Zoo sues advertising agency for using raccoon in 'erotic' video

From Advertising
March 20, 2017 - 1:41pm
A petting zoo in Russia claims to be suing an advertising agency that used their raccoon Thomas to film an "erotic" television advert. SEE ALSO: Chill raccoon hitches a ride on a garbage truck, steals some hearts, remains unfazed Last August, the Teatr Zoo in Moscow, Russia, rented Thomas out to the advertising company Art-Msk.  They've since said in an Instagram post that they weren't warned about the nature of the video, which featured a semi-naked model holding Thomas while sitting on a hotel bed. Teatr Zoo said they only became aware of this after seeing photos from the shoot shared online last August. Read more...More about Moscow, Russia, Advertising, Nudity, and Model

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