Where to Eat, Drink and Stay in Bennington, VT, According to Chef Josiah Citrin

Mar 17 2:37pm Hungry Crowd
Josiah Citrin is a former F&W Best New Chef and the chef-owner of the two Michelin star Mélisse in Santa Monica, as well as Charcoal Venice and Dave’s Doghouse at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles and Indian Wells Tennis Garden. He's also a proud dad. I spent a weekend in Bennington, Vermont recently as my son is now a freshman at Bennington College. I expected it to be...
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Panda Express Takes a Note from Chipotle With Its Orange Chicken Burrito

Mar 17 2:02pm Hungry Crowd
Panda Express has decided to capitalize on its loose definition of what passes as Chinese food by introducing the orange chicken burrito. And by the looks and sounds of videos and Instagram posts, we're not completely hating the idea of it.  [\%related] Featuring a thin scallion pancake (in place of a tortilla) with a noodle or rice base (chow mein, fried rice, white rice, or...
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Three Enticing Red Burgundies from Domaine Jessiaume

Mar 17 1:48pm Bigger Than Your Head
Domaine Jessiaume must be unique in Burgundy. Its owner, Keith Murray, is a Scot. Its director, Megan McClure, is American. And the winemaker is a Frenchman with a Belgian surname, William Waterkeyn. The domaine, headquartered in Santenay (population 836), consists of 9 hectares of Premier Cru and Village vineyard– slightly more than 22 acres — […]...
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7 Great Ways to Use One Big Pork Butt

Mar 17 1:33pm Hungry Crowd
So you’ve made the hunk of pork we encouraged you to make. It’s staring you down. There’s SO much of it. Don’t panic; here are seven of the best ways to use it. First Off, Don’t Toss That Pork Fat Let’s talk about the least sexy part of the pig first—the lard. Ignore, for a moment, the supermarket version you might have tried once, and ignore the stereotypes about the stuff...
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How to Fly to Europe For Cheap This Summer

Mar 17 12:36pm Hungry Crowd
Here comes the latest addition to the range of low-cost options of flying from the U.S. to Europe. Enjoy the extra competition, because analysts say it may not last long. The company that owns British Airways and Spanish-based Iberia and Vueling Friday launched LEVEL, a new airline that will ferry Californians from Los Angeles and Oakland to Barcelona in Spain from June this year...
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Watch This Guy Make a Knife with Tums, Beer, French Fries and Bacon

Mar 17 12:23pm Hungry Crowd
If you're looking for something to cut up your Quarter Pounder, look no further than Youtube Green Beetle's latest fast food-inspired creation: The 'Murica Knife. [\%related] The Tums and iron-based cutlery with a bacon and french fry handle is handmade in a mesmerizing 14-minute video that also proves you probably know nothing about the science of knife-making.  Green...
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You Can Get Gold-Dusted Churros at Disneyland For a Limited Time

Mar 17 12:17pm Hungry Crowd
When it comes to things that need improvement, we’re pretty sure “churros” and “Disneyland” don’t top the list. And if it ain’t broke… Right?  But we have to admit: This recent upgrade gives both of them a boost — and provides some pretty stellar eye candy, too. [\%related] For the 50th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (yup, 50!), the chefs over at Disney...
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Weekly Interview: Brandon Lapides

Mar 17 12:00pm Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
Each week, as our regular readers know, we pose a series of questions to a winemaker. This week, we are featuring Brandon Lapides, the winemaker at Armida Winery. Brandon’s path to winemaking resembles many of our paths to wine appreciation. Growing up, Brandon saw that his grandfather collected wine — and did so seriously, buying […]...
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A Complete Guide to Potatoes

Mar 17 11:57am Hungry Crowd
Whether red, yellow, purple or brown, potatoes are an all-seasons staple in the produce department. But not every potato is created equal, so if you need a little tutoring on your tubers here’s a handy guide to the important aspects of your typical grocery store spuds. [\%related] Color, size and shape aside, it’s what’s inside that counts. Starch content and texture make the...
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A Quarter of American Beer Drinkers Say Theyre Switching to Pot

Mar 17 11:52am Hungry Crowd
As legalization of marijuana grows throughout the United States, so does its popularity with beer drinkers. About one in four Americans are now spending their money on marijuana instead of beer, new research from Cannabiz Consumer Group found. Twenty-seven percent of beer consumers are legally purchasing cannabis instead of beer, or suggested they would purchase it instead if it...
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Starbucks Forces London Coffee Kiosk to Change Its Name

Mar 17 11:50am Hungry Crowd
Starbucks continues to set its sight on world coffee domination. The latest stop on that quest is the Starbucks legal department, which is going after a London-based coffee kiosk over its name—Star Box. Apparently the tiny shop posed a severe enough conflict of interest that Starbucks got involved and demanded an immediate name change. [\%related] Star Box owner Nasser Kameli, who...
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Michelle Obama Faces Her Toughest Interviewer Yetan 11-Year-Old MasterChef Junior Challenge Winner

Mar 17 11:30am Hungry Crowd
And the winner is … Justise! As part of her prize for winning the Michelle Obama challenge on Thursday’s episode of MasterChef Junior, the 11-year-old was invited to the Kids’ State Dinner while President Barack Obama was still in office in July. “I don’t think I ever imagined that me, 11-year-old Justise from Georgia, would get to go in the White House and have dinner...
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Trader Joe's Just Recalled Breakfast Burritos Because There Might Be Plastic In Them

Mar 17 11:10am Hungry Crowd
We all have our breakfast burrito preferences: more cheese, less cheese, more egg, less hot sauce, and so on. But If there’s one thing we’d all agree to leave out, it’d be plastic.  But that's an unwelcome ingredient some Trader Joe's stores are currently trying deal with. The company issued a voluntary recall today for their frozen breakfast burritos after it was...
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I Worked Out Wearing Pizza Hut's New Sneakers (That Can Also Order Pizza)

Mar 17 10:58am Hungry Crowd
On the first day of the NCAA tournament, I laced up my high top sneakers and went to the gym. Sorry, I meant I laced up my Pie Tops. You know, the ones in the Pizza Hut commercials. To differentiate themselves from the glut of pizza chains out there, the Hut created exactly 64 pairs of shoes (in honor of March Madness, obviously) with one special feature: when you squeeze the tongue, a...
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We Can't Get Enough of Georgia O'Keeffe's Recipes (Yes, Recipes)

Mar 17 10:39am Hungry Crowd
Georgia O’Keeffe: foodie? It might not be the first thing you associate with the late, great artist’s name, but O’Keeffe was, in fact, a serious food lover who delighted in organic ingredients and whole foods. And a new book is here to remind us of that. [\%related] “Dinner with Georgia O’Keeffe, available for purchase now, is equal parts recipes, new and archival...
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Australia: Three reasons why you should visit the Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant this Autumn

Mar 17 10:35am Decanter
Decanter has partnered with the exclusive Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant to give you the chance to relax and enjoy a selection of Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2016 award-winning wines and champagnes complimented by delicious cuisine in a luxurious and scenic setting. Here are three reasons why you need to pay Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant a visit: Incredible location Situated in the spiritual home of …Continue reading » The post Australia: Three reasons why you should visit the Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant this Autumn appeared first on Decanter.
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These Are Your Best Deals for St. Patrick's Day

Mar 17 10:32am Hungry Crowd
Restaurants are doing their best to make sure consumers know that St. Patrick Day is defined by shamrocks and the color green. Burger King, McDonald’s, and Ruby Tuesday are among the many establishments offering deals and limited-time items in celebration of the holiday—Krispy Kreme for example is turning its original doughnuts green. Here are some of the deals and special items...
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Chef Leah Cohens Five Tips for Healthier Living and Eating

Mar 17 10:27am Hungry Crowd
We all want to eat healthier. Whether it’s limiting portion size or cutting certain foods out of our diets, almost everyone tries to set rules as to what they will and won’t eat. However, the majority of us aren’t professional chefs whose sole aims are to create delicious food. [\%related] For those that cook for us when we have no interest in doing it ourselves,...
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Liquid Diet: Sommelier Matthew Kaner Falls Hard for a Glass of 1969 Grand Cru St-milion

Mar 17 10:00am Hungry Crowd
In our new series, Liquid Diet, a professional drinker journals every sip of one beverage-packed week. Here, Matthew Kaner, wine director and owner of Bar Covell and Augustine in Los Angeles and Dead or Alive Bar in Palm Springs (plus a new L.A. restaurant in the works), documents a week of IPAs, double espressos, 1969 grand cru Bordeaux, wee nips of Scotch and fantastic amaros....
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How to Take Full Advantage of Puerto Rico's El Yunque Rain Forest

Mar 17 9:34am Hungry Crowd
If your idea of a successful Puerto Rican vacation sounds like relaxing by the turquoise waters of San Juan while sipping on pitorro, you're definitely not wrong. The Island of Enchantment offers some of the best beaches and booze you'll find anywhere in the sun-soaked Caribbean. But sometimes, as rest-seeking connoisseurs of alcohol, we forget that there is so much more to vacation...
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The Internet Reacts To The New Great British Bake Off Line-Up

Mar 17 9:24am Hungry Crowd
IT’S OFFICIAL! The new Great British Bake Off line-up has been announced – and it’s not what we were expecting. Taking over from hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are comedian Noel Fielding and Sandi Toskvi. As we already knew, Paul Hollywood is staying on the judging panel. He’ll be joined by cookery writer Prue Leith. See: Candice From Bake Off Is Going To Have A...
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9 Healthy Kitchen Staples That Cost Under $1 Per Serving

Mar 17 9:04am Hungry Crowd
Great news for anyone who wants to save money and eat healthier—in other words, pretty much all of us. A new study suggests that it really is possible to do both at once. The secret? Cook more at home. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Public Health found that families who had this one thing in common tended to eat better without spending more on food than...
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How Two Women Founded the Culinary Institute of America

Mar 17 9:04am Hungry Crowd
Historically, the professional culinary arts have been dominated by men. It’s an issue the industry has sought to remedy, and more and more publications, including our own, have sought to highlight. In a fitting coincidence, at the beginning of Women’s History Month, the 71-year-old Culinary Institute of America confirmed that their current enrollment is majority female for the first...
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Daily Wine News: Wine Club Challenges

Mar 17 9:00am Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog
“If wineries insist that clubs can only be built from people visiting the tasting room, you are purposefully ignoring the other 99\% of the population that wont ever visit your tasting room.” Rob McMillan considers the tough questions wine clubs face. In the San Francisco Chronicle, Stacy Briscoe explores the Clarksburg AVA. “90 percent of the […]...
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In the Street: Santa Barbara County, Part 1

Mar 17 8:11am Exotic Wine Travel
Reading Time: “In the Street” is a new feature on our website where we share wine travel-related Instagram updates that we love. These featured photos should also provide visitors and wine lovers with tips on where to go, what to eat, which wine to drink, and who to look out for. We hope that these... The post In the Street: Santa Barbara County, Part 1 appeared first on Exotic Wine Travel.
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What Makes an Outstanding Guest Experience? Barbara Talbott speaks at WiVi Central Coast

Mar 17 8:11am Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews
What Makes an Outstanding Guest Experience?  apologies for my absurdly blurry photo. The session itself was unbelievably clear! Wivi Central Coast hosted a session considering the question what makes an outstanding guest experience, looking primarily at how tasting rooms at wineries can offer exceptional hospitality. The discussion was led by Barbara Talbott of Glen Larkin Advisors and moderated by Morgen McLaughlin, the executive director of the Santa Barbara Vintners. Previously, Barbara helped build the Four Seasons brand defining its exceptional focus on service and hospitality. She has since turned to consulting, speaking and writing about how to translate such experience to direct-to-consumer brands. Her ability to share a depth of insight through clear examples and tips for the attendees was impressive. In making sense of the guest experience, Barbara suggests thinking of it in relation to three primary stages of experience. Doing so helps you define how you want to uniquely approach each stage of the guest’s time with you in the tasting room. The three stages are the Arrival, the Tuning In, and the Closing Experience. In thinking of each of these stages you can ask what you want to define that stage of the guest’s time with you. Answering that question can be guided by thinking of your job in the tasting room as providing hospitality with a purpose. The wine is a very important part of it but as direct-to-consumer sales have increased more and more the wine has become simply a vehicle for creating a larger interaction. The question is to ask what you want to offer. In determining what you want to offer, Barbara says, be authentic, be real. She emphasizes that hospitality is offering a memorable experience. Consumers know what is real and what is genuine and in today’s market that is what people are looking for. It is also what will make them want to invest in your brand to return again or join a wine club. She explains that, “Hospitality is knowing just a few things. It is knowing who we are and what we want to offer.” Seamless hospitality comes from understanding our own values, interests, and strengths and how we want to offer those to the guest. Her favorite expression of this idea is the known saying, we should be who we are because everyone else is taken. The goal in defining your experience in the tasting roo...
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The Loire wine quiz Test your knowledge

Mar 17 8:01am Decanter
How well do you know the Loire? Do you think of great Châteaux and wonderful sweet wines, or do you simply know it as the home of Sauvignon Blanc? Test your skills below. Loire Valley vines were hit hard by spring frost in 2016. Take the Decanter.com Loire wine quiz below. See more Decanter.com wine quizzes The post The Loire wine quiz – Test your knowledge appeared first on Decanter.
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Country Rocker Zac Brown on Making Wine and Having a Hit Called "Chicken Fried"

Mar 17 7:34am Hungry Crowd
Will Play For Pasta The world is a treasure chest of tasty giblets. 
While we were on tour in Italy, I tried this 
pappardelle with wild-boar Bolognese 
in Capalbio, a walled medieval town in Tuscany.
 The way they cooked the meat, the concentration of the flavors, tons of grated cheese–I’ll never forget it.  Southern Comforts I’m from Atlanta, and there’s a ton 
of great...
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Northern Rhne 2015: Full overview of this excellent vintage

Mar 17 7:26am Decanter
This is an excellent vintage and is deserving of its early tag as one to match the best years of the 20th Century in the Northern Rhône, says John Livingstone-Learmonth. Read his full vintage report below, including a summary of each appellation. Northern Rhône 2015 lives up to the hype... This vintage lives up to the hype - see the best... The post Northern Rhône 2015: Full overview of this ‘excellent’ vintage appeared first on Decanter.
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Top Northern Rhne 2015: The highest scorers

Mar 17 7:23am Decanter
John Livingstone-Learmonth isn't prone to hyperbole but agreed with several producers who think Rhône 2015 is a once-in-a-generation vintage in northern areas. Here are the wines he thought were the best of the best for Northern Rhône 2015... The best of the best from an exciting vintage... The post Top Northern Rhône 2015: The highest scorers appeared first on Decanter.
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These Are the Wines You Need to Know About Right Now

Mar 17 7:04am Hungry Crowd
A jet-black German Shepherd bounded up to our rental car, tongue wagging, 
paws kicking up a cloud of golden dust. 
He sprinted alongside as we pulled 
up the gravel drive to a yellow clapboard farmhouse. A flock of chickens scurried out of sight. 
 It was early spring 2013, and we’d arrived at the Napa 
wine estate of Steve and Jill Klein Matthiasson, owners of Matthiasson...
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Prosecco DOC chief to ban Glyphosate chemical spray

Mar 17 4:52am Decanter
Grape growers for Prosecco DOC are set to be banned from using three chemical sprays, including one that was only this week judged safe by the European Union's watchdog, the president of the appellation has said. Glera grapes, used in Prosecco production, on the vine. President of DOC council says he is committed to ban... The post Prosecco DOC chief to ban Glyphosate chemical spray appeared first on Decanter.
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Wine corkage and offers: London wine bars and restaurants

Mar 17 3:38am Decanter
Find the best value food and wine with these offers in London wine bars and restaurants... Trying to save money...? The post Wine corkage and offers: London wine bars and restaurants appeared first on Decanter.
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BODEGAS Y VIEDOS RODRIGO MNDEZ Rias Baixas Ces 2014 $37 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 17 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
An expressive Spanish white with gentle texture...
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BUEHLER Zinfandel Napa Valley 2014 $20 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 17 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
A Napa Zin with focus and structure...
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VITIANO Umbria White 2015 $12 (Wine Spectator)

Mar 17 12:00am WineSpectator.com: Daily Wine Picks
An easy-drinking, bright Italian white...
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Charles Masson Brings Back the Art of Tableside Service at Majorelle

Mar 16 3:57pm Hungry Crowd
“In this day and age, a lot of dishes are finished in the kitchen, and waiters are relegated to carrying from point A to point B,” says Charles Masson, the always suited-up French restaurateur best known for his time as general manager at La Grenouille in New York City. He pauses over the phone. “We’re old-school here,” he continues. “We’re doing tableside, and it’s quite...
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Study Finds Red Wine Compound Slows Aging in Muscles and Neurons (Wine Spectator)

Mar 16 3:30pm WineSpectator.com: News & Features
Research found that resveratrol could decrease the adverse impact of aging on motor function...
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Unfiltered: Jhen Aiko, Future and A-Trak Find Inspiration in the Bottle (of Belvedere) (Wine Spectator)

Mar 16 3:20pm WineSpectator.com: News & Features
Also in Unfiltered, a Bordeaux wine for America's Cup, and Coppolas join forces with Junk Gypsies...
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Champagne avec Les Winophiles Franais

Mar 16 3:01pm L'occasion
Champagne is the focus of this month’s Winophiles treatment. The Winophiles are a group of wine writers and bloggers that love French wine. Each month we focus on an area or aspect of French wine. Topics include regions, routes, food, travel, history, profiles, tastings…we expand widely and seek to learn. Champagne! Just the sound of... Read More...
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All of Hong Kong Is Drinking Pantyhose Tea

Mar 16 2:06pm Hungry Crowd
From the name alone, it's clear that Pantyhose Tea is more than just another milk tea. This is thanks to its very unique preparation method, which involves straining the tea leaves through a pantyhose-like net (hence the name). A century ago, the drink didn't even exist. Now, in Hong Kong you'll find pantyhose nets at every convenience store, and eager patrons waiting in line at every...
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These Delivery Drones Are Edible

Mar 16 1:50pm Hungry Crowd
Right now getting food to a disaster or conflict zone involves a military plane and parachutes. But one aerospace company wants to revolutionize how we deliver food to such zones. It's created an edible drone that can deliver a day's worth of food—plus the supplies to cook it. Windhorse's Pouncer drones will carry pre-packaged food, but what's nifty about the small planes aren't...
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Why We Like Coffee, According to Science

Mar 16 1:34pm Hungry Crowd
There are a numbers of vital questions every person has to ask while on the path to enlightenment. There’s the typical “why should I do with my life” that can be addressed with a trip to Thailand or Europe and a hot summer fling, and then there are the atypical questions that will unravel your brain one cell at a time.  You know, questions like “what if we’re all living in a...
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Someone Is Mysteriously Hiding A.1. Sauce Bottles Inside an Ohio Library: 'We're Stumped'

Mar 16 1:29pm Hungry Crowd
It’s the case of the empty sauce bottles. Dozens of A.1. steak sauce containers have mysteriously been popping up inside Ohio’s Avon Lake Public Library, leaving the staff very puzzled. “At first, when you find one you think, oh, what’s in here—was somebody sneaking booze in the library?” Jill Ralston, the library’s public relations and marketing coordinator, tells PEOPLE....
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Fly to Europe for $84 With Norwegian Air's Flash Sale

Mar 16 1:29pm Hungry Crowd
Norwegian Air is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with up to 20 percent off flights from the U.S. to Europe. Travelers can book flights to Ireland, Scotland, London, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Bergen starting at $84.80 one-way. The sale ends March 19. Flights are currently available from New York City, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and...
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Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Held a Seriously Impressive Girl Scout Cookie Record As a Kid

Mar 16 1:19pm Hungry Crowd
Long before Elizabeth Chambers Hammer opened BIRD Bakery with her husband, Armie Hammer, she was already a pro at selling sweets. The journalist recently told PEOPLE she held the state record in Colorado for the most Girl Scout cookies sold when she was in the second grade. So where’d she learn such impressive sales tactics? “My dad is amazing, he taught me everything I know...
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Slovenia Is Now Selling Salami That Pays Homage to Melania Trump

Mar 16 1:15pm Hungry Crowd
In the mere months since Melania Trump became First Lady, her native country of Slovenia has seen a rise in tourism, according to its Statistic Bureau. Now, it looks like the Eastern European nation is looking to pay homage to Melania (and cash in on her newfound status) with a line of “First Lady” themed products, ranging from cured meats to indulgent sweets. According to wine...
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ABC Will Head to Court for Referring to Beef Products As Pink Slime

Mar 16 12:10pm Hungry Crowd
Two simple, silly words —“pink slime” — could cost ABC Broadcasting billions of dollars.  That’s because J. Erik Connolly, the lawyer for Beef Products Inc., alleges that comments by ABC’s Diane Sawyer cost his South Dakota based client billions in damages, not to mention “hundreds of lost jobs,” and that the broadcasting network had engaged in a disinformation campaign...
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Padrillos Malbec Easy Drinkin

Mar 16 12:00pm Reverse Wine Snob®
The smooth and fresh Padrillos Malbec from Ernesto Catena Vineyards. Malbec from Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. The wine is aged in 50\% French and 50\% American 225 liter oak barrels for eight months. It has residual sugar of 2.4 grams/liter. This review is brought to you by CorkExclusive where you can buy wines […] The post Padrillos Malbec – Easy Drinkin’ appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.
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2015 Burgundy Vintage Wine Preview (Wine Spectator)

Mar 16 12:00pm WineSpectator.com: Tasting Reports
A vintage of stellar, even mind-blowing Pinot Noirs, and very fine Chardonnays; more than 200 potentially outstanding and classic wines rated...
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People Around the World are Freaking Out Over the Way This Guy Opens Bread

Mar 16 11:48am Hungry Crowd
Some cut off the crust. Others refuse to take that end-of-the-loaf piece. And others still just can’t figure out the twisty-tie situation.  But this? This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “crazy bread-ruining psychopath.” WHICH IS A PHRASE. This is an affront to humanity. A glitch in the Matrix. An atrocity. It’s Alasdair Mckay's roommate’s bread-opening technique,...
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Hacked McDonald's Twitter Account Calls Donald Trump 'Disgusting'

Mar 16 11:40am Hungry Crowd
McDonald’s is living every major brand’s biggest social media nightmare. The fast food chain’s Twitter verified account was taken over Thursday morning by someone who slammed President Trump and called him “a disgusting excuse of a President.” The tweet was briefly pinned to the top of McDonald’s corporate account and then deleted, but not before it called for the return to power of...
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Dairy Queens Across the Country Will Be Giving Away Free Cones on Monday Heres Why

Mar 16 11:24am Hungry Crowd
Two things that make us feel good: ice cream, and helping others. So when we heard that Dairy Queen will be giving away free scoops all day on March 20 — and that the entire event is intended to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals —we were pretty delighted. Yup, you can indulge in ice cream and still feel good about yourself in the process. Talk about a sweet deal. [\%...
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President Trump's New Budget Cuts Funding for Meals on Wheels

Mar 16 11:19am Hungry Crowd
The release of President Trump's new budget, titled America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again, has caused a major uproar as the EPA and State Department are set to each lose upwards of 31 percent of their funding. Along with these two though, there is another very well-known, albeit much smaller, program that is also set to see is funding cut, Meals On Wheels...
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Why does my extra dry Prosecco taste sweet? ask Decanter

Mar 16 11:12am Decanter
Ever been confused with the dry or sweetness wording on labels of Prosecco? You're definitely not alone. Here's how it works... Don't be fooled by Prosecco 'Extra Dry'. Sweeter than you thought...? The post Why does my ‘extra dry’ Prosecco taste sweet? – ask Decanter appeared first on Decanter.
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Rome Is About to Raise the Price of Coffee

Mar 16 11:06am Hungry Crowd
Unless you’re some sort of caffeine-phobe, if you’ve been to Rome you’ve almost certainly enjoyed some well-priced coffee in a café. So it might be surprising to hear that Italy’s capital will be raising prices for a cup of joe.  The Local reports that Rome's Bar Association (that’s “bar” as in watering hole, not as in lawyers) has made the historic decision to...
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Rascal Flatts Takes Over the Kitchen at the Hermitage Cafe in Nashville

Mar 16 10:27am Hungry Crowd
There can never be too many cooks in the kitchen… at least when it comes to Rascal Flatts‘ new music video for “Yours If You Want It,” that is! Debuting exclusively on PEOPLE.com, the video for one of the fastest moving singles on country radio charts showcases the band as the staff at the Hermitage Cafe in Nashville. The guys are joined by the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer...
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Organized Crime Syndicates Are Stealing Beehives in New Zealand

Mar 16 10:11am Hungry Crowd
Forget guns and drugs: the organized crime syndicates of New Zealand are stealing bees and their hives, capitalizing on ever-increasing honey prices, according to The Telegraph. According to police reports, crime lords committed some 400 bee and hive heists in the six months leading up to January. Unfortunately, additional months' stats weren't provided to the newspaper for...
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