World War 3 Will Be The Currency War.

February 19, 2013 - 8:15pm

By Safehaven.comIt appears ever since the world's top money managers, crony capitalists, and corrupt politicians were in Davos again for the annual World Economic Forum increasing numbers are catching on to the fact the 'big risk' moving forward is likely to be 'currency wars', which unfortunately most common people will not understand. They don't understand the term 'currency wars' is plutocratic double speak for 'currency debasement wars', more often referred to as money printing. (i.e. which is price inflationary and the authorities chief mechanism for wealth confiscation.) Such jargon is considered boorish by the 'high and mighty' who continue to perpetuate our Ponzi finance fraud, loosely considered an economy by those who continue to benefit from it, the ranks of which growing more scarce by the day. (i.e. Keynesian Economics does not work.)Because most also do not understand that the world's larger credit bubble must grow or it's all over for Western fiat currency

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