry Crowd
What would a map of the world look like if it was created by tourists? Vouchercloud, a U.K.-based travel deals site, has the answer, and it may or may not surprise you. The site used data from TripAdvisor's  Things to Do rankings, and pulled the number one attraction for every country in the world.  Many of the answers are pretty typical when thinking...
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Virgin America Airlines Will Disappear in Two Years

Mar 23 1:18pm Hungry Crowd
Bad news for travelers who love Virgin America: In a statement on Wednesday, Alaska Airlines announced that the Virgin name would be retired in 2019. “While the Virgin America name is beloved to many,” explained Alaska Airline’s vice president of marketing, Sangita Woerner, “we concluded that to be successful on the West Coast, we had to do so under one name — for consistency...
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Dwayne Johnson Fulfills 13-Year-Old Boy's Make-A-Wish with Rice Krispies Treats

Mar 23 12:21pm Hungry Crowd
Dwayne Johnson is cheating on his diet this weekend for a heartwarming reason. While on set of HBO’s Ballers in Las Vegas, The Rock got a call from the Make-A-Wish Foundation that a 13-year-old boy named Taitusi wanted to meet him. Even though Johnson couldn’t make the trip to Taitusi’s home in Honolulu, the actor did the next best thing. “I...
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This Chef Will Use Your Hand For a Plate

Mar 23 12:03pm Hungry Crowd
A nine-course taster menu served by a celebrity chef is already quite the show. But MasterChef winner Anton Piotrowski is garnering even more media attention—and a few sideways glances from surprised patrons—by serving his first course on customers' hands. [\%related] At his new restaurant Brown and Bean in Plymouth, in the United Kingdom, Piotrowski skips plates and serves an...
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Big Gay Ice Cream Is Headed to a Freezer Near You

Mar 23 11:53am Hungry Crowd
Watch your back, Ben & Jerry's. Eating straight from the pint just got a little bit more fabulous with the news that Big Gay Ice Cream is headed to grocery store freezers across the country.  [\%related] The Manhattan-based food truck-turned-parlour will be rolling out re-imagined pint-sized versions of their famous flavors including the Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream...
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